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October 10 2004

Post 'Serenity' - hope for other shows? What effect has Firefly's movie resurrection had on other cancelled shows? Well Brian Henson wants a 'Farscape' movie. The BBC Cult site reports on a new fan campaign for a 'Roswell' movie and Vincent Ventresca, star of 'The Invisible Man', says that Firefly has set a precedent.

I'd still rather see a 5th season of Farscape than a movie. I'd reckon it's more likely than a 2nd season of Firefly, if Sci.Fi like the ratings they get next weekend they could make good on the contract they signed 3 years ago and comission that 5th season.

Hoping for all cancelled Science Fiction shows to get a movie like Firefly's done, is like hoping for all cancelled animated shows to get uncancelled like Family Guy's done, chances are that the majority of cancelled shows will remain (however unjustly (Angel,Futuramaetc..)) cancelled. I doubt there'll be a Roswell movie, (as much as I'd like one, I only discovered the show this year on DVD, and can't really understand why it was cancelled) as I've seen on websites and stuff that the cast weren't really happy at the end, and wanted it to finish (but you'd imagine being cancelled 3 years running would annoy most people).

Oh, and all you US peoples should watch Farscape next weekend, you're lucky enough to be able to do so.

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I'm all for a Roswell movie. I'm in the middle of watching the second season right now and although I don't know how they will wrap up the series, I think it has the potential for making a good movie.

Firefly definitely has set a precedent. I think it's close to something of a miracle that a show cancelled in the middle of a season will make its way to the big screen. It's quite a phenomenon that could pave the way for other cult hits to do the same. I don't know that every cult show has what it takes to make a good movie though. Firefly has Joss Whedon, whose directing abilities I have absolute faith in. But Jason Katims and David Nutter I'm not too sure about.
Hollywood loves a trend, show them a bandwagon and they'll leap on it. So if Serenity's a hit the suits will dust off the rights to every cancelled TV show they can and rush them into production. If Joss's baby flops...
For what it's worth, I think you mean Brian Henson, or possibly Ben Browder.

The possibility of an Invisible Man film is interesting, though...

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Unfortunately I think that Roswell went off course somewhere in the second season. By season 3 the mythology was already muddled and they were making desperate changes to improve the show, which did nothing but hurt it. I think it may have had something to do with the switch to UPN that year, as well as the unhappiness of the cast. Oh, and Michael's hairstyle. That was nearly enough to make anyone stop watching.

As for other sci-fi shows being made into movies, I do think that the box office of Serenity will teach Hollywood a lesson either way. If it bombs, nobody in the movie business will be going near cancelled shows. But if it does really well, which I imagine it will, then who knows?

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Unfortunately I think that Roswell went off course somewhere in the second season.

Yeah, I've been reading about that today. The network wanted to focus on the sci-fi more than the relationships and David Nutter left the show, probably because of this. Apparently, he was the writer who kept all the continuity in check and losing him may have been the shows downfall. I haven't noticed the show falling apart yet, but I'm only on the 6th episode of the second season. I did notice how the Liz, the main protagonist of the show in season 1, is now more of a minor character and the aliens are the main focus.

As for Michael's hair, I like it better in the second season.

I agree with you about the success of Serenity (or, god forbid, the lack of) teaching Hollywood a lesson. I believe the movie will be amazing, and if enough people see it and spread the word about how incredible it is, it has the chance to be a positive lesson for Hollywood.

I recommend that after seeing the Serenity movie, come out of the theater and say loudly, "Serenity was an awesome movie!" and say it over and over as much as possible. Hell, just hang out at the ticket window praising the movie. Tell people you're seeing it for the 5th time because it's that good. Talk about it at work, at the store, mention how good it as as much as possible during the first two weeks. That's my plan, anyway.
Yeah Brian Henson, corrected it now cheers.
I still have my fingers crossed for some form of continuation of Firefly, Farscape, and the Invisible Man. With the (sure-to-be)successes of Serenity and The Peacekeeper Wars, maybe there's hope yet.
Don't you feel like some nameless peg when Brian Henson uses this "colourful" business description seemingly right out of the pages of Basic Marketing and Sales Tools Annual:

"I think what will happen coming out of this is that the strength of the fan base creates a good business for any broadcaster or distributor, because of the amount of push and attention the fans can put into the property," Henson says.

Feel-good words, eh?

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