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October 19 2004

Unknown Soars Into Superman Role. "Casting rumors had leaped over the Hollywood sign in multiple bounds for years now, but when the phone booth finally reopens, the new face of the Man of Steel will be..."

Not David Boreanaz! Well, I can't say I'm disappointed, I never thought he really fit the part (but a he'd still be a better choice than Nicholas Cage).

Ha, I love how they say the film is to be directed by Marc Singer. That would be Bryan Singer people. As for the casting, I can't really comment since the guy is an unknown, but from what I've seen at least he looks the part.
What, the Beastmaster isn't directing? Too bad.

And thank G-d Jerry O'Connell wasn't cast as Supes . . .
Well, according to ComingSoon.Net, Kevin Spacey is Singer's first choice for Lex Luthor.

I adore Kevin Spacey. He makes fabulous movies, is an incredible actor, and has such presence. I like it.
How is this Whedon related?
Kevin Spacey rocks!!! He would make an awesome Lex Luthor!

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Chirp: the article does mention Boreanaz by name.

And, um, it's a little-known fact that Joss Whedon was once considered, as an unknown, for the role of Lex Luthor in a school play.

(Little-known cos I sorta kinda just made it up. Where's the "I just made it up" font?)

Still, Kevin Spacey! Yay! (And I'm one of the few who was not particularly impressed by "American Beauty").
Chirp - Well, it's really not. But, as blwessels indicated, it was rumored that DB was being considered, so see, that works.

Rogue Slayer - I know, I'm suddenly interested in this movie! If the part does go to Spacey, I'll have to go to the theater to see it now. The man has crazy talent. Now I want to go home and watch American Beauty...or The Usual Suspects, or The Negotiator...the choices, the choices.
I first saw Kevin Spacey in Nora Ephron's Heartburn. He played a burgular. But I fell in love with his acting ability in Swimming with Sharks. Usual Suspects, Se7en, they all came out pretty close together, but it was Swimming with Sharks that hooked me on the actor. Then came American Beauty, and it was alllll over!

He would make the best Lex Luthor so far. (Sorry Gene and Michael, love ya, but Spacey can kick anyone's ass.)
Well we have had far more tenuous links. James Marsters eats Hershey bars - with a link to the Hershey Bar website springs to mind *ha just like SoddingNancyTribe I can make things up*.

But seeing as Boreanaz has been linked with this role for a number of years now, it can stay. But no more other Superman links I think. Well unless Charisma lands the role of Lois and Tom Lenk gets the part of Jimmy Olsen.
Spacey went under my radar for a long time. At the time I originally saw Se7en, I didn't even realize that was him. It took American Beauty for me to, for whatever reason, figure out he is amazing. I've backtracked my way through his earlier movies, and he has just steadily blow me away. Consenting Adults and Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. Awesome.
Ok, we're far afield anyway, but yes, Kevin Spacey rocks. And SoddingNancyTribe, you may indeed be one of the only ones not impressed by American Beauty.

I wholeheartedly agree about Swimming with Sharks. That blew me away. I think it was supposed to be a vehicle for that Whaley guy, but Kevin just stole the show. Se7en was too awesome for words. And Kev got to stretch his accent muscles in Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.

And well, I have a special affinity for Kevin, because The Usual Suspects is how my hubby and I met on the internet so many years ago... :)
Hehe Marc Singer.
He will try and UNMASK Superman as a human-eating ALIEN REPTILE and then save the world with a buxom blonde by his side! :)
"The Usual Suspects" eh? And meeting on the net? RogueS, therein lies a tale.

My overall dislike of AB aside, it had good things in it. Spacey was one of them. Annette Bening another. And I'd mention a couple more, but then I'd be getting a little too schoolboy smutty for the likes of this board . . . best leave that to EdD.

Mort: ah yes. I slavishly followed "V" when it was on TV the first time. Wonderfully OTT. And Marc is Bryan's cousin, I believe.
I posted this because there have been other posts about him possibly getting this role and he was mentioned in the article by name so I thought it was newsworthy and appropriate and would finally end the speculation that he may or may not get this role.
Kevin Spacey has consistently blown me away with his acting abilities. And I'm not alone. Which is probably why no one is talking about Unknown Superman on this thread, hehehe. Usual Suspects was my first encounter (well that I knowingly saw him as that actor of that name. I'd seen him in See no Evil Hear No Evil and Consenting Adults, but hadn't really remembered him or even been able to know it was the same guy. He looked quite different) Then Se7en, LA Confidential, The Ref, Swimming With Sharks, American Beauty (Sorry SNT, yer on yer own;-)....the man rules, face it.

And yes, the Usual Suspects....that's how I met my lovely wife. And there does lie a tale.

And I'm glad I'm not the only one who noticed the 'Marc Singer' mistake. Oy, is it so hard to know what name you're writing in your article? I had a bunch of Beastmaster and V jokes ready, but.....everone's done them already.

SNT"Mort: ah yes. I slavishly followed "V" when it was on TV the first time. Wonderfully OTT. And Marc is Bryan's cousin, I believe. "

Yeah well at least they didn't type 'Superman director Lori Singer'..... Oh and yeah I loved 'V'.

Willowy"Then came American Beauty, and it was alllll over! "

You....loathed him from that point on..??

SNT" I'd be getting a little too schoolboy smutty for the likes of this board . . . best leave that to EdD."

Ahem....?? You talkina me? You talkina me? I don't see nobody else here! You talkina me?
As previously stated Kevin Spacey rules! If he is cast as Lex then I'll be going.

Now the real story - DB didn't get the role, utimately I'm unsure if that's good or bad (if KS is Lex I'd say it's bad that DB isn't acting against such a wonderful bad guy). It was a big role to be considered for and I think quite a coo if David had gotten it so I'm guessing he may be a bit bummed. My fingers a crossed that something big and good will come David's way. I'd really like to see him (and all the other Buffy/Angel world actors) shine!

BTW I read Marc Singer and thought BeastMaster is going to direct a Superman movie - I didn't think such a big film would hire him as director. Someone corrected it early on - now if you are a writer you should get people's names correct, that was just dumb.

I think I'm gonna get while the getting is good - looks like EdD is turning into Deniro's character from Taxi(Travis?)and SNT may be in big trouble :)

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