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November 22 2004

A Firefly anthology out next April. The collection of essays titled "Finding Serenity: Anti-Heroes, Lost Shepherds and Space Hookers in Joss Whedon's Firefly" has Jane Espenson as one of the editors and it features contributions from the likes of Jewel Staite. Looks like a great read. (This is the thread where Joss posts about the Serenity delay btw).

I have "Seven Seasons of Buffy" and "Five Seasons of Angel," anthologies of essays that are sometimes brilliant, sometimes not, but usually thought-provoking and interesting. I'll definitely get this one, too.
Shiny, this definately looks like it'll be worth reading
Have 7SoB (er that sounds bad as an abbr :)) and I'll definitely be getting this as well. Browncoats unite!
I'll definately be getting this. I really enjoyed "Seven Seasons of Buffy" and "Five Seasons of Angel" as well as "Fear and Trembling in Sunnydale" and "Reading the Vampire Slayer". All excellent books. I look forward to reading "Finding Serenity".
I am so excited!! I cannot wait for April, :)
I hope that this comes out at the beginning of April so i could get this, read it, and then only have a week or two until the movie! Jane Espenson is fabulous, and a cast member contributing is so cool.
All of those BtVS and Angel collections of essays are very good so this one will most definitely join the ranks.
They should've called this one "Half-a-season and Movie of Firefly"
former cast member Jewel Staite

Do we read any significance into this? I would have thought she was a current cast member . Or am I so desperate for scraps that I will go for anything?
Hello, guys, Joss here, using another thread to post an announcement 'cause he doesn't know how to start a new one.
Announce away!
Are you guys starting to hear that fanfare? Those distant drums? Are you slapping on your side-arms, pulling on your long brownish-colored coats and thumbing your crisp new bills in anticipation of the cinematic event of the year? Well, it's official: on April 22nd you, the true the blue the loyal, can step right up with the rest of America and WAIT FIVE MORE MONTHS.

Heh. See, sometimes studios shuffle around release dates...

Okay. Don't panic. right now you're panicking. you're thinking, "how could they do this to me?" But what you SHOULD be thinking is: "How could they do this to JOSS?". Seriously. That pity is mine and I want it back.

So what happened? Well, nothing terribly original. April got crowded with a lot of titles aimed at a similar demographic, and the studio decided September was a clearer corridor for the film to make the kind of impact it should. This isn't about a lack of confidence in the film -- in fact, they told me this before they even saw it. And now they have seen it, and unless they're way better liars than I'm used to, they dug it. Actually, they dug it pretty large, which is a good sign since there's not a single finished effect in the film. There's no reworking the end, no reshoots, no "does it have to be in space?". It's just a marketing issue. Now you'll get to watch lots of trailers in the summer. And hopefully, by the time it comes out, other people, people who ain't us, will get a whiff of what we're up to, and come along too.

I love this movie. I HATE waiting to show it too you. I felt pretty much the way I imagine you're feeling right now when they told me. But these guys know what they're doing, and they're trying to protect their investment, not bury it. So I gotta be a grown-up. The release date is September 30th. Hopefully it won't change again.

Spread the word. Keep the faith. And gleam the damn cube already.

B-but... it was to open right before Star Wars...wasn't that a GOOD thing?
You go ahead and be the grown-up, Joss. I'm going to pout for a while.

Grr, Argh.
Hey, Willowy, opening before Star Wars would have been mondo beyondo, but opening in a month crowded with crowd-drawin', flashy early-summer titles might not be. As my editor Lisa explained, "April is the new May". We don't wanna get buried...ALIVE!

Just when I thought the desert of Joss may gain one oasis (and a BDoasis at that!) *sobs* in corner holding Firefly DVD's

Maybe the suits didn't take the sky but they sure made it duller at least until 30th September!

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Thanks for caring about our feelings, and coming here and telling us yourself. And it is big of you to try to put a good spin on it... but DAMN, man. They've already made you, and us, wait so long already.

Maybe to ease the pain, you all can put together a BD "Making Of" special. Let us see enough to whet everyone else's appetite, 'cause ours is already there.

Almost a year is way long. Way.
Will this mean the book will be delayed - otherwise all the events of the movie will be out months before the movie? It will be impossible to be spoiler free for that long!
Joss, are YOU ok with this release date? If not, is there anything we can do? As I'm sure you've noticed, collectively, Whedon fans have a very big mouth.

Damn, that sucks...I was really looking forward to a full month of completely geeking out between Serenity, Hitchhiker's and Episode 3. September is a long way away...
Hey J. First, it's darn good to see (um, read) you here again. And thanks for the High Stakes. Too bad, and all that. Second, as Willowy says: good spin. Or brave face. Or whatever. Doesn't matter to us, of course, in terms of being there and seeing it, oh, a dozen times each, with hostage friends, family, and complete strangers, but . . .

what happened to faith in the product? (Obviously not questioning *your's* or the cast and crew's . . .) What other titles are opening in April to cloud the scene? And what's to say that September won't fill up too?

Anyhow, you know we'll be there. Us and an army of thousands. Oh, and my daughter too, who is standing beside me saying "hi" to Joss. Hi!
You guys are sweetumses. If I was here to rouse you to action, I'd be wearing pants. I mean, using... rhetoric... (note to self: delete pants thing.) The fact is, I'm crushed, because I'm so anxious for you all to see what we've done. I want the world to know that Nathan Fillion is the next Harrison Ford (Well, he IS). I want them to see how amazing Summer Glau is... not to mention the whole cast and Jack Green, the greatest DP in DP-land, everybody just did such good work it almost makes me wish I'd written a coherent script! Or, I mean... um, hey, no pants! (Note to self...) So there you have it, or me, disappointed and impatient. But I really do believe in this studio. They supported this project since before I'd even thought up the SURPRISINGLY COHERENT script (nice save!) and they've been very up-front about their scheduling and marketing stratgies. so I stand with their decision, but, as Abe Simpson would say: "They're in for the frowning of a lifetime!"

How's that cube coming? Gleamy?
oh - What a bummer! sad, sad news. But thanks for coming and telling us yourself. Takes the edge off. And hopefully the studio knows what it's doing with the date. Although... I like April (and May) Isn't September when they start having all the serious "oscar" pictures come out? Maybe more people will be thinking about movies then... I'm grasping at straws here...
And here we thought it was just around the corner. An "end of winter" treat if you will. We'll still all be there when it *does* open.
Well, I guess it's signed and sealed and delivered. And we're yours. But, gosh darn (expletives exploded . . . )

And Nathan is *so* much more than the next Hazza. Bigger too. And frankly, J, the only way a script of yours wouldn't be coherent is if some studio rewrite was imposed - and we all know that would never happen, right? (sorry for cynicism - it's a by-product of feeling suddenly cynical).

Who is the target demographic BTW? Or is that a closely-guarded industry thing?
Stop trying to cheer us girls up with the 'no pants' thing. ;)

So, what then? You are crushed (I hated reading that). Us too. Would a large scale (and of course, articulate) protest, maybe a mail-in or email flood to Universal do anything, or is the decision set in stone? Could they change their minds again? Or do they not give a ding-dang what we think?

I don't want to do anything untoward, but I certainly don't want to sit idly by if we could do something to make a difference. This is not a good thing that is happening.

What do you think?

:runs away sobbing:

:returns to grumble:

Gorramit! Now I have to re-do the end of my Music Video! Although now that song is REALLY appropriate.

:whispers: Pssst Go watch it, after this new it'll either make you smile or cry.
*big hugs for Joss*

*big hugs for Browncoats*

Somehow we'll make it through to September.
More time to make converts! (trying very hard to find a silver lining)

Are they still planning on showing the trailer in January?

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Joss, that is seriously sad news. Thanks for letting us know personally.

Getting buried under a ton of lesser movies would be a bad thing, but I'm curious how the choice is made about which films are held back and why...
Well, I'm just going to have to cling to the image of Joss with no pants until the BDM gets'll work.
Hi Joss. I really appreciate, as I know all us other fans do, your coming here and telling us instead of us hearing it in a press release or something ridiculous. I'm devastated...I just got into this wonderful show through the DVDs back in July, having been a Buffyverse fan for all 8 years of both shows. And having this BDM to look forward to was a great comfort for me after finishing all the episodes for the 1st, 2nd, 5th, 6th, whatever, time. Since you trust in the studio, I guess we'll have to as well, but...:sobsobsob:

We'll all be there when the doors open Sept. 30th, though. You can't take the sky from us.
Wiccanslyr...Can't tell you enough how hard that rocks. *tears*
Willowy, Thank you. Heard the song and could only think of our BDHs. Had to make it, of course now I have to REMAKE it :insert Chinese curse here:
ARGH! Not five more months!!

Then again, they may have a point. I always thought that it should get a fair shot and not have to go up against the next Tom Cruise flic where people flock to just because it's Tom Cruise. (Do people actually still do that with Tom Cruise? Well you get the point)

Btw, not to suck up but Nathan Fillion should indeed be the next Harrison Ford if there's any justice in the world. I liked him as Caleb but he blew me away as Mal. 'Step away from this table'. Oh yeah....

So,'s good... I get it. I mean this is supposed to be the little movie that could. No big name stars, yet the 'sleeper' of the year. Came outta nowhere, like the Matrix! (Hey Keanu was hardly a big name anymore right before the Matrix came out)

If Serenity has to go up against the next Harry Potter, Spiderman or Star Wars it's gonna get buried, let's face it. The Grudge probably also did so well also because there was no real competition out during it's release. That way movies are given a shot by people who otherwise may not have gone. And then they see the brilliance, then word of mouth and all that. So...that's good.


And really what if a few months from now they learn there are other movies coming out in September they'd rather not go up against either? Push it back again!!? Did I mention ARGH!?
Nathan Fillion the Next HF?

:cough: Adam Baldwin :cough:

Sorry That's the Bunkmate in me coming out...

Bunkmates RULE! Filllionnaires smell funny.
Bunkmates RULE! Filllionnaires smell funny

Actually, if I recall correctly, it was Baldwin who had the Stinkypants Mulligan problems...
Wiccanslyr, Jayne is the next Chewbacca!

Heh, no disrespect to the hunky AB, but hey, it's Jayne!

Nathan has the camera-love and the instinctive timing to easily be the next Han. Or Indy.

Stop distracting me. The big part of my brain is still in the sad.
Jayne is the next Chewbacca

Mouth falls open.

I'm going to prentend that was a hairy chest reference and not kill you ;)

I'll take AB over NF any day of the week, 'course I might be bisas. :p

I do love me some Cap'n No Pants though.

:sudden thoughts of nekkid AB and NF:

I'll be in my bunk.
Dude, I'm sad but I can take it. Because there's still a movie, and the moving of the release date is, in bizarro executive logic, a sign that the studio cares about the movie and wants it to succeed. I can live with it, so long as I get my Burger King Serenity character juice glasses and my Jayne talking Christmas tree ornament and my Book-themed birthday party paper plates and my Mal halloween costume that's actually just a flimsy plastic mask with a piece of elastic that irritates the back of my neck and a smock with a picture of Mal and the Serenity logo on it that isn't that great like the Batman costume I had when I was a kid but I would still love it anyway. Um, anyway, what I mean to say is that I can wait as long as it takes.

Also, I've gleamed the cube, and am well on my way to mastering the electric boogaloo.
Joss - wow, that sucks. Because...well, it just does. Thanks for the update.

Going to go pout now.

After Angel season 5 comes out...yes I am going to have to FIND something to buy after that until September. Buying stuff tricks my brain into saying "It's NEW - that means your shows aren't over. Hooray!" Maybe Buffy pillows? Plates? Underwear?
Sorry, no time for cube gleaming. Too busy trying to picture the Serenity Trilogy Motion Picture DVD Box Set that will come out a few years from now, and where to put it on my shelves.......
There you go, Ed! You go with the future-thinkin'!

No, seriously, that made me smile. First I've done all thread. Well, except for the Joss with no pants thing...

So sue me!
and where to put it on my shelves.......

At the top in the locked and coded, glass enclosed section reserved for all things Whedon.

What? Just me then?

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Wiccanslyr - That video soared. Just beautiful - in a depressing day, the one uplifting moment. Thank you.
Can you hear that? That's the sound of Browncoats around the world cursing. I am spending Thanksgiving with a few of my Firefly buds, and now I have to rethink what I'm thankful for...can someone give me some ideas? I'm now at a loss...sigh.

I'm am so sorry to hear this. I was excited to see Joss posting again...but only to give us bad news. Hey, Joss, thanks for coming to us with the news. Hopefully this release date will stick, it will be a huge hit, win an oscar, and no power in the 'verse will be able to stop it from becoming a multi-million dollar movie franchise.

This thanksgiving I'll make a toast to you, Joss, and all the cast and crew of Serenity. Keep flying!
esg, me too about the toast. Yes, its too bad he had to come here with badness, but who knows? Maybe the studio WILL change their mind again. We can hope. And props to the man for giving us the consideration to let us know first hand.

But I've got to say, a lot of people on are already thinking of ways to use the extra time to get more butts in theater seats. Gotta admire that. I'm still too busy wallowing in crybabyland.

I wish Joss would give us a thumbs up on some kind of campaigning. Then I could channel all this huge sudden sadness into something useful. Some kind of fan action. Perhaps Universal wants to gauge how anxious people are for this release? Aww, I'm probably just seeing ghosts where there are none... but what if?
I was just watching "Heart of Gold" today and thinking..."Is it April yet? And now April won't even be April.

Sure I'm disappointed, but I am still thankful that we are getting a Serenity movie. Even if we have to wait 5 more months, we still get it! They can't take our movie from us!

Geesh, how many times will I have to watch the dvd set to make it September 30. Seems like a whole lot of times.

Oh and Nathan is already the new Harrison Ford. Only hunkier.
Hi Joss, I know this is totally innapropriate and will probably have me kicked out of this site, but I'm willing to take the risk. It's a huge ask, but I was hoping you could send me an address that I could send a letter I wrote to you last night, about the effect "The Body" has had on me after my father's suicide. It's totally fine if not but I just really want you to know that your stories have really helped me through the tougest time of my life, and I love you for it. Thanks for so much.
Thank you for warning us, and fielding comments, Mr. Whedon.
Hmm. Waiting for five more months or watching Serenity getting buried by other summer blockbusters and that episode 3 thingo... that one which will draw inevitable comparisons with serenity along the lines of 'jees, why didn't they get that serenity guy to write this? y'know, the guy that wrote the movie which no one saw cause it was in a glut of big budget bollocks?'

I know which I'd prefer. Go make a hit, Joss... even if it means we wait five more months.

Whoa, and then I go read buffbuff's comment and I nearly cried. I'm very very sorry for your loss, buffbuff - and I don't think anyone would kick you out of this site for what you ask. If they did, I'd be getting all buffy self-rightenousness on their ass.
Well, i was going to be all comedic (i had hoped), but i would have to be Jane Espenson to be comedic post-"The Body" (cause she wrote "Intervention". that wasn't some nasty comment about Jane being inappropriately (i don't know if that is spelled right, but i have just found out that another FIVE months must pass before bliss so spelling be damned, but it could be a new world only used on Saundays!) comical cause who doesn't love Jane?) That may have been kind of confusing what with the parenthesis in parenthesis, but anywho.
This just plain sucks. I know that i should try to be positive, but FIVE more months!!!!
At least i have something to look forward to a long long while away from now so...i don't know where i was going with that.
It is so comforting though to get the news from you yourself Joss, not some cold, impersonal press release. So that's something! *runs off to cry for 10 months*

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Even if it was bad news, thankyou for coming to the site and telling us :}
Gives you time to make a few more episodes of Firefly, Joss?

Uh, direct eps to DVD?

While the studios aren't, hem, looking?

Well, that would keep me from being too, too sad.

Somebody go ahead and send that address to buffbuff.

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Hmm. Well on its September 30th release date, Serenity is apparently up against a new film version of 'Oliver Twist'. Normally I wouldn't root against an adaptation of a great novelist's work -- but I'm now hoping that Serenity rocks the box-office and gives 'Oliver Twist' a kick in the Dickens. Erm... maybe I should have re-phrased that last sentence :)

But in all seriousness -- I would've loved to have seen Serenity in April 2005. And this news is indeed somewhat of a downer. But a movie's success is often dictated by the competition it's up against. And if Serenity is indeed in danger of being lost in the shuffle, I suppose I can wait for a more amicable release date. That said, it's going to be a long 10 months.
Joss - it was great of you to let us know the way you did - and also prudent, because this news via a press release might have resulted in a march on the studio, pitchforks being waved about and all. :)

I hate having to wait so long for something new from you, but if it truly means the studio is supporting you and the film, then so be it. I will now fret that the release date will get pushed back again until my butt is in a theater seat, stuffing popcorn in my mouth, and making a mess because I'm not actually taking my eyes off the screen.

electricspacegirl - The toast was a good idea, plus it will be fun when my family all looks at me like I'm nuts.

buffbuff - I'm so very sorry for your loss. And very glad that you have something to help you through. I have turned to the worlds JW has created many times, to both escape my own life situations and embrace them as well. You are in my thoughts.
This is sad news, and now I have a new paranoia. One release date change is fine, and pretty normal in Hollywood. But I pray that Serenity doesn't become one of those ever shifting entities, that jumps around so much on the release schedule that everyone assumes it's troubled and cursed. Then it opens on 5 screens in late 2006 and the studio wonders why it didn't make a hundred million.

Of course, that's my worst case paranoia. There was also a little film called Titanic that hopped release dates, and yet I think it still made a few bucks. Serenity will be fine, and hopefully even prosper in the later month.

But gosh, what am I gonna do for those five months?? That's so long!
I haven't flipped my calender from September this year yet, gorramit!

*makes obscure noises of frustration.. and pie*

So, what am I supposed to do for the next ten months, eh?!? (Besides retire to my cave and slowly but surely turn into Gollum...)
Boo. Must buy new calendar in which to overly-enthusiastically circle new premiere date with red Sharpie. :(

Does the studio have no concern for us fans whatsoever? I mean, I had serious plans for that night. My eighth wedding anniversary was to have been happily spent in a dark, communal huddle with my espoused honeybritches and hopefully (I am in North Carolina, but we can certainly hope) hundreds of other rabidly loyal Browncoats, whilst onscreen the cool stylings of Serenity dazzled our forelobes. Now I'm, what -- committed to the usual dinner and a movie scenario, and probably not even a movie because the knowledge of what I could have been watching will be so omnipresent in my thoughts that any other pic is invariably going to fall horrendously, stupendously short. They've gone and ruined my anniversary before it even gets here, Joss, and what's worse, it's made you impatient and disappointed. Darn them! Darn them to infernality!

Could you maybe give us a little something in the meantime to tide us over? I know, that's crazy talk, you're like the hardest working man in show biz these days, but we're dying out here for some fresh meat. Couldn't you wrangle us a little snack, somehow? Even if it was just a brief synopsis of what would have happened should S6 of Angel have transpired (or whatever other diversionary thing you can think of), it would give us all something to talk about and help take our minds off the Serenity waiting, which, as that great philosopher Tom Petty once said, is the hardest part.

Five more months is going to feel like suddenly being put on a starvation diet after contemplating the posted menu for an imminent feast. I mean, September gives me that much longer to build up the local troop base, but after going hungry an almost-extra half year, I'm liable to start getting a mite cranky. (And doesn't an army travel on its stomach?) Just a little snack, any flavor of the 'verse you choose will do ... audio, visual, interpretive dance format.... Think about it? Please?
Thanks Joss for posting.

This is actually really good news. September is the beginning of Hollywood's Oscar consideration period. The time when serious films are entering the boxoffice. Audiences generally want to see more mature offerings. Serenity is definely going to give a moviegoer food for thought.

I personally thought the April opening was very bad placement. Star Wars 3 is apparently opening three weeks after Serenity. Unfortunately there is no such thing as piggy backing on Star Wars'advertising blitz. Any scifi film opening in the same time frame will be looked upon by the general audience as being a rip-off of the juggernaut. Serenity would have to earn it's entire boxoffice take during those three weeks, before surrendering theatres to Star Wars. Not an enviable position if we are hoping to put new people in the seats.

Studios expect a film opening in September to have a smaller initial box office. A film suddenly opening with 90 million dollars (approximately 8 million viewers times $11.00) would really shake-up the biz. Hopefully, the movie will be able to stretch it's box office dominance into American Thanksgiving when the Christmas rush begins.

Instead of being viewed unjustly as a Star Wars' clone Serenity will really get a chance to prove it's appeal. Who knows, maybe Joss might get a second shot at that Oscar. Look at it this way, it will give us an opportunity to hopefully see Joss pitch Serenity again at Comic Con.

Let's show Hollywood the power of Joss Whedon. Browncoats forever.

P.S. Sorry for your loss buffbuff
Wow, Joss posts again. That is so cool, even with the bad news. At least for us in Australia they have just started showing one in the morning....out of order....but hey, you can't have everything..right? And its my first post. I was waiting for the perfect opportunity to say something put people back on their haunches saying "Whoo hah, what WAS that?"...just give me a sec...umm...err...ok, here goes....."how come there's no snapshot of Angel in the banner on the top of the page?". Impressed the hell out of all of you on my first try didn't I? I'm just saying.

Oh and 'no "does it have to be in space?"' - yuk, yuk, love it!
September? But that's like a whole 'nother year!

I think I speak for everyone here when I say grrrr!

Still, trailer-y goodness all summer long!
Thank you so much for stopping by to make the announcement yourself, Joss - we'll try to put on a brave (if a little red eyed) face, too. Do you possibly have any other projects in the making that could cheer us up ;-)
I wonder what happens to the freedom/victory themed release date here in the Netherlands (it was supposed to be May 5, which is our liberation day). Does this mean the movie will not be about freedom or will the release date stay the same or what?
On the other thread I read that on September 30 it is up against Wallace and Gromit. I just so love Wallace and Gromit that, had I lived in the USA, I would have had to see both movies in one night. How on earth can they think W&G pose no serious opposition? (And how do you get that nice purple sarcastic font color?)
Anyway I guess I'll watch the DVD's some more in the intervening months.
How much bad news can a person take in one year.First Angel,then ME,Now this I can see the logic but nearly a year to wait,but then ,that might just be enough time to find out where my heart has just gone to.
Big communial hug needed everyone!!

I just start really getting into Firefly by watching the reruns on Sci Fi UK, just begin to appreciate the true majesty of this little gem of a tv show, just start to really look forward to Serenity and this happens!

Don't see why Joss should get all that pity, i want some coming my way, dammit! ;)

Thanks for the heads up though Joss, not good news at all but i do understand the reasoning.
Well, there is a solution to all the heartache: while waiting for the delayed release, Joss makes another movie. Which is then released in October. And another one, which is then released in November. (Come on its FIVE months, you can do it).

See, we are easily satisfied. And undemanding. And easy (ok, that’s just my reputation).

Seriously though, the studio has a point (god, that hurt), in the back of my mind I kept thinking that the Star Wars release date would be an issue.

PS buffbuff – very sorry to hear about your loss. My thoughts are with you.
Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, just incase I didn't make myself clear that was GRRRRRR! Damn it! 5 extra months is a long time to expect us to have to wait. Though granted if it does actually give our beloved Serenity a better chance I'll take it. Still a might disgruntled thus far.
Grrrrr....Argggggg.... What a bummer. 5 more months beyond the 5 I was already having trouble with? Well, I do hope it enables the studio to market it better. I'm still dissapointed, though.
Pssst, Joss, can't you set up a private screening for us Whedonesquers? We won't tell anyone, we promise!!!

Kidding aside (unless you'd consider that), this has totally depressed me. I've been counting the days and looking forward to April (which was a first because, unless your birthday or anniversary is in April, who looks forward to that)! Now I have to break the news to my kids when they get home from school!

Anyway, I'm trusting that the studio knows what they are doing. They seem to truly like the movie themselves if they didn't ask to alter it in any way and just want to give it the best chance at a great opening weekend. I can live with that if it means even bigger success for Serenity. I wouldn't want our beloved story to get buried in they hype of Star Wars or the next Tom Cruise flick (and yes EdDantes, I do think people flock to those for some reason I don't quite understand).

I'm also thrilled to hear a couple of posters state that they are just getting into Firefly now that it is being shown in their countries (again out of order - did they not learn the first time around how dumb that was?!). That could mean there will be an even bigger audience patiently waiting (or as patient as being forced to wait can be).

Thanks for letting us know personally Joss, I know you must be truly bummed about it and are as eager to show it to us as we are to see it. Good things come to those who wait!
This is sadness!
The one bright spot in a whedonless tv-universe was the thought of the - in movie terms - quick release of Serenity. It kept me happy.
" . . . I lived on Joss, I tell you. It's been meat and drink, and man and wife, to me . . . " (or something similar and excuse me Stevenson for rehashing your words).

But with the veritable dearth of watchable material out there, I feel doomed (though that's hardly the right word for it as the whedonverse shines even after the nth repetition) to re-watch old episodes of everything Joss.

Still, it's coming, so all is well that ends well, right? Right!
Well - all we can do is wait - it will be difficult but we, and the world, will just have to wait to see the wonderfulness. Thanks Joss for telling us in person(as it were)!
Thanks miranda, Anne 5_by_5, Angela, h'biki, that really means SO much to me, and Dhoffryn (you can be comedic after something heavy, we're all used to it here in the Whedonverse - no offence Joss). I really shouldn't have posted that but I was just not dealing too well today (serentity news didn't help! - see comedy is ok), and I figured this would be the place of all places to try to communicate with Joss. I'm honestly sorry to post something like that, won't happen again.
Buffbuff, somehow managed to miss what you had written the last time i posted in this thread but just wanted to say how sorry i was to hear about your dad. I'm sure nobody would mind you posting the message to Joss here given the circumstances.
buffbuff, (if the admins wanna hit me, it's okay. i can take it. i won't even be upset) when my dad died i discovered BtVS. it was a major lifeline for me at a time when i was going thru major upheaval (separation/divorce, move, death in family - w/i one month) - i was completely pegging the stress meter.

i LOVE joss whedon. his work has given me hope when i had none. it provided a place for me to hide, and heal.

yeah, that's big time sappy, and it's true. i hate being sappy, but hey, can't argue w/ truth.

big hug to you from me dear.
Well, dammit, couldn't they have moved Star Wars back to blinking September?? No one would have noticed, who wants to see Star Wars anyway? Grrrrrrrrr, **stamps feet, spits out dummy and generally sulks a lot**
Those of you feeling downhearted, watch this Big Damn Video - it's great.
buffbuff - I too am sorry for your loss. I doubt that you are alone in finding so much solace in Joss' work. That's probably why we are all such devoted fans - he speaks to so many different people on so many different levels - we can all find comfort in his work.
I guess delaying the movie just means I have more time to save more money to go see it again and again - when it finally comes out. And buy all the cool schwag that goes with the movie release. And give the series to a few friends for the holidays.
Could this be nefarious plan by the movie execs to get us all to spend more money?
I liked Simon's simple, but eloquent comment on the other thread (oh crap). My sentiments exactly. Luv ya joss for coming to tell us in person, sorry I missed you. I will attempt to look at the positives and continue to wait till September (30th is more like Oct). I agree with others that the wait would be less depressing if you could provide us with some more jossy goodness before then (pretty pretty please?). I'm already going through joss withdrawal (and that's not a pretty sight!).
Short stories from Joss! I tell you, that would do it for me. A new medium for him, something that he has to learn how to do (and we know how he likes challenges) and some salty goodness for us as a result. What could be better?
well, aside from an April release, a new TV show, new issues of Fray.......
I have to say, I don't like this move. "We don't want to get buried," reads to me "we don't we can go in there toe to toe and come out number 1." In September, they can reasonably guarantee coming out of the weekend #1 in the box office. It's safe but whatever it takes to get a sequel I guess.
To answer the question asked upthread (and on, and on, and on several other BBSes and mailing lists I frequent, and on my LiveJournal, and....), the novelization has also been pushed back to September, which gives us more time to get it just right. *grin*

As for the book of essays that started this thread, among the contributors to the book are Jewel Statie, philospher Lyle Zynda, sex therapist Joy Davidson, and SF/F authors Lawrence Watt-Evans, Mercedes Lackey, David Gerrold, and some hack named DeCandido.
Hi krad, who are you?

Never mind, I figured it out! Thanks for the information and also for stopping by.

[ edited by Willowy on 2004-11-23 22:03 ]
Willowy: from his profile and comments, I'm guessing he's "some hack named [Keith] DeCandido," soon-to-be author of the "Serenity" novelization (and hence the celebrity color-scheme). Welcome Mr. DeCandido!

[ edited by SoddingNancyTribe on 2004-11-23 22:00 ]
*Bows to SNT*, thanks m'dear! I got it! :)
Sorry, been posting all over creation today, for obvious reasons, and so neglected to properly identify myself. *laughs* (I've only posted in the thread about the novelization from earlier this month.)

Yes, I'm Keith R.A. DeCandido, author of many novels and novelizations, including the upcoming Serenity novelization, as well as an essay in Finding Serenity.

Cha cha cha.
Could one of the mods teach Joss how to post his own new stories instead of commenting on old stories? Cuz that would be very SHINY. :-)

I can't believe we gotta retool all our Browncoats banners to have the new date. Damn. And the t-shirt contest might have to have a do-over. But most of all, how can we possibly wait that long?
Really cool seeing Joss post here.

Five by five Joss.
Welcome, krad. I missed you in the other thread, but the way things go calmly but busily whizzing by here it's a fairly common experience on my end. Now that the film is pushed back, I'll be looking even more forward to your novelization of Serenity's antics.

Just curious: Are you going to cleave air-tightly to the script as delivered, or is there some leeway for you to write a bit of stuff (hot 'n' spicy Mal 'n' Inara, f'instance?) between/amongst the crewmembers that won't be making it onscreen?

Also buffbuff, thanks for sharing; I think it's safe to say you're among friends here. Going through a loss as profound as yours and coming out intact on the other side tells me you're a really strong person. Rest assured that you aren't alone in finding solace from grief and pain in Joss's work. He's probably saved me thousands in therapy bills through the inspiration of fan fic, and I personally know of at least one other person who might not have survived their disintergrating marriage alive without the Whedon-verse to turn to.

That's part of what makes his work so powerful -- it's not just telling nice little stories, it's touching some deep truths about the human condition that can help us tap our own inner wellsprings when hard times run us dry.
Just curious: Are you going to cleave air-tightly to the script as delivered, or is there some leeway for you to write a bit of stuff (hot 'n' spicy Mal 'n' Inara, f'instance?) between/amongst the crewmembers that won't be making it onscreen?

Closer to the former than the latter, based on the notes I got from Himself at the early stages. Hard to say for certain, as I only just turned in my first draft. I'll know better once I get comments on that draft.
Gees, Why do I always miss it when Joss comes to the site....

I was having trouble with the April thing, knowing that by the time the movie got all the way here to Israel (if at all), it would be months after April, and I'd probably be spoiled all to hell with BigDamnSpoilers.

Now I'm supposed to wait a whole year? Or more? Cruel! Haven't the Jewish people suffered enough??

Still, made my day to see a post from Joss. Thank you Joss! I'm sure you can feel the love here without me pointing it out. And yet. Big love.
Those of you feeling downhearted, watch this Big Damn Video - it's great.

Thanks Cider, glad you liked it enough to pass the word.


Although, I have to redo it now....:insert chinese curse here:
Very upsetting to hear that Serenity will not be out for till September. But I've waited this long what's another 5 months.
Oh, I have to go thru every page on the Nice Guy site and change the date (we have a permanent Firefly DVD Amazon link on the site now that also mentions the Serenity date). Ah, well. Small price to pay. I'm just remembering back when the show got cancelled and me and my crew thought we'd never see any more Firefly stuff ever. Putting things in that perspective...knowing that the Serenity movie is DONE and that it's actually coming out...I can live with the wait.

And besides...that means another HUGE Joss and cast appearance at Comic-Con this year to pimp the upcoming premiere, right? Goooooaaaalllll!!

By the way, for those of you who checked out our strip "Serenity Now" back in July, we've since fixed the crappy scan problem (you have to live with errors when you're updating live from your laptop at Comic-Con), so it now looks shiney as it should. Check it out again, or for the first time!

Hope you got to check it out, Joss.

Keep flying, Serenity fans. Our day will come! Happy thoughts from your fellow browncoats at The Nice Guy.

Michael O'Connell
Writer/Co-Creator, "The Nice Guy"
I'll let this go, cause it's perhaps useful here, but we don't usually sign our posts here. Any details can go into your userpage.
Star Wars vs. Serenity? No contest. Serenity hands down. It's ironic too because I used to live and die Star Wars as a kid. I've seen that movie at least 100 times (yeah I know, it makes me that much closer to the comic guy from the Simpsons) and I still enjoy it to this day. The original trilogy had a magic that I don't think the new films have come close to capturing. Firefly has that same magic.

My expectations of Serenity. Joy and great disappointment. I will be so glad to be back in that wonderful universe created by Joss. Disappointment in knowing that once the curtain closes, it will be at least a couple years until I can return to that universe. This is going to be a very difficult 10 months.
Hey Joss, I dunno if you'll read this but that sucks that "Serinity" got pushed back to September. I know how disappointing that must be for you and is disappointing to us the fans as well. :( Atleast September isn't THAT far away. :/ LOL that's me trying to be optomistic. Sorry I'm not very good at it.

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