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December 09 2004

A Buffy singalong. Herc at Ain't It Cool News has details of a fun sounding event in Texas.

Still not sure how you would singalong to 'Hush'.

This sounds just like an event in Boston held a month or so ago that was the subject of a thread here.

I'd give my eyeteeth to go to one of these events (whatever eyeteeth are).
Yeah, they sure do sound like fun! The Boston one that was discussed earlier was listed too late for me to try and go but if it had been posted sooner I think I would've rounded up some friends and went (I'm about 1 1/2 hours away).

This would be so cool if OMWF ended up being the "new" Rocky Horror Picture Show! And now there have been two events doing this on both sides of the country! I would love to see OMWF on a big movie screen!! I guess maybe they watch HUSH first because you need to be quiet to really enjoy that and then get all rowdy and vocal for the musical?!?

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Maybe you hum along to Hush? Or yell at the screen things like "No, Tara! Don't walk the campus alone, you fool! No!"
If you go to the Drafthouse info page, the singalong's only for OMWF. But they're screening "Hush" too. Argh... I love the Drafthouse, but I'm not gonna be back in Austin until the 19th. *pout*

A canine tooth of the upper jaw.

Maybe you hum along to Hush? Or yell at the screen things like "No, Tara! Don't walk the campus alone, you fool! No!"

Wait, you mean everyone doesn't do that already?

Sigh, Another event to far away for me to drive to, and soon to be unemployed me cant afford a plane ticket.
I wish I could go, but there's that pesky high school thing I have to go to. Pretty cool seeing some great Buffy eps. on the big screen.
And I thought I was the only one daydreaming of ways to get OMWF on the local stage (while driving down the road singing at the top of my lungs). God that would be fun. And so beyond cool.

What a Whedon geek I am at times.
A big hug for Simon for letting everyone know about this. I think I'll actually be able to go!
Exciting. How could I not know about this? I live in San Marcos, a mere 30 minutes away. I think I shall get my tickets for the showing on the 17th right away. :)

Maybe, I'll see fellow whedonesquers...ites there. (What are we called anyway?)
*At times*, Willowy?

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