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December 18 2002

(SPOILER) 'Bring on The Night' reviewed at ScoopMe!. High praise for last night's episode and some juicy speculation as well.

It will be a few weeks before I get a chance to see this episode (I've seen the first six episodes so far) but is it too early to say that this is the best season so far? Cause it's certaintly looking like it.

from the article: All this time, Buffy and her cohorts have been reactionaries, but no more.
With a single speech (and mind you, I am aware that it is only a speech at this point), Buffy has changed the entire philosophy of her calling. No more is hers to protect and serve, now it is for her to root out, to destroy, to prevent by striking first.

I literally got chills when she gave that speech. My only problem with 'BOtN' is that Spike is still in the clutches of the First, but I imagine it won't be for long---and how about his little speech to Dru/Morphy? He can't be gotten to and can make a difference in the world, because Buffy believes in him. That rocked! It's the very thing that William seemed to be searching for, and Spike too, for that matter. Someone to believe in him. I can not wait until January. Giving *urh, argh* a whole new meaning, for me.
Hey, did I miss something when suddenly that one Slayer in training just took off? maybe I was in the john when that happened, what the Hell happened to make her run off? She had just been talking about how it was safer there, blah blah, blah, Buffy knows what she's doing, yada, yada, yada.
Also the review says something about the possibliity of Giles being dead, and that's exactly what I thought. They'll kill everyone, Buffy last, then end the series....great, here comes more therapy
So… anyone think this season ties into Fray?
I certainly do, I know Joss is a very busy man but it's a strange coincedence that the release date of the final issue of Fray has been put back till May 21st 2003 which is around when season 7 will finish.

Fray details
Annabelle ran. Molly took her queues from her. Communication is only possible betweene equals, so Annabelle could not have been convinced that hope was lost by Molly. Therefore, I think it's Kennedy who got Annabelle running. That and the too-quick, by-no-obvious-signs decided that she and Willow should bed together makes me suspect she's a false SIT. and destroy. 'Bout f**king time they stopped waiting and go to the evil!
Simon wrote: "is it too early to say that this is the best season so far?"

I like the season, wouldn't say it was the best, but certainly the most intriguing. I mean, what on earth is going on? Everything's a mystery even if you keep up on spoilers.
So the bits from Fray are: "In the twenty-first century there was a battle. A Slayer... faced an apocalyptic army of demons. And when it was done, they were all gone. All demons, all magicks, banished from this dimension."

I think this definitely figures into what we might be seeing -- a final apocalypse that leads to the end of _all_ vampires (and slayers), at least for a long, long time. (Perhaps Spike and Angel will be spared because they have souls?)
Re: Cataclysmic Battle and Fray: I've seen comment that this would be a great way to keep Spike going until Fray comes around, so all the Spuffys can become Sprays or whatever, and maybe this time James Marsters will get an Emmy. It would shut down Angel, though.

For a souled vampire, the soul may be a new rudder, but the power plant, the thing that keeps it walking around instead of in a dustbin somewhere, is the demon. And "all the demons" sounds like all the demons. So, if all the demons go, Spike and Angel are blowing in the wind or moving to another dimension..
I don't like the whole "banish-all-demons-from-this-dimension" thing. Why? Because of the big gray blanket that's been thrown over the once-sacrosanct "demon = bad," "human = good" equations. Lemme give you a for-instance: If all the demons were banished from this dimension, what would happen to Cordy? Would *half* of her be banished, half stay behind? What would have happened to Doyle? Would banishing Doyle have been right? I don't think so.

Banishing all demons to some (presumably) untold hell dimension would be *wrong*, maybe even *evil*. What about poor ol' Clem?
I'm not convinced that the future is written in stone, or even that this season leads directly to the set up for Fray, but I think there's a tie-in.
Does it bother anyone else that Giles has not touched anything solid the whole episode?

And what about trying to drown a vampire?
Except for when Giles sat on the arm of Buffy's couch!

The fact is it was written in the script to avoid having Giles touch anything or anyone. We saw an axe swinging on a rather clueless looking Giles prior to this. In most cases, this would mean Giles is dead, but this is Buffyverse, what you see is not what you get. The little blonde girl is the tough guy's the basic principle of Buffy.
I know he can't be dead if there's to be a Ripper show, but I found it distracting.
I don't think it will be as obvious as all demons being banished, but I could see a situation where all vampires, or most vampires, are zapped... thereby changing the whole equation of the Buffyverse, and getting them off of Slayers and Vampires and instead leading in some interesting new directions with other heroes and demonic villains.

It'd be a helluva way for "Buffy" to go out, too...

As for Giles, you've got to play the yes-is-no game... if something is obvious, it's not true. Like Tara messing up Willow's demon-finding spell -- that was designed to make you think she was a demon. Spike going to get his chip out -- only to find out he was really getting a soul. At this point I'd be more surprised if the "Buffy" folks foreshadowed something and it actually DID come true! Oh, I guess I'm talking about Evil Willow there. :-)
Sprays? bwaahahahahahahahaha---
I think you are missing something here guys.

Yes technically they started out on the same show, but just because something may end things as they know it on Buffy HEAVEN FORBID!!!!
This has nothing to do with Angel, they are 2 different networks and 2 different shows, they do not have to follow the same fate.

That's just my take on it anyway.
2 different networks and 2 different shows. Written by the same writers, created by the same man. Completely unconnected.
Nah, next you'll be saying Ben is Glory ;).
How about Giles is Glory? Cause that would make him, you know, a god.
He is a god anyhow :).

I wonder if there was any speculation in the past about if Glory took over Giles' mind when he killed Ben.
What I found distracted is not that Giles could be incorporeal, it's that for the first time on the show - IIRC - the writing is done to mislead the viewers instead of the characters. Same thing goes for Robin Wood. I find it cheap.

Yes they are written by the same man, but the fact that it is not on the same network means technically it does not have to follow the same plan, notice that the rain of fire theme on Angel is not carried over to Buffy, just as you do not see the big bad first on Angel. There are no crossover roles and that means storylines don't cross over either, see?
Well, with Faith (and props!) crossing over this year, storylines will cross over.
syrcharles just reminded me that TFE-as-Cassie sat on a chair when talking to Willow. So there goes that theory. *sigh* and I so wanted Giles to stay alive this year.

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Wait - Ben is Glory?

You forget "Enemies" in Season 3. Big misdirection of the viewers, not the characters. (Or, well, not *all* the characters, anyway.)

I agree that in general, misdirecting the characters is preferable to misdirecting the audience. But the tactic does sometimes make for effective drama, which should be the ultimate criteria. And besides, in this case, it's too soon to tell. Quite likely, the characters will be as misdirected as the audience in an episode or two.
Couldn't Buffy go into counselling and get some support with defeating her inner demons? Or maybe the whole gang could go into group therapy, or perhaps herself and Spike could get some couples counselling? Any thoughts on this?
Couselling? Like the 'Sopranos'? People still end up dead---
Get the Scoobies singing their hearts out to Lorne. OWMF part 2 (it's a great idea).
You're right, I had totally forgotten "Enemies". Probably because I didn't like the trick played on me ;)

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