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February 15 2005

'Serenity' - a book by Joss Whedon. Is it the script book for the movie? No one seems to know but it's released on the same day as the movie comes out in the States.

It's also available at

That is intriguing.
160 pages in length makes me think it's a script.
Well I've emailed Titan Books to see if they can elaborate any further. If I get a reply I'll update the subject line.
I don't even care what it is - it's by Joss and is about Serenity so whether or not it's a tie-in story (wouldn't that be wonderful) or the script I'll be buying it!!
FF - I am right with you there. I'm in regardless! Joss=good!
I'm hoping it is the screenplay.
A reporter I used to deal with got the screenplay for "Star Trek: Generations" months before the movie was released in 1994. Her comment: "It's pretty amazing what you can find on the Internet." Eleven years later, you can say the same, in spades!

/want to remain utterly and completely spoiler-free.
The page count (160 pages) strongly suggests a screenplay (90-120 pages, typically, I believe) with an intro and/or supplemental material, with a margin of error for book reformatting.

It's a little long for an "Art of" book or a comic adaptation, methinks.
I find myself hoping it'll have story board, director's notes, or other goodies...
but if it says "by Joss Whedon" then I'm in!

If it's a paperback, I'm assuming 160 pages could also be the novelization of the movie.

In which case, Me Want.
I don't think it's the novelization of the movie because they already have that other author Keith (whose last name I can't remember) doing that.
Keith R.A. DeCandido (which I remember because it abbreviates nicely into KRAD).
It's not the novelization. That's written by me (Keith R.A. DeCandido, and shame you Firefly Flanatic for forgetting a very simple nine-letter four-syllable name *wink*), and it's much more than 160 pages. Also it's a mass-market paperback (rack size), and the book under discussion here is a larger, trade paperback.
*hangs head in shame!* I remembered Krad though and should've used that!! And, hope this makes up for me not remembering your last name, I am buying the book!!

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This is awesome. We've got the Finding Serenity book of essays out in April, a comic book supposedly out in July (though it hasn't been specified whether or not it's a one-shot, a mini-series, or a maxi-series), Keith's book (when's it coming out again? Still in April, or did they move the date up to coincide with the film?), and now this mysterious Joss book. I like the idea of a script with supplementals such as design art, screencaps, maybe some writings from Joss on what he was thinking while writing it. Also cool if it's a script--we'll get to read all the deleted scenes long before the DVD comes out.
Any comic coming out in July wont see a solicitation until...April, I guess. But, I'd expect more concrete news a month or two before then.

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