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April 22 2005

Joss says "Trailer. Serenity. Tuesday." (reg req) Yep, this coming Tuesday we'll see the arrival of the very first official trailer of our BDM.

There's also some serious hinting that its theater premiere will be before The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. DO NOTE, the trailer will contain a few spoilers so everyone that want to stay completely spoiler free will have to avoid it (like you'll be able to resist).

(ETA) eddy adds this info:

"If you're a member of the official browncoats site, you probably just got a email from Joss about the trailer.

But if you're not, here it is:

'Hey guys.

I'm here on the official site, so that can only mean one thing: somebody finally told me my password! (Again.) It probably also means that I have some big-ass announcement or other. Well tops on the announcement list is this: after months of intensive yoga, i can finally touch my toes! (They feel round and bunion-y.)

But there's more! I'm talkin' movie news, peeps, so no more drumroll: Trailer. Serenity. Tuesday.

Yeah, kids, the haps is hap'nin', and it runs thus: EXCLUSIVELY on Apple movie trailers (and linked through this site as well of course) will be a small, medium, large or FULLSCREEN trailer for Serenity the major motion movie. Yeah, THE trailer. And the following Friday said trailer hits theaters. Which theaters? Until I get confirmation you'll have to guess, but I'm betting you can.

Now, here's a word of warning: this trailer ain't shy. If you're looking to live totally spoiler-free, know that there's plenty of key dialogue and images running through this bad boy. It's pretty tasty, though, and it doesn't give everything away. But close scrutiny will definitely learn you much of what's to come. (Anakin TOTALLY goes evil.) It's a nice piece to while away the time till September, and hopefully should intrigue th' peeps that don't have coats of brown.

The only thing more exciting than y'all finally seeing this was showing it to Nathan. Like a schoolboy giggled he.


Joss "You can't take my toes from me" Whedon.'"

All i have to say is, WOOHOO!

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Woooooooooo! A new note from Joss always gets my squee going. Yay, Tuesday! And I'm betting that the trailer WILL be attached to Hitchhiker's. I'm calling the theaters next week to find out, anyway. Because I want to see it on the big screen!
Oh my, what to do, what to do! The trailer will have some spoilers you say? I'm assuming they'd be minor ones right? And, I guess it will be hard to avoid the trailer between now and September 30th (notice how I'm talking myself into it will be okay to watch this?!) Okay, I'm weak!! I must see this and watch it over and over again!

I will try to resist but my inner self is already laughing at me (and frankly, trying to persuade me to watch this!)
Psst. Can a mod delete my post off the main?
It might be a good idea to combine the two of them, since yours contains some good extra information, eddy.

As for the spoilers - yargh! How big? Shows a lot of what's to follow? But I want to be surprised! But I must watches the precious. But surprises is good, and I hates trailers that tells's the entires story. Watch it! Yargh.
Yeah! Movie news!!! Thanks Joss!!
Well since Joss has found his toes, yeah for Joss. The question begs to be ask did he find any cheese? :)
It's done, eddy. Following Gonnas's helpful suggestion, I've combined the two links.

I'm actually kinda hoping the trailer won't be attached to Hitchhiker's, 'cos I recently read an extremely thorough, and thoroughly pissed-off and negative, review of HHGTTG, and I'm really dreading seeing it now . . .
This is wonderful news! Is it Tuesday yet?!

bring it on... bring it on
Okay, does anyone know if this trailer will be different from what will be shown on tv? Because if it will be the same one that will be airing on network tv eventually I might have a hard time avoiding it anyway. Or will it be different and less likely to have the spoilers that Joss is warning about! If it will be one in the same I may just have to give in and watch it Tuesday if I'll eventually see it on tv - I don't think I'll have the willpower to change the tv once they start airing ads for it.

And hey, I'm signed up for the Browncoats website and I didn't get a Joss e-mail!! I want an e-mail from Joss too!!
Oh my, what to do, what to do! The trailer will have some spoilers you say?

Not a problem for me! I'm naturally weak-minded, and will forget all the important stuff by the time the film moves around.

Tuesday, I'll be in my bunk.
Great news! I don't want to be spoiled, but I know I'll end up watching it.
"Anakin TOTALLY goes evil!"

Awww man! He just TOTALLY ruined the movie for me!

Seriously, will you spoiler-fearful please get a grip and just go watch whatever movie the trailer is gonna be on? How can spoiling the movie ruin your enjoyment of it? In late September/early October we are all gonna probably watch it multiple times on that first weekend anyway. Seeing the movie the first time, would that ruin your enjoyment of it the second time? NO! So what difference does it make if you've seen the trailer before the first time you see the film?

Here's some spoilage for you: Mal will be wearing tight pants! River's gonna act all crazy! Zoe will shoot at people! Wash will make with the funny! Jayne will say something stupid! Inara will wear cool outfits! Simon will completely fail to enjoy himself! Book will look smug and pious, then turn around and punch somebody! Kaylee's gonna be gorgeous with one little smear of grease carefully placed upon her face by the makeup department!

Is the film ruined for you now? Honestly. I don't understand you spoiler-fearful types. *wink*
Is the film ruined for you now? Honestly. I don't understand you spoiler-fearful types.
Well, it's pretty simple actually. We're after the slight shock you get from a well done plot twist while while being inside that universe And if that made no sense what so ever, it's sort of like the difference between going to a live concert and watching the same concert on TV (perhaps that didn't make any sense either).
" Okay, does anyone know if this trailer will be different from what will be shown on tv?"

No, it'll be shorter. A trailer on tv only has about 10 seconds of time (unless its a special preview event during a tv show, and it gets announced before hand.)
Firefly flanatic - I didn't get an email either and (so I don't get too,too pouty) I've decided to doubt there was one. It's a message to all of us on the Board (the link is to a post from Joss beginning a new thread) but probably not an individual message. eddy can you clarify?

I can however, admit to getting all giggly about 12 hours ago when I realised I was 'virtually' in the same place as Joss. The new changes to the Official Board let you see who else is online at the same time.
I got a email from the Serenity site with the Joss message inside. I didn't even realize it was a post there until I saw the Whedonesque post cause I hadn't visited the Serenity site yet.

From: "Browncoats" View Contact Details View Contact Details
Subject: A Message From Joss
To: "Charles Ward"

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Ah, well. I've been really good at avoiding the spoilers, but how can I possibly, remotely, even with Vera pointed at my head avoid watching the trailer 3-4 times a day for a month? "It's OK, RBB, you shouldn't worry." OK, you've convinced me. Bring that bad BDT on!
I admit to being a spoiler-phobe, and I do think that spoilers will take away from the eventual movie seeing. Reasoning, as much as Buffy stands up to rewatching and rewatching, the end of Season 6 was totally spoiled for me, and I was VERY disappointed the first time I saw it. I was deprived of Joss surprising me, and that is a valuable commodity. I don't want even Minor spoilers, because that deprives me of the chance to see it in context and on the big screen for the first time. For every teensy Hooray I get when I get Serenity news, that Hooray will be 10x bigger seeing it in the movie. But I'm totally caving and watching the trailer. I do what Joss says.
eddy - thanks and sorry to have doubted you.
Firefly Flanatic, yes the trailers on tv are much shorter. And sometimes there seem to be different trailer/tv ads for the same movie. Maybe it's just me.

Yay Joss! I'm so giggly too.
Great news! I was feeling annoyed because today was when Serenity was originally going to air. This news helps take the edge off. I'm a middling spoilerphobe but for the trailer I'll break ranks. I'm all about the trailer. I can't resist and I don't want to. Three more days. Three more days.
"Seriously, will you spoiler-fearful please get a grip..."

It's like being a virgin when you get married, or not. Well, we all know how that turns out. It's a great wish, though.
Woohoo, trailer here we come. I also got the email and although it was the last of 8 emails it was the 1st I read (couldn't resist the subject "A Message From Joss" thankfully it lived up to the anticipation). In fact I read that email, then went to the site and came here and read this thread - still not read the other 7 emails, they can wait :)

I'm also a spoilerphobe but will definitely be watching the trailer, 1st and foremost because woohoo a glimpse of Serenity and 2nd because I'm certain I'll see whatever film it's on before and won't be able to resist looking. Therefore I might as well get it over and done with ;)
I was kind of thrilled to get the e-mail, particularly tonight...on the night when I had once been hoping to see 'Serenity' in the theater.
And personally I don't see that avoiding spoilers is like trying to remain a virgin until marriage: it is merely wanting to read the mystery without someone telling you who done it ahead of time.... However I'm going to trust Joss that the trailer will NOT tell me 'who done it', and that I can enjoy the hints without it ruining the surprises.
Ha. Spoliers. I read the episode summary of Not Fade Away while I was still in the middle of Angel S4. So not worried about a trailer. :p
I got the email! I'd forgotten that I used a different address to sign up over there; I had to get a new password because it's been so long since I logged in and I'd forgotten it. I'm pretty obsessive about that kind of stuff, so that's really saying a lot!

I'm going to try to stick it out until Friday so that I can see it in the theater the first time; we'll see how that goes.

I'm going to try to stick it out until Friday so that I can see it in the theater the first time; we'll see how that goes.

I'm going to see it on Saturday. I want my first time seeing the trailer to be on the big screen with surround sound and everything. I want the full effect. And then, when I get home, I'll download the trailer and watch it again and again for five months until the movie comes out.

Five months! Wow, not too long now until we all find SERENITY!!!
I think we will find that any major plot twists will not be spoilt in the trailer, but we will see lots of visuals and dialog that look and sound good. I'm pretty sure that the trailer won't ruin the movie for 99.999999999999999% of people.
This is simply fantastic news! I was actually rather bummed out today thinking that today was originally the day that Serenity would fly again (if I may use such a trite phrase). I just searched through the "Firefly & Serenity" archive to find Joss' original announcement of the delay...23 November was also a downer of a day.
Joss' decision to announce this *glorious* news today really shows his deep respect, consideration and appreciation to his fans; he knows we're eager for news and unwavering in our support. I'll keep saying it, this is just such a wonderful gift! My day's turned completely around now!
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esg, your paragraph 2 says everything I was thinking but didn't say in my post. We are SOOO on the same wavelength!

Too bad we can't meet in the middle and go together!
*dances and flails around happily like a muppet*
Hmm...I really don't think this trailer will spoil anything major and it probably won't ruin many of the smaller surprises (at least I hope)...but at this point, with the film so close, I almost feel like I could hold out and go in as blind as I am now. If I can manage to avoid any further info about the basic plot.

I'm somewhat spoiler-phobic (it really depends on the situation) because of the Buffy Season 3 episode "Enemies". I hadn't been all that interested in reading spoilers up until then, but just before that I started to read some for episodes like "Bad Girls" and "Consequences". When I actually saw "Enemies" and saw everyone else's reactions to it, I knew I had probably cheated myself out of something major. A huge number of fans (at least half on the boards I frequented at the time) claimed that they didn't know for sure whether or not Angel was faking it. Others said they were sure he was. Some were also convinced he had definitely gone back to being evil. It sucked that I'd never know what my reaction would've been to that part of the story. Never read any major spoilers for Joss Whedon shows after that (or for any other non-guilty pleasure, well-liked series). The occasional casting spoiler was okay, but that was as far as I'd go. For example, I knew the actors who played the villains were coming back for Season 7's premiere, "Lessons", but didn't know how they'd be used. Thought it might be misinformation throughout most of the ep since it took until the last few minutes to reveal. That one wasn't all that big a deal to know about, though I suppose it would've been even better to not have even known the casting spoilers.

You're right Zachsmind, spoilers don't usually completely ruin an episode/film. But they cheapen certain aspects of the viewing experience. Even for you, though you may not agree with that. But then how would you know otherwise when you're actively searching out entire scripts and deprive yourself of eventually seeing how you would've reacted to surprise.

And yeah, I caught the *wink* in the last post, ya shit disturber. ;) Heh, still needed to post counterpoint.

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Full screen version for iTunes users only? *is curious*. Regarding the trailer, it will probably be marked with a spoiler tag. And I can't wait to see which Whedonesque poster posts the link :).
How appropriate that when I saw this article the quote at the top of the page was "I'll be in my bunk."
Firefly Flanatic and purplehazel, on your Browncoat profiles, did you click "Receive Universal Studio News?" I didn't, and didn't get an email. I thought something like this would come on "Receive Browncoat Team Alerts," which I did click. Am I being punished for not volunteering for studio spam?

The only thing I saw on the Browncoat board that hasn't been posted here was a new Joss adjective from the subject line -"scrumptralescent" to describe the news. Not one of his best, IMO. A little too hard to pronounce. But maybe I'm just pissy about the no email.

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I just have the Receive Browncoats team alerts clicked on my profile and I got the email. Maybe they are sending them out in batches.
Thanks, Simon. I'm glad that theory is wrong.
dreamlogic - contrary to my usual practice with these things I actually selected both options 'just in case'. I'll console myself with Simon's suggestion while wondering whether I'm being penalised for having been on the site too often in recent days.

Simon - oooh a race to post? If they go for a midnight upload (their time) those of us downunder may have the jump on the rest of you without having to lose any sleep! :-)
Simon, I got the distinct feeling that we'll get about 5-6 posts at roughly the same time.

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First Joss Whedon thingy on screen since last May. Yeah, there's going to be a tremendous amount of interest in this from our posters. And hopefully a lot of interest from the media as well.
Usually when trailers come out for movies with buzz, the entertainment shows make a comment like E! news live or Entertainment Tonight, so it may not be a bad idea to be on the look out and see if the movie is getting any hype from them.
Man, Joss never e-mails me. It makes me feel completely insecure in my hero worship.

I cannot wait to see this trailer. We got the Firefly series yesterday and watched the first disc last night. So much do I miss Master Whedon that I teared up during the theme song. . .
I don't like surprises. I like being prepared. Whether it's a film or real life. There's enough surprises in life. Purposefully trying to BE surprised is a completely alien concept to me. If Universal had really wanted to surprise us, they should have released the film at its original release date. We'd all have seen the film by now. Buuuuut noooooo! We have to wait till almost October. Between now and then it's going to be literally impossible for Whedon or Universal or anyone to keep us in the dark. And yes a lot of you spoilerphobes will be spoiled either purposefully or accidently. It's the nature of the beast.

I say embrace the spoilage, so when it does happen to you, you won't be upset. I watch my favorite movies and shows over and over as many times as I can. Casablanca holds the same allure and mysitque for me now as it did the first time I saw it, not because it surprises the audience, but because it's a damn good film. It's well done and it captures interesting characters and an intriguing plot. Whedon's work holds up to close scrutiny. It's not his surprises that keep us coming back for more. It's his storytelling.
No email for me. I just checked my profile and I have receive team updates checked but not the Universal news. Hurrumph.

Thanks Whedonesque folks for keeping the e-mail-less in the loop.
Well, to paraphrase someone elses post from Brown Coats.

I am gonna try not to watch the trailer until after I see the movie....on WEDNESDAY!!!!!

Sorry I know it's kinda mean, just am so very excited. Also, about HHG, I also read that review SNT and man it bummed me out so badly. It is still only one persons opinion, even if that person is a so called expert, it was a rotten thing to do, and I for one will NOT use words like travesty when writing my review of Serenity. Like Joss could ever do anything that would make me use that word anyway! Plus, I haven't watched Firefly as yet, we never got the show where I live, and have had no dosh for DVDs. So I'm gonna be writing my review with a big red spoiler word added just in case I inadvertadly add some. Once one of you guys checks it out, you can inform the others of how much I give away. It's kind of kool not having seen the TV show, so when I do help with the marketing I can have the view of Joe Shmoe. Anyways, I'm still hanging to see Hitchikers and am gonna go see it next tuesday with Catalyst2, so I'll be seeing the Serenity trailer then I imagine.
ZachsMind- Yes, Joss's storytelling definitely will have us watching the movie over and over. But hearing a retelling of a story you already know is a different kind of appreciation. It's the difference between going to a wine tasting as an expert, knowing what to expect and then savouring every teensy nuance and going to one of those expensive and Fancy restaurants (to which I have never been) wherein the chef brings out whatever the hell he wants to cook that night. You're surprised and amazed and you could never have guessed what sort of Brilliant stuff he'd have come up with. I think I'd rather be surprised, there's always time to savour the nuances on the subsequent viewings. One way you get to enjoy both experiences, the other you've given one up. Also it makes the anticipation fun instead of just annoying. So there's Joss for you, like an episode of Iron Chef. Except with a spaceship and thieves and guys with blue hands and stuff instead of Asparagus and Foie Gras.
I just got my email, so Simon must be correct; there's probably so many to go out they do it in batches. Can't wait until Tuesday!
Yup, Simon's correct! I just got mine too! I got an e-mail from Joss!! Woo hoo!!

I like to be shocked and surprised. It's fun! I enjoy rewatching the episodes over and over again but I also feel a little nostalgic for not being able to experience the awe and wonder from experiencing it first hand. Like how stunned I was when Angel turned bad after he and Buffy slept together. I totally did not see that coming. And yes, I knew he was now evil but I was again completely taken by surprise and stunned when he brutally killed Jenny and then posed her in Giles bed. And then when Buffy had to kill him just as he turned back into Angel, I was so stunned at the amazing plot twists this show had. So yeah, I totally enjoy just following a story and waiting to see what's going to happen next. It's a joy to experience and the moments I have had spoiled for me I will never get the chance to experience them first hand.

So if you who like to be spoiled don't understand our logic, we are just as puzzled by your need to know and honestly feel that you don't know what your missing by opening your Christmas presents early.

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I caaaaan't decide.
On one hand, I have stayed completely away from anything Firefly related. I didn't watch the series....I was planning on getting the boxed set...but once I heard there was a movie coming out, I refused to watch it...because on boards like these, you get SOME spoilers, no matter what....and I have no will at this point, if I do come across spoilers, I won't have a frame of reference in which to place them
See how mature and extremist I sound?
But now....
dilemna dilemna dilemna.
I am also looking forward to the trailer.

As to spoilers, I don't see why people shouldn't have a choice in the matter. If you want to get spoilers, that's up to you, but you should respect other people's decisions.

Knowing what's going to happen in a film or TV series doesn't neccessarily ruin the experience, but it does detract from the shock or enjoyment of suprise plot twists. Luckily I was able to stay pretty much spoiler free up until the end of season five of Buffy and season two of Angel, which I felt was a good run. I didn't anticipate Jenny's death, or Joyce's, or Doyle's, or indeed either of Buffy's, nor Angel reverting to Angelus, nor Darla returning on Angel. Having these moments be completely unexpected to you really makes it that much more shocking and moving.

However, I already knew most of the events of season six and seven of Buffy, which was a shame, Tara's death, Willow going evil, Spike's soul restoration, the destruction of Sunnydale, and I was also aware of Team Angel moving into Wolfram and Hart. Having had time to prepare for these events and knowing what to expect somehow detracted from what the experience would have been like were these events unexpected.

That's not to say that rewatching films or TV series reduces your enjoyment of them, in fact with good art rewatching is rewarded, but at least you always have had the experience of the first time you watched it and the shock of it, as opposed to reading about it in a magazine or something.

However, I don't mind general outlines of films or TV episodes as long as they don't reveal plot twists or anything really important. So I don't mind watching the trailer because I am sure it will set the scene and introduce the main thrust of the story of Serenity, but few trailers are very specific.
Laur, you should totally get the DVDs. I know that spoiler-pureness is a sacred thing for some people (I'm a spoiler-phobe myself and wish to remain pure for all the specifics of the movie, beyond some vague casting and timeline spoilers, but I love reading audience responses and general reactions and reviews and have zero compunction about watching the trailer), but I seriously think that not watching the series will impair some of the impact of the movie for you. I mean, the series sets up the characters and the universe so well that I doubt the sketching in of all the various relationships among the cast could credibly by accomplished by the first 20-30 minutes of the movie. The movie is a sequel to the series, even though Serenity has also been built as a stand-alone, I really think watching the series will far make up for suffering the occasional & slight spoilage on the 'net.

I plan on bringing friends (or friends of friends) who have never seen the show just because I think the movie will rock and I want HUGE first weekend numbers, but I converted my two closest friends into the fold with the DVD, because I want them to love the show and the movie as much as me.
Yep, I got my e-mail too.

I have gone both ways on the spoiler issue. I tend to agree about not wanting to know the big twists but do not mind knowing some of the little stuff. Like everything else, the need to be spoiled is different for different people. As long as we respect each others spoiler tolerance we all should be fine.

And if you ever are worried that you have crossed the line (back alleys, virtual or otherwise perhaps being involved) and need help to stop, I'm sure someone here can recommend a support group. ;-)
Joss on spoilers and the "holy emotion" of surprise:

"For Mr. Whedon, the death of television surprise is the end of what he calls a 'holy emotion.' Surprise, he argues, 'makes you humble. It makes you small in the world, and takes you out of your own perspective. It shows you that you're wrong, the world is bigger and more complicated than you'd imagined.' He continued, 'The more we dilute that with insider knowledge, with previews that show too much, with spoilers, with making-of specials, the more we're robbing ourselves of something we essentially need.'"

(From Emily Nussbaum's 5/5/04 NY Times article, "The End of the Surprise Ending."
Thanks to palehorse who pointed me to this quote in another discussion on flickr.)
You're welcome, phleb.

I figured Joss would have some sort of message on the original date for Serenity's release -- yes, he does know his fans -- and I'm happy that the trailer is coming out, to whet the appetites of fans and soon-to-be fans alike. But, for me, I'll look at the trailer when it comes out on the DVD. I really want to savor every second of the movie as something new and exciting -- the first time. Then the second and third showings I spring for that weekend (because I want to do my part to insure we get the whole trilogy), I'll savor the film for its artistry, the same way I never tire of watching Buffy (or Casablanca, for that matter). It's the best of both worlds, that way.
Palehorse, what are you gonna do if you go to the movies and they just play the trailer?

Purplehazel, thank you also for posting that link to the Serenity TEST screening for Wednesday also!

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Laur, I would bet that you will have a much better viewing experience for being familiar with the series. Besides which, if you don't watch the series before you see the film the film will spoil you for the series, which would be a crying shame, really.

@Zach'smind: I've had no problem avoiding spoilers. It's not hard. And I think it's worthwhile because you only get to see it for the first time once. After that, it's never the same.
I haven't watched TV on air since "Not Fade Away" and have found it easy to be surprised by films and spoiler-free.
nixygirl said:
Well, to paraphrase someone elses post from Brown Coats.

I am gonna try not to watch the trailer until after I see the movie....on WEDNESDAY!!!!!

That'll be pabz from The human gloat machine.
The only time I've ever felt like spoilers did me a favor was when I spoiled myself for the finale of Angel - it gave the "omgwtf CLIFFHANGER" rage time to subside, and when I finally watched Not Fade Away, I was able to appreciate it instead of just succumbing to the fanangst.

Aside from that, I'm pretty unopinionated about spoilers.

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I don't understand why anyone would avoid a trailer endorsed by Joss, Our Leader, who holds the "holy emotion" of surprise so sacred. He's putting this out there for you, to get you even more excited so that you will tell all your friends and family and strangers on the street, and you're shunning his gift. What, you're too good to watch Joss's trailer?

I understand not wanting to know big events and plot points and so forth - no one wants the BDM ruined for them - but some fans take this game way too far. It's not about staying spoiler-free, it's a contest to see who can be the most ascetic, who can starve themselves of any and all info about the movie and thus prove themselves Holiest Of All Spoiler Free Fans. Like we're gonna give you a medal or something. Pffffft.
I think comparing "first viewing ruining the second viewing" to "ruining it even BEFORE the first viewing" is, well, off.

What do you need to be prepared for? In real life, sure. But it's a film, and whatever happens during the course of events in that film holds no bearing on whether or not you get popcorn, or juice, or bring a first aid kit.

Fear and tension comes from the unknown, comedy comes from the unexpected, excitement comes from the adventure and the journey. If you know what's going to happen, when it's going to happen, these things are diminished. Sure, in multiple viewings of a film, on a second or a third viewing, you might still enjoy it - but you enjoy it in a different way. On first viewing, you enjoy it with your emotional senses. On later viewings, you enjoy it with your brain. If you know going into that first viewing exactly what's going to happen then you're lowering the heart flutters and sweaty palms that can make cinema such a moving, immersing, engrossing and ultimately personal experience.

I'll watch the trailer, because I'm a weak-minded fool and these aren't the droids I'm looking for. But I'll still be saddened if they've felt the need to pack the entire story into a tiny three minute morsel. I'm fine with knowing what the film is about, and some rough idea of the events. However, trailers that basically tell the whole story? Such a pain. I guess this is why I so often go to see films at the cinema I know absolutely nothing about beyond the title.
How exciting! I'm watching! I do hate spoilers, but I don't think Joss would give anything major away.

I did find out the day after Chosen was aired from my co-workers that Sunnydale was destroyed and more slayers were chosen. I didn't care...I wasn't ever going to see some stupid show called Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Huge grin...then of course when I was finally hooked, I was sad about missing the surprise. It was cool though watching my husband's reaction. He didn't know anything.
I don't understand why anyone would avoid a trailer endorsed by Joss, Our Leader, who holds the "holy emotion" of surprise so sacred.

Because Joss himself was thoughtful enough to let people know there were some spoilers in it, as he understands some people want to avoid them. And yes, Joss is probably not a big fan of things being spoiled, but I have a feeling he wasn't the only one who had say in how the trailer was cut. So his high regard of 'surprise' may not carry a lot of weight if a studio wants certain elements in a trailer. So he's being a nice guy and warning us in advance.

And it's not like Joss is putting this out exclusively for his own fans, so it's not quite a 'gift' from him. It's part and parcel of movie making. And he's allowing fans the option of seeing his BDM completely fresh, hence upping some people's enjoyment; or they can watch the trailer and get their mouths watering, which is how others prefer it.

I don't think we need to attack those who tend to shy away from spoilers. Really, I'm sure Joss is okay with it. He's an understanding guy.
I am strongly, vehemently anti-spoilers. And no, I don't need a medal, nor am I trying to be The Most Unspoiled. I personally view them as comparable to reading the last chapter of a book first. Spoilers spoil it for me. Key words being "for me". Those that like them, great. I'll never believe the notion that knowing what will happen in advance doesn't diminish the experience in some way. But that's neither here nor there. I no likey. Others do likey. Fine. We can co-exist nicely, as this site proves.

I hate trailers that give away the whole damn movie. I really hope this isn't one of those. I appreciate being able to come here to Whedonesque and stay spoiler free. I avoid a lot of other sites in my ongoing effort to stay as spoiler free as possible. But whatever kind of trailer this is, I hope avoiding it, for anyone, is impossible. As we get closer and closer to Sept. 30th, I hope that I am bombarded with Serenity trailers left and right. Market the hell out of the thing. Go for it. In my hope that 'versal does give it the marketing campaign it deserves, and needs, any spoilers-within-trailers that I cannot avoid, are welcomed.
A trailer should never give away the entire plot of a movie because you want people to actually go see it. If they've already seen a summary of the plot in 3 minutes, what reason do I have for paying 6.50 to sit there for 90 minutes-120 minutes?

Good example of a trailer=Sin city. It shows you the style the movie is filmed in and shows you a few action shots and a bit of eyecandy.

Bad example of a trailer=Spider-Man 2. This trailer told us in 3 minutes the entire plot of the movie, even the fact that Peter Parker would quit being Spider-Man. The only thing this trailer did not give away was the last 15 minutes of the movie and thank god for that.

If this trailer is a teaser trailer then hopefully it won't give away the whole plot and tease us.
As long as we don't get Hollywood voice over man saying "It was a time of war" at the start of the trailer, I'll be happy.
nixygirl - you're welcome. I wish I could say 'see you there' but I'll be stuck in Melbourne. *sniffle sniffle*
I guess I am the opposite of many here re spoilers. Love 'em. I know what happens in Serenity in great detail - we are talking act by act level here but I don't know exact scenes or lines etc. And the adventure is still - how do they do that? I watched "Surprise" through to "Passion" today, probably for the 30th, maybe 40th time. Still stuns me - still makes me cry - still ends shivers up and down my spine (the 3 "Passion" monologues) - still laugh at the same lines. When it is good it is always good even when you know exactly what happens.

On the other hand, my memory is so poor that by the time I usually get see something, I have probably forgotten anyway what the spoilers were! One of the few benefits of advanced age I guess!
Well Catalyst you can bleed me dry, cause sadly I don't know Firefly hardly at all. So please ask away! I'm totally looking forward to watching the DVD's! I always do things backwards! I watched the last seasons of Angel and Buffy before the first ones.
The First Weevil- heh heh, well I am looking forward to meeting pabz!
Purplehazel- I wish you were coming also.
Rogue Slayer - Nicely Said!
Palehorse, what are you gonna do if you go to the movies and they just play the trailer?

nixygirl, unfortunately, my days of seeing many movies at the theaters have gone, due to a heavy work schedule. I see so few movies at the theater, there is little fear of my accidentally seeing the trailer ahead of time.

What, you're too good to watch Joss's trailer?

Let's remember that this is the studio's trailer, not Joss's. Beyond that, ditto Rogue Slayer.
I stay spoiler free as much as possible and I do read Joss' post as a warning as well as a gift to us.But I have to see it! A bunch of Browncoats are heading off to see whatever that other movie is (;-)) so we can see the trailer.
I think that I will wait until the movie´s release. I´ll save it in my PC.
Thanx palehorse, that answers that then ;)
Regarding the Trailer, I just wanted to jump in and say: SHINY!
Is the trailer going to be edited by Joss or some advertising company? Was this mentioned and I missed it?
talented_bink - It was mentioned in another thread either here or on the official Serenity board (sorry can’t remember where exactly) that the studio audience tested a number of different trailers, as is their usual practice. So I imagine this was cut by the studio section that deals with putting trailers together, tested by the marketing bods and somewhere along the line Joss and the producers have input/approval in what is happening.

Let’s not forget that although to us this is shiny indeed, trailers are a marketing exercise, pure and simple.

NB I never realised cutting trailers was such a specialised job until I read about the guy who directed ‘Open Water’, as this is exactly his background.
For the record -- I have the DVDs. Sealed. I will open and watch them in the 48 hours before I see the movie.
I sound either really hardcore or psychotic, huh? I ruined the Buffy and Angel finales for myself...I will never again be my own victim.
Actually Laur, that's a good plan. You won't have to live with the agony that the rest of us lived with when we got to the final episode, just as the story was reaching it's finest moment, and knowing that was it. You'll get to that point and you'll be so happy that you'll be going to see the movie the next day. Still, you may feel some anger realizing you could've had a full season of shows and been looking forward to a couple more dvd sets by now!
That's right, FF. It hurts no matter how you slice it.
I went to my theather today to see if they're carrying the Serenity trailer. They didn't know, they told me to call back on Wednesday. I figure its better to find out ahead of time in case the film I'm paying to see doesn't have it and its a bad movie. Don't wanna waste money ya know?
That's a good idea, eddy. My kids and I don't get to the movies too often, and HHGG looks like it's gonna be pretty funny (extremely huge, loyal fan base, etc.), so we're gonna risk it. Can't say we won't be disappointed, though.

Please post if the theater confirms on Wednesday.

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