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April 26 2005

Serenity Trailer Now Online! Time for some thrilling heroics.

Links to download straight to hard-drive:

Small (4.83 megs)
Medium (8.49 megs)
Big (21 megs)

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Damn you dial-up!!!
oh my gosh! I can't wait. It's just fabulous!
:::weeps with frustration yet is oddly excited too::::
Smiling through the tears. That's good.
"you can't stop the signal" hmmmmmmmm that's interesting, and not in a oh god oh god we're all gonna die kinda way.

Hey simon, here's the web address for people to pick what size they want.

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Is this just the teaser trailer?
Sweet Mary mother of God ...

I can only echo the words of a fictional version of Shoeless Joe Jackson -- "Is this heaven?"
2 and a half minutes of bliss.

I'm going to cry, that film looks so f*cking awesome.

Couldn't get the link for the full size version, rest were the same as the Farscape links I had from last year, full screen weren't.

[ edited by Ghost Spike on 2005-04-26 22:04 ]
Thanks 400lb_Gorilla, I've changed the URL. And bloody hell. What a trailer.
Outstanding!! 156 days......
Looks how I imagined it, and that's a good sign :).

Plus, the special effects look really fantastic.

Plus, they got haircuts.
This is the link to the site, which allows you to choose which one you want to pick, rather than going straight to the download:

As someone who was fortunate enough to be at the first public screening back in December, it's great to see some of the visual effects finally completed. Be forewarned though, there are a few spoilers in the trailer.

And yes, this is just the teaser trailer. I'd imagine the full trailer will be released closer to the final release date.
That was so awesome!!!! I got shivers while watching it. One question, where's Book and Kaylee? I didn't see them in the trailer.
I'm downloading it right now, can't wait to watch it. Oh, Joy.

Numfar, Do the Dance of Joy!!!
Oh my God.... it looks fantastic. The story sounds great and the effects are brilliant, Star Wars-esque. Epic. Amazing. Looks like River's talents are going to be developing significantly.
Shiny! It was so exciting seeing Joss' name across the screen, knowing people at the movies this weekend are going to be seeing this on the big damn screen.

But..."six" fugitives? Wha? Why only six?
Just like I thought -- you don't need any pesky Quicktime Pro to view it, just iTunes, which is free and works nicely.
Is it wrong that i started physically crying when River started fighting?
Sweet. Action.
That's all I have to say about that.
No, I cried as well.
And whatever Jayne does to Wash looks hilarious... and that music is fantastic... and the Reavers... it looks unbelievable.
OMG, soooo awesome. my co-workers think I'm crazy. River rocks!
Forgot to add that it's interesting that:

- The quotes that were used originated from the Internet (as opposed to the mass media), and...

- Firefly's worldwide popularity was acknowledged (which basically says, "Jump on the bandwagon!").
I got chills watching it and they still haven't gone away. I am so psyched for Serenity. It was one thing to talk about it and read about it but to SEE an actual trailer for it makes it sooo much more real. I am starving for anything Whedon.
Wow. So, this movie is, like a real thing, huh?

Interesting choice to now have sound in space -- I wonder if that was something they made Joss do or if he agreed to it on his own?
The more I watch it, the more I think it looks like it could be really awesome. But at the same time, I kind of feel like it's missing something. There are little differences there. The clothes seem less Western-y, the haircuts are all really... I don't know, trendy? The light coming from Serenity is a different colour. It doesn't have as much obviously Whedon comedy in there as I thought they might try and include in the trailer, though that's not to say the film won't. None of the actors are billed at the end, since I guess none of them are big names. It makes mentioned of being six fugitives or renegades, and I'm thinking, okay, Book's not in it much, but they don't appear to be counting Kaylee in that - and who else? Inara?

But still looks awesome. Visually, action-wise, and just generally 'Hey, my buddies are back'. I'm going to keep watching it repeatedly.
At first, I was all "okay, to those who HAVEN'T seen the show, this looks like another run-of-the-mill space sci-fi movie... darn" but then I saw River kicking ass and YES. I love it, I'm all giddy. :)
I have seen this freakin movie..........and that trailer still made me WEEP!!! Joss made me weep like a girl...oh wait I am a girl...........JOSS!! thank you!!!
TaraLivesOn, a big thank you and congratuations in finding this link. You're my hero/heroine of the day.
This is torture! I don't have the right software here at work to see this. I have to wait until I get home, but I have to go food shopping first. UGH! Nobody better get in my way at the Supermarket tonight. Watch out, crazy woman in the isles!
How do you save it? I tried the links posted by Ghost Spike but it just loaded the trailer in an IE window.
I'm so excited I don't know how I'm going to wait for five months; guess I'll be seeing a lot of movies just to see the trailer on the big screen. I actually got chills when I saw "from the mind of". Looks like Universal is going to market the hell out of it (I hope) (yoo-hoo!)
Razor, right click it and click save target as

[ edited by 400lb_Gorilla on 2005-04-26 22:19 ]
The only thing I'm really not sure about is the "You Can't Stop the Signal" tagline at the end. Wha...?

Someone remarked about sound effects in space. Just because they were used in the trailer, doesn't mean they will be used in the film. I suppose it could still go either way.
WOWWEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!! That was fun.
I love how it says "From the mind of Joss Whedon," and then has the creater of Buffy and Angel on there. That just made my day.
Yeah, TaraLivesOn did great. The interesting thing was that the trailers themselves went live a little before 1:00 PM, and then the trailers page went live at around 1:07 PM.
The Serenity Board posted a brief "You can't stop the signal" challenge about pre-screenings in May, but they took it down after a few minutes. Hmmmm.
Razor: That's not Wash, just someone who really looks like him.
Noone got the full-screen direct-link yet? I really don't want to faff around with downloading and installing iTunes, it'd risk going over my damn university bandwidth limit.
Oh. My. Joss. That is the best thing I've ever seen in my life! I am now excited beyond belief and almost burst into tears at work. I'm just speechless, giddy, goosebumpy, awed, amazed...the list goes on.
SOOOOO cannot wait until it's out now!!!!

*claps hands*

Joss, you've just made me a happy woman!! Expect hate mail from my boyfriend *hehe*
That looks awesome. Ghost Spike, a hundred thanks for the direct links. Now I don't have to wait for the page to load up.
Film Marketing 101 states that you have to have a tagline for a film. It looks like "You can't stop the signal" is what Universal's going with for Serenity.
Beautiful. I watched it full screen and I was mesmerized.

A lot of River, though. And no Kaylee?
Shiny! And I hope Numfar is doing the dance of joy.

You can certainly see where the money went, the effects look great. Rivers fight scene is just.... fantastic.

Great to see the "Oh god oh god we're all going to die" line.

Who needs to see some kid fall in a volcano and turn evil? THIS is the must see movie of the year. After Eurotrip of course.
Iīll download it in my PC, but i canīt wait to see it!!!

What about the spoilers? I want to be spoiler free.
Angel TheVampire I'd certainly say this qualifies as spoilery, but you just get a hint of the main plot, nothing that'd ruin the movie.

Willowy's right, I can't remember seeing Kaylee, or Book for that matter.

Darn, I supposes I'll have to force myself to watch it again.


[ edited by Ghost Spike on 2005-04-26 22:33 ]
"From the mind of Joss Whedon."

Hee. Makes me feel all warm and tingly.
Minor spoilers I think, some plot hints, but soooo worth it...
Can someone confirm/give more detail on the Chicago POSSIBLE screening? The only negative thing I have to say about it is Nathan's hair. Don't like it. But I'm with Willowy, where's Kaylee?
*sings... "i'm luving it... dadadadada...*

Oh hell yeah, the long wait will totally worth it. It looks sooooooooooooooooo good.
Kaylee is in there in the background of a lot of scenes. No sight of Book.
Anybody else notice that blink-and-you'll-miss-it single frame image after the credits in the trailer? I've provided a screen capture here.

Is this just an encoding error, or some sort of secret fan code we should be availing ourselves of later?

[ edited by HudsonVC on 2005-04-26 22:35 ]
Oh hell, I really don't want to attend class now. I'd much prefer just rewatching the trailer over and over and over again.
Kaylee is in one shot, but its very quick and she's in the corner-- I only noticed cause it hung there to rebuffer.

I think the sound is only in cause its a teaser and therefore must be IN YOUR FACE!!!

I'm elated!!!!

Good question, HudsonVC. I saw that as well. I wouldn't be surprised if someone goofed and it went past several levels of approval, but FSR I'm thinking it's part of some secret ad campaign.
Oh my god. That was so beautiful. Everything and everyone was beautiful. Sure, I figured that Firefly: The TV Show and Firefly: The Movie would be a bit different, but I never expected anything like this. It was mind blowing. I didn't see very much Jewel in the trailer though (I only counted 2 clips in the beginning) but I hope she's more in it then that. But anyway, this just makes my belief that this movie will be awesome so much stronger. The wait until November 4th will be unbearable.
It was amazing!!
can't even start to describe it. I'm even in tears, and I'm trying to work on my grad paper at the same time.
Can't believe I'll need to wait until November (yeah remember, that I live in Brazil part of the setup) to watch it.

wow huge typos in the first post, couldn't even type everything right...

[ edited by Numfar PTB on 2005-04-26 22:41 ]
Question- in the shot of Serenity as Wash is saying "This is gonna get pretty interesting," am I correct in thinking those are guns on her? There seems to be a fair bit more story in the background than just what's described...
I'm so glad that my personal spoiler policy allows me to watch trailers, because I wouldn't have wanted to miss out on that. Especially because I've been steering-clear of test-screening reviews and most interviews. This is really the first time it feels like a real movie, to me, one that other humans are going to see and everything.
Ok, thanks. I will see it :p

Re: the blip at the end. Fotokem is just a film processing unit here in LA.

Re: "6 Rebels" I think they are trying to simplify the hooks for the audience. Breaks down like this. Hero: Captain Mal + 6 Rebels (Zoe, Wash, Inara, Jayne, Kaylee and Book) + new passengers (Simon & River)=Serenity.

How many time can I watch this over and over????
lol this trailer makes me want to hug Joss so bad *g*
DearBoy: Then someone did goof up by including that blip. Ha ha ha, nice. :)
I can't wait to see Joss' reaction once he visits our site and reads all of our messages. By the looks of it he has quite a bit of reading to do too.
She looks so beautiful I nearly cried. And laughed out loud a couple of times. Man, this is near damn overwhelming. Loved it, completely loved it. Chiwetel is going to be great, you can tell already. And I aim to misbehave is going to be my new watchword.

Good also to see Joss so prominently mentioned within the trailer. Go Joss go!
I wonder if Ron Glass knew that he wasn't going to be in the trailer? If not, if he's annoyed that he got cut?
Joss's name on the big screen is loverly to see.

And for the words "From the mind of" just makes me all squiggly!

Go Joss!
Inara and Book aren't strictly rebels, they just hang around with them.

And River isn't strictly a rebel, her brother was the one that broke the law, she's an escaped experiment.

But DearBoy's probably right.
Viewing the trailer frame by frame is totally awesome. Notice things, and Kaylee is in there. She's just part of the really quick shots.
Oh My God I hope I don't die before Sept. 30!! Unbelievable!! Where can the trailer be saved?
You cant take the sky from me. Its my big damn heroes again.

"Ya'll got on this boat for different reasons, .but ya'll came to the same place. So now im asking more of you than i have before"

"I'm taking your sister under my protection here"

"I'm unarmed.....Good" BANG!

"I think we'd better run"....RARRRRRRRRRR!

"Every minute you keep River Tam from me, more people will die"

"I don't murder children"...."I do"

"She is a might unpredictable...mood swings of the sort"

"Lets be bad guys!"

"This is going to get pretty interesting......Define interesting....Oh God Oh God, we're all gonna die"

"I aim to misbehave"

Thankyou Joss
As a Firefly fan, I'm completely loving it. The ship! The Capt'n! The guns! The snark! It's all looks so very, very shiny.

I'm just not convinced this trailer is gonna get the unconverted out there all hyped up. It basically tells us: here's a bunch of people on a space ship, bang! one of them is a girl who can totally kick ass, boom! and somebody wants her dead. Look, spaceships! Looks, cute girl doing martial arts! The "mystery," as presented in the trailer, just doesn't seem that compelling.

Or maybe the utter, infinite coolness that is the 'Verse just can't be contained in a two and a half minute trailer, and I was hoping for too much.
Anyone know how to setup this sucker on a VCD so I can watch it on my only-marginally-bigger-than-my-computer-screen TV set via the DVD player?.....

Hmmm.... wonder if that new DVDR I've got coming tomorrow can convert QT......?

Looks absolutly breathtaking. SFX are amazing, but where's my Kaylee? I hope she has more to do, then just stand in the corner the whole movie... And no Book? Weird.

Back to watching the trailer :)
A wonderful ending to a horrible day. Seeing Joss' name on screen as well as "Buffy..Slayer" and "Angel" on screen.....goosebumps.....all teary.
Viewing the trailer frame by frame is totally awesome. Notice things, and Kaylee is in there. She's just part of the really quick shots.

Mack | April 26, 22:49 CET

Mack - any sign of Book anywhere?

I'm mostly figuring he's not in evidence because he's not a very actiony kinda guy though....

Or maybe there's a sekrit?

Shiny! Shiny! Shiny! Shiny! Shiny! Shiny! Shiny! Shiny! Shiny! Shiny! Shiny! Shiny! Shiny! Shiny! Shiny! Shiny! Shiny! Shiny! Shiny! Shiny! Shiny! Shiny! Shiny! Shiny! Shiny! Shiny! Shiny!
I got shivers running down my back. Damn it. I can't wait 5 more months. I need it NOW!

One weird thing though. Did anyone notice there was a NOISY explosion in SPACE? What the heck? And noisy spaceship whooshing. What's up with that?
So. Very. Cool.

Now if I can just hold out from rewatching those Firefly DVDs.
Bloody. Friggin. Brilliant.

Finland is a-bliss, people, Finland's a-bliss. (Well, I am anyway.)
I imagine the fast appearing logo at the end of the trailer has more to do with encoding or something than it has to do with the actual film. But that's just me.

And I just realised something, on the 8th watch through - there are two clips in there early on that actually show Simon rescuing River from the Alliance. Kickass!
One weird thing though. Did anyone notice there was a NOISY explosion in SPACE? What the heck? And noisy spaceship whooshing. What's up with that?

Mort | April 26, 22:55 CET

Either they added those sounds in for the trailer or TPTB disagreed with Joss's very realistic no-sounds-in-space viewpoint. It's very possible he was over-ruled about that....

ZOWIE!!!! Wonderful!!!

And now, to keep myself from speculating on the plot and deducing spoilers, I will drive the memory of the trailer from my brain!

Igor! The mallet!

**BAM** **BAM** **BAM** **BAM**


ok... almost there... 1 bottle of Everclear, and I think we're done.


Mort- Maybe that's just a trailer add-on that's not true to the whole movie. I don't want to think that Joss would change his mind about noise in space after everything he said about it.
The casual viewer would have to hear the loud bang in space if they went to see it. It gives it more cinematic effect. One of the best things about an explosion is the sound anyways.
I could not find Book anywhere... weird.
ShelaghC QuickTime to Mpg is a bugger, not much does it, I know Roxio Media Manager does, but it squashes it, and the 5 meg trailer became 140 meg. might have one, I don't trust that site anymore, computer filled up with spyware last time I installed something from there.

Wheelsofjoy Links are up at the top, but I'll post 'em again. Right click, save target as.

Small (4.83 megs)
Medium (8.49 megs)
Big (21 megs)

Still don't have the full screen link.
nobody puts Kaylee in the corner....sorry couldn't help myself.
Still don't have the full screen link.

Ghost Spike | April 26, 22:59 CET

Thanks Ghost Spike. I shall abide.

God I am overjoyed with this! Brilliant! Got major shivers and tingles watching this.

I think that this trailer will definitely appeal to the ignorati - it's got action, scariness, humor, good-looking people, neat-o spaceships and pulsating, ramp-up-the-adrenaline music. It should at the least bring in the folks who like action/sci fi and those folks we need. It won't bring in the types who refuse to watch anything outside of serious little art films but really, that's a small group. And little do they realize that Joss's work is fun AND spectacularly intelligent. An unbeatable combination.

Holy cow! I loved this! The reaver is scary! River kicks ass! I can't control the exclamation points because I'm so excited! I also loved seeing Buffy/Angel mentioned. Damn right. Damn right!
I loved it. Can't wait to see it in the theater.
Also, for anyone that missed it with all the activity going on on this page, Joss posted a really thoughtful message (and anecdote) on the "TV Gal Mourns the Dead" page. Nice to know he could see how much the Body touched all of us.
Awesome, awesome, awesome. re: sound in space; I seem to recall Joss saying that he was planning on keeping it, but it wasn't really something he was going to fight for ...
Squeeeee ! Iīm so loving it! Canīt wait till september !
*dances the dance of joy*

Btw are any more test screenings in europe being held?
We've known for a long time that Book wasn't going to be a big part of the film. Just for the record.

But DearBoy: No way is Mal counted as being a hero, and not a rebel. If you're doing a movie trailer, and your talking about your group as a whole, you don't discount the leader of that group - especially when Mal is as much of a rebel as anyone else on the ship.

The ones I'd imagine would be discluded would be Book, since he's a shephard with no criminal record. Inara, since she's a registered companion of some standing. And, well, I guess probably Kaylee would be the next most likely to be discounted. She does crime with the guys, and technically she's a rebel simply by being on the ship, but going by her lack of screentime in the trailer I figure she's sidelined storywise.

Plus, River? Okay, sure, she's an experiment. But she's also an experiment on the run from the law who keeps kicking people in the face. I think this qualifies her for the Rebel Olympics, along with the other fugitives and criminals on the ship.
So, I'm on a dial-up connection, and when I right clicked on the medium sized trailer to start downloading there were about 3 posts in this thread, now there are 100. Just thought I'd mention that.

Anyway, aside from the tagline, which made me go "huh?", I really really like it. After seeing this, there's no longer any question in my mind that the movie is so much bigger in scale than the TV series. It just looks epic. I think "drool-worthy" might also be an appropriate adjective.

Now I've got to go and watch it 20 more times.
Wow, haven't been here a while (lotsa traveling and work) but I had to comment on this. Been counting the days. The missus and I have been rewatching our FF DVDs in anticipation! Man this looks soo.....good! I mean the scope of it, those shots, the entire lighting on them is damn....big! Don't really see anything that's really a spoiler. More apetite-wetting info that trailers usually give. I do wonder about something but I don't want to possibly spoil things SOMEhow for others...

Oh and I can't get the full screen version to work. The page just loads blank and stays that way. Anyone got a direct link to a full screener fer me perchance??

Damn still 5 frikkin months till september....Yeah yeah I know, don't wanna get caught in the pre- or post- Star Wars storm, okay, but really I'm tired of WAITING! Wonder till then if new trailers with different cuts will start appearing. Probably. Well the one other 'sleeper' movie that I hoped would succeed this year (Sin City) did some really nice business. If Serenity has a run like that I think things look good. I think people are jaded and ready for some new original fare.

Interesting to see them put Joss name gloriously up there. And mention him as Buffy and Angel's creator. I wasnt sure if they'd consider thos mentions plusses in the big movie pond. But it's damn great to see.
"The ones I'd imagine would be discluded would be Book, since he's a shephard with no criminal record."

But is he?
Dammit! I'm at work and can't see it till I get home! Grrr...
I just watched a full-screen version through iTunes. It worked great, and was far better and more exciting than the medium version i watched before. If you have iTunes, just go to new movie trailers and click on the Serenity trailer. It has a full-screen option.
Apocalypse: Book definitely has a mystery in his past, and perhaps his present. And I do believe Mr Early said he wasn't really a shephard. But it's safe to say that the Alliance has no beef with him considering the treatment he got at the Alliance station when he was shot.

If he's a rebel, then he's not doing a good job. Because the Alliance would like him a good deal less if he were rebelling, one would assume.
Joss, congratulations!

I didn't think I could be more excited, but I am!!

Too excited to talk, be back later!!
Anyway, aside from the tagline, which made me go "huh?", I really really like it.

Ha, yeah, I had the same reaction to the tagline. Oh well, whatever brings in the people.

I guess it beats, "Fireflying into theaters, Fall 2005."
"I guess it beats, "Fireflying into theaters, Fall 2005.""

Indeed it does! Oy.

It *is* a curious tagline. What's it all about?

I love this trailer so much. Pinch me. I feel like I'm dreaming.
Is it September 30th yet????
It looks... like the TV show! Only more so! :D

Me likey.

Cannot wait to see Jayne and his big damn gun on the big damn screen. Mmmm... Adam Baldwiny goodness.
My thought on the tag line-- could it be a sly reference to the emergency signal/big red button from "Out of Gas?" That button was something of a metaphor for the picture getting made, too, wasn't it? (i.e. when you get your miracle, ring this, we'll be there?)

Of course, I could be completely wrong.
I like "fireflying into theaters, fall 2005"
This is so 1 hour ago. I can't believe everyone's still talking about it.

=) I always knew I loved River the most.
I could've snagged first post on this one but I was so busy being in awe that I couldn't. Having now watched the trailer almost constantly since release I just... wow... Shiny, indeed.
So, in the comments section, (chat is down) on the Serenity site, someone called "gossi", who has been showing up of late, says that there will be another trailor soon. Can you imagine? More Jossian goodness? As if this one wasn't almost enough.
Christ, did I ever come to this party late.

That looked very, very good.
It took me an hour to download the fullscreen version, but finally I watched it and oh my frikkin god! Is that incredible or what? My heart is just jumping out of my chest. I can't breathe. Oh my god, this movie is going to be fantastic!

Now I must watch it again.
Book's backstory can be inferred from what happens in the movie.

And the context of the tagline is explained in the movie as well.
Book and Kaylee can be seen in one or two of the "gallery" shots on the official movie site. Although Book's not in the group shot. Hope they change that.
I ♥ this trailer!

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

When will it be September?....
Am I the only one who thinks it was a missed oppertunity not to inclued track 4 from this CD in the trailer?
I can not STOP watching this trailer!!......."YOU CAN'T STOP THE SIGNAL" really can't. It will be explained in the movie..hehe

"I'm aim to misbehave"


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oooh my god, so stunning... can't wait for the movie
I ♥ this trailer!

We can do hearts? Oh.
Did someone say they got a fullsized version of the trailer?

Is there a url please?
It's hidden behind itms:// so the people who can rip ot out of there are few and far between at the moment :)
We can do hearts? Oh.

VampiresSuckLOLOLGetIt | April 27, 00:08 CET

Just type the following in backwards:


The backwards version will give you a ♥, like that!
Fantastic trailer....I've seen the movie as well and I don't think it's spoiler-y at all.

Gorgeous...just gorgeous
We do hearts? We do do hearts. What do you know? Learn something new everyday.

Serenity trailer comes online, Joss posts in The Body thread and we do hearts. Strange day. Very good day indeed. I love the effects in the trailer btw. Zoic Studios have surpassed themselves.
I downloaded the large version and watched it with JetAudio software, amazing and unbelivable full screen trailer...

I need more.


uh..I mean the trailor! That's amazing. On the count of 3 let's all watch it at the same time.
Wow. Looks great! Very excited. I hope the movie is at least 40% Summer Glau doing spin kicks.


uh..I mean the trailor! That's amazing. On the count of 3 let's all watch it at the same time.

charisma | April 27, 00:18 CET

I can't until I re-download it. :-<

I'm home now and forgot to save it to a disk. And I'm on a dialup. I refuse to settle for the small or medium sized either.

Gotta supersize that trailer!
Joss posted in the thread I started!!! Joss posted in the thread I started!!!

We can do ♥! We can do ♥! We can do ♥!

And the Serenity trailer is up!!!

I've been having a rough couple of days and this makes things much better!
Ok, remember how I was all "I'm hardcore. No trailer. No spoilers. No watching the series."
Screw it. I watched it. I unwrapped the series. I love this man. I love these episodes. Oh, God, it's like my first Buffy box set all over again........
"It's hidden behind itms:// so the people who can rip ot out of there are few and far between at the moment :) "

Yeah you can watch it in iTunes but not download it. And as I said the Apple trailers link to leads me to a white page. Why are they so bent on making it hard to get a trailer? Never get that

<1>I can not STOP watching this trailer!!......."YOU CAN'T STOP THE SIGNAL" really can't. It will be explained in the movie..hehe"

As a tagline that had me kinda puzzled. Not sure how to interpret that. Sort of 'we were canceled but you can't keep us down' or something? But I guess there's another reference in the story then. Hmm, interesting.

Oh btw, Kaylee is in the trailer. Short bits, but she's there. No sign of book though.
Dude! Check out the web stats for today HERE. That's a pretty damn bug jump in the hit counter isn't it.
"I downloaded the large version and watched it with JetAudio software, amazing and unbelivable full screen trailer..."

you're actually re-encoding that, though, when you use Jet to save it out, if I'm not mistaken.

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Just incredible!
Joss, I thought I was excited and obsessed with Serenity before. But, WOW! This trailer truly made my day!! Serenity is, honestly, the only movie I am looking forward to this year. Happy happy!!
I've been reduced to vowel sounds that was so good.
Ah, apparently it is possible to back up the temp file created by iTunes through backup on xp boxes due to the way volume shadow copy works. Not that I just did so or anything... :P

[ edited by zeitgeist on 2005-04-27 00:47 ]
Anyone else notice that the words "REBEL" and "EMPIRE" are used in the trailer's text? Methinks Universal would like to nab much of the "Star Wars" audience.

[ edited by bobtaylor on 2005-04-27 00:47 ]
I'm happy I could bring the ♥ thing to the blog.

I feel it is my small contribution to the vast Whedonesque community.

Right click and save target as. 41MB

[ edited by Hasufel on 2005-04-27 00:52 ]


Is "big" the same as fullscreen? Or is there some yet larger version for me to consume over and over again?

Edit: found it!

[ edited by Andarcel on 2005-04-27 00:55 ]
I feel it is my small contribution to the vast Whedonesque community.

Aw. You say it as if your very presence in our lives hasn't been contribution enough...

Yeah, thanks for the hearts.


[ edited by VampiresSuckLOLOLGetIt on 2005-04-27 00:53 ]
all my blessings to you Hasufel
it's larger alright...
Large version is on about 22 MB, this one is on more than 40 MB.
Thankyew Hasufel.....

Btw, I also love how they show in the trailer this movie didn't come from thin air. While avoiding any 'from the canceled tv show' type lines they nicely point out this has been a cult hit for a while now, making people go: "huh really? wonder what that's all about then".

Well, hopefully of course.

Did I mention this trailer looks damn shiny? (Yeah I know it's a cliche to say 'shiny' at this point but I wanted to say it too dagnabbit!)
Right click and save target as.

Hasufel | April 27, 00:50 CET

You are a god! (or goddess?)

Only two hours of download time on my dialup!

-runs to watch Firefly boxset-
ShelaghC if it makes you feel better, it took me about 20 seconds.

- that is all.
Hmmm, CANCELLED AFTER 12 EPISODES, would hardly have been the best line.

I have one complaint about the full screen trailer, and thats that with all that stuff around it, real player recognises it as a full screen file, rather than widescreen, cutting the edges off when I full screen it on my widescreen monitor.

Is this the most replied to thread in Whedonesque history yet?

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ShelaghC if it makes you feel better, it took me about 20 seconds.

400lb_Gorilla | April 27, 01:04 CET

Holy crap, that's f@#king magnificent! River kicks ass! Late for work too so must sprint but OMG.....! Must watch again - no, go to work - no, watch - no, work - watch - work .... Damn life is hard but, now, just a little better!
Well, I guess that I do not have to feel silly that I named my daughter Inara now! This movie, this story, will be around for a long time.

Okay - I have to resist posting for awhile. Every time I send something through to the blog, the download slows down.....

After over ten minutes, I still have 1:56 for the download.

Damn. Just spent two hours downloading the large version on dialup, and now there's fullscreen to be had. Should I wait and redownload, or just give in?
The full screen is worth every minute.
give in adam, join the dark side. we have jackets!
OK, so I'm going to dissent a bit. It didn't get me on the first view. I've watched it more times and I love it now but it *didn't* grab me the first time.

I had a list of complaints but I'm not going to post them. Mostly the odd line felt wrong, the odd bit didn't convince me - but there were plenty of cool shots and lines too. And I can find fault in *anything* :-)

Major bummer: the cast didn't get their names on the credits flash thing? I've seen a dozen plus names on them before :-/
I'm so happy I have broadband. I was able to download the full screen version in less than a minute. There's no way I'd go back to dial up. Nope.

I loved the trailer. Every second of it. Is it September yet??
Just got home and watched it. Very nice. I think I would be intrigued if I had never seen Firefly, and there was definately that Joss touch throughout to give people a clue that this is different.

Yeah. Happy now.

Full screen is coming out about 2/3 screen. Can I do something?
Oh. My. God.

The big, giant Christopher Buchanan at the end made me really happy too. But did I see Book anywhere? I feel like I didn't.
Wow. Thanks for the full screen, Hasufel, much appreciated. This may very well be the best damn thing ever. Wow.
Can't believe I went an hour between my first and second viewings, can't stop watching it now.

Apart from my one, very picky complaint, the full screen is beautiful, wonderful.

adam_tvs, you know you want the full-screen, bigger is better.

I do feel sorry for you and ShelaghC, I remember the dial-up days, and the 7 hour download times to get really shoddy quality episodes of Buffy, at least that's how long I've been told it took, I've never downloaded any TV.

1 hour 56 for a 40meg file on dial-up aint half bad though. used to take me an hour to get 10 megs.

Seriously tempted to go and smash my head on the sink, but knowing my luck it wouldn't result in the desired 5 month coma, but blood everywhere and b*tch of a headache.
okay. i watched the smaller version and mostly loved it. will now download full screen. anyone else not crazy about the music? lets hope it's not like that for the film. i was me some bluegrass.

Aha! Now I get it!

They're taunting Fox Network executives!
OK, I sheepishly take back everything I said about not seeing the trailer because of my spoilerphobia. I could not take your glowing comments anymore. I felt like a wallflower at the high school prom, with all of you dancing away. So, my will completely broken and feeling confidence in the posts that said it was not too spoilery, I took a peek.

Oh.My.God. This looks fantastic! Oh, please, time pass by quickly. I want to see this movie!!!!
Wow, what a week, Star Wars Episode 3 tickets in-hand, and now the Serenity Trailer! I love the use of Kasabian's Club Foot in the trailer. It's gonna be so hard to wait till Sept. 30. Wish there'd been more Kaylee though.

Viva la Joss
This is my 8th comment on this news post. Oops.

adam_tvs: I imagine the music will change. I know they have had some set backs in regards to the score for the film.

Apple now have a piece of poster art in their rotation at the top of the trailers page. Just a logo and a release date, really.
Major bummer: the cast didn't get their names on the credits flash thing? I've seen a dozen plus names on them before :-/

Rup | April 27, 01:16 CET

Yeah, but outside of us loyalists, most folks don't know who the actors in the cast are.

The reason for cast names on a screen is generally audience recognition in order to draw more people to the movie. It's not a slight. Joss is really the most recognized name involved in the movie.

I really hope they don't take to much of the Western out of it. But I guess I just have to have faith in Joss.
anyone else not crazy about the music? lets hope it's not like that for the film. i was me some bluegrass.

adam_tvs | April 27, 01:23 CET

Usually trailer music isn't based on what's going to be in the actual movie. (LotR was a rare exception.)
I agree pezwitch. I always loved the space/western combo, and thought that's what made Firefly so great...well, along with Joss, the writers, the extraordinary cast, and yeah, I guess a bunch of other things too. :)
I love the trailer, but worry how it'll play to people who have never seen the series. Like, most of my love is just based on seeing how the show's been opened up and expanded, and all these beloved characters back (ahh! Simon has this new haircut that I'm seriously not down with), while non-fans will think it looks very much like a typical sci-fi film, with lots of CG shots and action-y sequences. I know those are the things that "sell" a movie in terms of the trailer, but I know Serenity will kick ass in the terms of story-telling, humor, drama and characterization, all that good stuff that a trailer can't convey.

On the other hand, I can't deny it looks So! Shiny! For the other stuff, we'll have to rely on strong reviews and word-of-mouth. I mean, look at Sky Captain: pretty visuals, a boatload of bankable stars and a story not worth the paper it was written on, and it grossed very little at the box office.
Music was alright, I don't know much about the music scene and what the kids are listening to these days. (Cr*p, my mom's right, I do sound like an old man)

I liked the first bit of music in the trailer, think it kicks in at "vision of the future", didn't like the music where River was fighting as much, but the music over the last 30 seconds or so was great.

I'm still dissapointed it isn't being scored by the same person as the TV show, and that the ballad of serenity isn't going to be in it.
Looks really Kick ass!!! I have no doubt this movie wont suck! Now if only he can do some buffyverse movies...
Swore I'd save my first post ever as a Whedonesque newbie (no more Wannabe, me) for when i had something really thoughtful to share. I seem to be too busy doing my **snoopy dance** to think real good thunks.

Super cool fx, bad-assed tunes, and Jayne's Big Gun. Used to be, when I was feeling tuff, I wanted to be Buffy the Vampire Slayer. After that trailer-ey goodness, it's settled.

I. Want. To. Be. River. Tam.

(BTW, howdy, new friends.)
hello new friend, barest_smidgen, welcome to the wacky wilds of Whedonesque posting. /ducks before the alliteration police get him
Mal shoots first...the way it should be..dont let Lucas around the film.
Wonder how long it is before a magazine asks the question "Who would win in a fight, Buffy or River".

And of course, we all know River's got a shiny red scythe stashed away in her bunk.
I must admit I have screamed, laughed and cried reading these comments!

Laur- I do remember when you were all hardcore, heh heh man you broke like a little girl!

This movie looks unbelievably fantastic, and I feel so incredibly humbled to go to see it tonight. Man when those Universal ppl interview me about marketing I am gonna push so bad for lot's of TV exposure to that trailer! Thanks again Joss for making another day sweeter!
I don't suppose this is the thread with the largest number of comments yet, is it?
Come on folks! Let's go for 200 posts on this thread! I think I've already watched the trailer that many times. Nixygirl I am so jealous, but happy for you.
yes please --- 200+ posts in a little over 4 hours.

Edit: because I can't tell time straight apparently (in other words, the SHINY TRAILER has affected any math skills I might have once had)
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welcome barest_smidgen! i hope you enjoy it here. it's a great place to be.
Aiming for a post ratio... That sound a tad bit too much like IMdb or GameFAQs to me and I expect a bit more then that from us on Whedonesque.
Yes, quality must rule over quantity in terms of posting. Nevertheless, it is a bit of a rush to see the comment numbers click up so fast.

I've been sitting quietly breathing since I can't download this at work - and my DSL connection at home is Snafu-ed too right now. Hmph. OTOH, can anyone who happend to catch the trailer that Joss showed in San Francisco or Long Beach Wizard World tell me if this is the same or substantially different? T'would make me feel a little better at least . . .

And welcome barest_smidgen! Great name.
Thanx Spikeangellover! I am sooooo excited I am just about peeking, really I mean for goodness sake how damn excited must one get???? OK I have 7 and 1/2 hours to go before I get to see this awesome flick!!!! Could life NOT be better?!?? Damn, I hope I'm not like the cop who gets shot on his last day of work. Nah! I'm lucky lucky lucky! So flamin lucky I am off to buy a lotto ticket! Yay!

[ edited by nixygirl on 2005-04-27 02:30 ]
Djungelurban, how can you blame us? We're too giddy with trailer excitement. All logical thinking left the building for me with the sight of Jayne's big gun. Must go back and watch 10 more times now...

Oh, and thanks for your post.
River vs Buffy. Oh my. How my emotions would be during that battle. I don't know just who I'd want to win. I'd be so torn.
I know what you mean, BurkleFreak. I love them both and I'd probably actually short circut while trying to choose. My poor brain couldn't handle it.
In my fantasy, River and Buffy would be fighting on the same side. And kicking serious ass! That way, I don't have to choose.
200 post! YAY!!!
River might be a genetically altered, programmed bad-ass, but I think we all know...nobody beats the Chosen One.

And I agree with what some of you said upthread. Gotta have my twang.
As much as I love River, I just can't pick her over Buffy; Buffy kicked major ass for 7 years. I guess I could be persuaded by the movie?
Awesome. I sure hope outer space remains silent though.
"I love the trailer, but worry how it'll play to people who have never seen the series. Like, most of my love is just based on seeing how the show's been opened up and expanded, and all these beloved characters back (ahh! Simon has this new haircut that I'm seriously not down with), while non-fans will think it looks very much like a typical sci-fi film, with lots of CG shots and action-y sequences. I know those are the things that "sell" a movie in terms of the trailer, but I know Serenity will kick ass in the terms of story-telling, humor, drama and characterization, all that good stuff that a trailer can't convey."

I think you said it: a trailer can't convey that. It does convey excellent action, compelling characters (especially that villain!) and hints at an intriguing plot. That's what brings people to theaters. I would have liked a little more of the humor and drama, but I can understand Universal's decision to package it as straight action sci-fi. You can't really put the substance of Joss into two minutes. The critics and word of mouth will hopefully take care of that.
River might be a genetically altered, programmed bad-ass, but I think we all know...nobody beats the Chosen One.
Except for Willow. Buffy never did manage to beat Willow, Ms Black Hair and veins kicked her royally. Actually if you think about it, she has never been beaten when going on full power, just cooled down.
Illyria vs Buffy on the other hand, that's a fight I'd like to see. But at the same time River's got that mind reading thingy, so she could probably anticipate every move both of them would make. Anyway, the fight of a lifetime.
OK, before my fucking head explodes from the stress, can someone help this particular idiot. After the longest day of work *ever*, I've tried to download the itunes thingy and once it starts to do it's thing, I get this:

1155: blah blah blah FILES/CONTENT.IE56XVSHK3AINSTMSIA.EXI not found.

It starts loading the Install Wizard thing and then says that. I've saved it to the computer and tried to run it, opened it in my temp folder, and both ways, I get that message. And having said all that, I'm beginning to think I saw Windows 2000 being necessary, when I have Windows 98. What do I do now? Please. I'm begging.

Well, I did say idiot. Went ahead and tried Quicktime, and lo and behold, freakin' shiny! Off to watch it 10 more times!

[ edited by Angela on 2005-04-27 03:26 ]
Oh, what the hell. Might as well add to the proceedings . . .

I saw it on my work computer within minutes of it appearing. So did many others at the office (loads of Whedonists there). Now that I'm home, I can post

Blew. My. Mind!

That was awesome, not to put too fine a point on it.

One thing (for now), it seems our heroes are awfully clean cut.

Also, I would argue that the trailer, as it is, could attract non-cultists. The scenes looked damned exciting. I did think though that the humour needed a bit more context to make it effective for non-believers. So in the movie, the humour should work; in the trailer, not so much. It is maybe harder to get that Whedon twistomatic deadpanic stuff across. Heh, heh.

And as a spoilerphobe, I have to admit something. I've always felt trailers ruin movies. Still do. But after seeing the Serenity teaser trailer, I want to know more and see more. I am pumped. I didn't think I'd feel that way. So, my orange hat off to Joss.
Curse my being out all night and only just getting in. Not reas the comments yet because I just watched and all I can say is WOOHOOO! That is awesome, need to see Serenity now :(

Two hours plus later the fullscreen version is MINEMINEMINE!!!!!!

(And now I can't watch it because I got a phone call. :::sniff:::)
He of my favorite name on the boards (SNT) likes mine? I think i'm going to like love it here.

Plus, Reavers. Scary.
Can I just say, I've seen Firefly and I don't remember hearing that River reads minds, is genetically altered, and is programmed. Maybe I should watch it again if I missed something, unless these are the much hated spoilers?
Fabulous. I seem to be a bit wound up all of a sudden. As others have said, what a rush to see the "From the mind of...". And the graphics are phenomenal!

So far, I've watched it three times, and every time I hear "Oh God. Oh God. We're all going to die" I laugh out loud.

I do think this trailer is something that would spark the interest of the uninitiated.

I was going to get a few eps of Buffy in tonight, but I must alter that plan at grab the Firefly set.
Charisma, these aren't spoilers... they're appetizers.

"I'm unarmed." "Good" What a way to end it! Such a classic Jossism and I can just hear the roars in the theater. Who couldn't love that? Has made me laugh each of the eight times I've watched this already. How do I make it go slo mo?
charisma: Watch Safe, War Stories, and Objects in Space.
Just got home from a long day and...damn. This is amazing. I wish they were selling tickets to opening night already so I could be sure to get in to the 12:01 showing. Just seeing the words 'Written and Directed by Joss Whedon' on a movie trailer is amazing enough, I think when I go see HHGTTG on Friday and see this my brain is going to short out or something. I don't think theres anything in this that isn't awesome, I'm so glad that the crew of Serenity is finally going to get to be Big Damn Heroes.
There's a cool shout out to the trailer at Penny Arcade

Quote: Holy Shit! The trailer for the Firefly movie is now available. I don't know if I have ever been more excited in my entire life.

So Say We All.
"I aim to misbehave."

"Let's be bad guys."

"Oh god oh god we're gonna die...."

This is going to be such a classic.....

Many many many thanks and ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ to Hasufel for the full screen download!!!!!!!!
I really want this now on a vcd so I can watch it after every episode of Firefly!!!!!

Anyone here from Chicago so I have someone to go see this beauty with?
Well now I've caught up and read the entire thread, after watching the large a couple of times Hasufel supplies the full screen - thanks soo much Hasufel :)
Can't believe I didn't say it in my previous post but I was over-excited I guess: SHINY! Now I need to know when we're going to get the trailer before a film in the UK - must see it on the big screen.
I must say that amidst all this shinyness, special effects, and the faces of our big damn heroes back again, my favorite part has got to be the simple words of "From the mind of Joss Whedon...".

I came on the Firefly scene late and have pretty much ignored all the set reports, spoilers, and news before now, but when that part in the trailer came up I was like "Holy crap, this is real, there's going to be a JOSS MOVIE IN JUST 5 MONTHS!"

Now hopefully the whole world (I wish) will get to know what a truly brilliant place the mind of Joss Whedon is.
Firefly hasn't mentioned River being programmed - just the fact that she's a mindreader who's had her brain tampered with by the government. That wouldn't make her "genetically altered" because the alterations came after her conception and birth. She's just altered, period.

And I've only watched it once, and I'm torn between "oooh" and "meh. No Kaylee. Boo." Must watch it ten more times, however, before I choose a side.
Eep the language barrier just went sliding down!
I've been reading this thread and I missed the "Inside" teaser that was supposed to run during "House". Crap!
Eek! Me too brownishcoat! Does anyone know if that will be posted on the Web sometime soon?
Now, I don't actually want a spoiler in response to this -- it's purely a rhetorical question: Why is the gorram Earth visible in this trailer? And I ain't just referring to the Universal logo sequence.
Just an aside for a sec: I can't see ya'll's "hearts". They look like chubby vertical bars to me. Anyone else? Is it a Mac thing? Hmm.

ON topic: I was talking to a friend about the trailer and we agreed that this is the single most important "Whedon" day since the Kerry fundraiser.

Off to watch it again... sigh... I love you Joss.

The trailer looks amazing!!!!!

The wait until september will be really rough now...
I suppose I need a more comfortable chair for the computer. My rear end really hurts after sitting still so long (long enough to read this thread). I'm putting it to bed.

And I'm holding strong on the "waiting til Friday for the theater experience" front. Go me!
Charisma, it's all there. Just rewatched Firefly in surround sound over the last few days and it was like seeing it all for the first time again. Trust me, it's all there.
My two cents?

JOSS. IS. GOD. (im not worthy)
Love, Love, Love.

Currently only ten percent downloaded, but I'm patient.
Spoilers? Sorta one. Much more like appetizers.

The other day watching Firefly, River's beauty brought me to tears. Her dancing, her fascination with space... i cried so many times.
So Rock On!!!!!! wooo hooo! Scythe, anyone?

How many times can I possibly watch this before the movie?
Oh wait...

Could there be a better way to celebrate finishing my final exams this afternoon???
(insert your own sound effects here)

im a big damn ruttin madwoman right about now.

ETA: Anyone else up for the Snoopy Dance?
♥ <--- that is so cool
ETA: now i can ♥ too
ETA: sometimes i'm a slow learner

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I think that the "6 rebels" refer to Mal, Jayne, Inara, Zoe, Wash, and Kaylee - the original crew plus "The Ambassador". Considering they first talked about the "passenger with a past" with a shot of Simon, he's not one of the 6 rebels. While you would think that it should be "passengerS", including River, remember that in the series pilot she started off as baggage so maybe there is something similar in the movie. Add in that Book seems to be a minor character in the movie, the numbers make most sense this way to me: A "passenger with a past" smuggles his wanted sister onto a ship crewed by "6 rebels".

PS Regarding the discussion of whether or not River was "genetically altered" while she was being held, there is absolutely no reason that she could not have her genes altered after she was born.
I'm surprised no one sees Inara as a rebel. She's TOTALLY running from something. Why else would she fly with Serenity? No doubt she has a past, just as everyone else does. She claims to support the Alliance but she's so superficial about it. Serenity's where she's at, and that's what's important. Mal's the one she loves, not some stuffy... Alliance person.

Same for Book. The shepherd who is not a shepherd? Simon, the surgeon reduced to medic?
Every last one of them are rebels. 'Cept maybe Kaylee.
Okay, I knew I wouldn't be able to resist but I'm still downloading it so if TPTB don't want me to see it then something will happen. Of course I have slow dial-up and the estimate for the dowload time was like 2 1/2 hours and right now it's at 7% so maybe sometime in the wee early morning hours I'll be able to actually watch it. Of course, if I'm going to the trouble of downloading it, it has to be the full screen version because if I don't do it now, I'll just end up doing it later! Woo hoo! Just checked and it's at a whopping 9% now!!! It is now saying it has 2:36 minutes left for download!
I bet the BDHs get a Power Walk.

(I'm downloading by phone, too. Full screen, of course. Says I have like four hours left but it's 1/4 done and it hasn't been that long. Worth the wait. The only other trailer I ever downloaded was Episode One.)
Damn a lot of you guys have crappy connections don't you? Thank god I have DSL! I had it in 5 minutes. Ah just wait till more and more phonelines get turned into fiber glass. Better times ahead.

As for River in the TV show, I don't know if she was genetically altered, but she was seriously messed with, and she didn't just read minds, she saw in the future as well. In Out Of Gas, she predicts the fire before the explosion and there's other examples. And between her shooting skill and the fight scenes from the trailer, I'd say maybe she was being groomed to be some kind of super-assassin?

Another thought, doesn't the hired killer in the trailer remind us of the bounty hunter from Objects in Space? And are those short shots in there of Simon breaking River out of the Alliance's claws. (Flashback maybe) And I do believe we see glimpses of River fighting Reavers by her lonesome here.....

Uh am I allowed to say all these floating thoughts? I mean I'm assuming we've pretty much all seen it or going to see it. Let me know if I'm blabbing too much.

Oh and I have to say I think they all look much more vibrant and even grittier than in the show. That shot of Jayne, many shots of Mal and even's like the lighting brings out aspects of their faces and expressions we haven't seen before. And I think Mal's hair is less stiff and little more ruffled here. Looks better. And man does Joss know how to shoot River.

Okay I'll stop ranting now....
I really think that I have to marry Summer Glau now. If there was any doubt, ever since she spoke the words, "Also? I can kill you with my brain." But now it is certain.

Summer, if you read this - have my children?
I do have to say b/t this trailer and the Star Wars trailer i am one very excited man. Summer looks amazin, as does my baby Inara. The special effects look great and the music works well.
"I aim to misbehave"?! I'm in love already! *cackles gleefully*

[ edited by cubiclesatan on 2005-04-27 05:55 ]
SO SUPER SHINY...I can't wait.
barest_smidgen, woo hoo, you're on! I'm so happy to meet you (wink).

Can I just say I love this some of you know my day has SUCKED and am now sloshed. THIS is what's getting me through today. Go Joss. Oh, and I believe I have captured a close friend into the world of Joss. I made him promise me that he would rent Buffy season 1. Now that I'm a fan, I would love for my friends to be fans like me. Dude, it's the only way to go. Am I the only one who trys to convert all their friends to all that is Joss? By the way, you can tell Summer has studied ballet. Did you see that extension? If only I had that. Oh, and I ;straeh& you guys.
I guess I'm in the minority here who wasn't blown away by the trailer. I think it's clear Universal is busy trying to sell this movie to people who don't already read this site. I too was wondering about the sound in space thing. Maybe Universal didn't want to freak out the Star Trek & Star Wars crowd that is so conditioned to the sound of jet engines & things going boom in the vacuum of space. All that said, I forgot how much Wash & Mal can make me smile and the movie appears to look like a big budget affair. Only 5 months & change to go.
wtf, my heart didn't work. me drunky, going to heart...this meant, or course, that I love you guys. bad day turned into wonderful. dreams of serenity, nothing better than that. you can't take the fucking sky from me!
Did anyone else notice that the trailer had no Chinese words at all? Seems to me there should have been at least one reference. Maybe the longer trailer will have something; I didn't get the sense of the Chinese influence except for the fan and the new Serenity logo.
phone line people: odd. it stopped at fifty percent, and said it had like two hours left to download. Then I opened it using Quicktime and it worked fine and was all there. hm.

And after watching it one more time, Summer Glau for Wonder Woman!! Ok, I will So totally stop now. *ducks to avoid rotten tomatoes*

Cheers mates, I'm off to watch this trailer a few more times in surround sound. Will savor it like strawberries. If I can only figure out how to view it frame by frame...
Well, I just finished watching it and I didn't hear any sound in space - as a matter of fact I didn't hear any sound at all!!!! Ripping my hair out of my head in frustration as I type!!! Two and a half freakin' hours of downloading and I don't get any sound with it!!!

Well, it at least looks pretty darn shiny!!!
Okay, got my sound issues fixed (it was my pc and not Quicktime). It's even better with sound!!! Now, how horrible a mother am I? I woke up my kids (who both have school in the morning) to show them this. It's now 2:00 am here. But, they weren't complaining!!
Well, that was pretty damn cool, Mr. Joss -- lots of pretty, lots of fighty, lots of funny. Scrumptralescent indeed. :D *Mmm-wah* for coming here to keep us all in the loopage. You are so the bestest maker of candy for the brain, ever (Smarties, obviously). The freakin' Willie Wonka of cult entertainment!

(Now if we could just get one of those advance screenings in Raleigh or Charlotte, NC, my ♥ felt affection for you would be embarrassingly descriptive and all-encompassing...)

Sweet September, soon come!
Yeah, Wiseblood we need to campaign for a screening here in NC. I ♥ the full screen trailer, I can't wait to see this on a giant silver screen with pop corn kernels in my teeth.
me too Wiseblood! Doesn't anything come here to NC?
Special thanks to Ghost Spike, Hasufel, and Caroline for providing links for the trailer. The full screen was awesome!

Ghost Spike, I had the same problem as well with the full/wide screen format. I was able to watch the full screen trailer in its correct wide-screen format using Magix 2005. But when I burned it to DVD using the same program, it played on my TV in the full-screen format meaning the picture was stretched tall. Rather strange. Go figure.

MODs, isn't this the highest number of comments for a post?
I paused it at one of the group scenes on the bridge and I did see Kaylee there. Shepard can be seen in the gallery on the official site, which shows that both characters will be in it. Shepard's hair looked kind of different, perhaps they don't want too much seen of him or something? Still confused about the mention of six rebels on the run.... unless they're not counting Shepard, Simon and River as rebels, although all three are clearly in the film. That's my guess.

Doesn't Adam Baldwin look different? Older, more ruthless, I think. And as to people who are worried about sound in space, it's not definite yet, it is only a trailer. But I think if there is a lot of space fighting maybe there should be sound, it would be extremely difficult to base an entire battle scene on just music. In Firefly there weren't a huge number of space battles so it was understandable but I think for the film some compromises may have to be made. Who knows, though? Joss could pull off an unofficial Serenity version of 'Hush'.

I too am disappointed we won't be hearing The Ballad Of Serenity in the film. It's like the heart of Firefly. Perhaps they could sneak it in to accompany the end credits?

After reflection, there are some elements of the film I am worried about. The trailer basically emphasised the action, as a lot of trailers do, going for the 'wow' factor, so I doubt that it is completely representative of the film.

However, I do hope that a lot of the Western elements are retained rather than going for a typical Hollywood action film. Also hoping for a lot of character development and a strong story with good dialogue, and not just flashy visuals and special effects.

Imagine how amazing the music and special effects and costumes and sets will be with a bigger budget... as if they weren't spectacular enough on Firefly, they will be truely epic with such high production values.

I am really hoping that there will be a lot of quick humor, too, as it was one of the main things that hit you immediately upon watching Buffy.

I advise that we all go and see it on the opening weekend, and multiple times afterwards, and convince our families and friends to go, and spread the word at work or in school. Star Wars fans may turn to Serenity for another dose of sci-fi even if Revenge of the Sith is really good, and if it is as disappointing as the other prequels Firefly may prove the perfect alternative.
In the event the movie has sound in space, the answer for those of us purists out here is for the DVD to come with an alternatve audio track where there is no sound in space.
Joss seems pleased with the way the film has turned out, but if they have messed with his vision in any way, then the only answer is a director's cut dvd.

As much as I'd love Firefly/Serenity in any form, it's Joss's vision I want, not Universal's.
Willowy, I agree. At this point, I believe Univeral is tickled pink and they wouldn't touch a hair on Joss' chinny-chin-chin. And I don't see them changing their view, they know a gold mine when they see it. Just my thought.
So...Freaking...Cool. Can't wait!
I thought the trailer was amazing - and yes, way too short!! I miss Firefly so much!! It was cool getting to see them all again and the flow and chemistry between everyone still seems to be there. I loved the scene where River was doing, um, her "thing" and Mal pulls back the fan/curtain where we see him and Jayne with these funny looks on their faces! That was just classic Firefly to me. I loved both Mal's and Wash's lines that some others have had a little bit of a problem with. I didn't think they were forced at all.

And Mal is as sexy and as hot as ever!

And Willowy, I think we are getting Joss' version. He seems like a little kid right now and I don't think he'd be this happy if he was being coerced into doing stuff he didn't want to do. That said, I still hope, even if this is Joss' vision, that there will be a special "Director's cut" version too. Something with extra footage maybe so it's longer. Of course, I'll most likely end up buying it twice. Once with the regular version and then the Directors -hopefully extended- version!
As this is the 261st comment here, I'm not sure anyone will read it. But for those who are interested, the music that the trailer opens with is "Club Foot" by Kasabian. Despite tha fact that it is about as far away from the Firefly theme as one could possibly get, It is a fantastic song. And I guess Joss agrees. Actualy, the Kasabian album as a whole is really great.

You can watch the video, or download the song here.

Is this relevant enough to post as a new thread, or am I just a bit to obsessed with this song?

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Thank you for the full screen download.

I needed to abuse my schools internet connection a few more times before moving home.

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