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April 27 2005

Screenings announced

by me! 10 screenings next week. It's all on the offical board, eh? I'd link ya but i'm me! I still can't work the mmmihmmenineograph machine.

Thank you Joss, in my mind i'm giving you an hug right now.
woohoo Joss :)
Thanks Joss. *hugs and high fives* The trailer is Awesome and I can't wait to see the BDM.
Joss, you rock! you're awesome and that trailer was SO cool. I can't wait to get tickets to the screening, which I think I can do through something called Fandango(?). Anyway, you're a god!

These posts are anonymous, right?
Here is the link: Can't Stop the Signal.

Heh, Joss, you crack me up.

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OH Joss you are so cool; but why can't there be one near me?, boo hoo (we need one near D.C.)

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Shiny trailer Joss. I haven't been that excited for a very long time.

You're first almost-link. Very impressive.

I feel less idiotic about my inability to comprehend the directions on making the text bold, or italic, etc.
Caroline jumps in with Big Damn Boots and gives this rogue poster a good kick up the arse. Linkless post! How dare you. There are rules, you know. ROOLES!

Eh... Hello Joss...

*Whedonesque lies down and thinks of England.*
Okay, last one before wife-snugglage. There was a movie reference in that lead post. i'm checking tomorrow to see if anyone got it. No prizes, just extreme coolness factor if you do. Night! -j.
Someone online just said that Portland is sold out. Dang it! Did anyone get a ticket?
"The Screening Job" - I get it!

*watches the tumbleweed*
Sacramento is sold out too. And Fandango let's you go through the whole order before telling you sold out. First, giddy elation. Then, depression on a level that doctors prescribe medication for. ;( I did see the trailer. I did see the trailer. I did see....

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Boo. Charlotte is a big city too. Maybe I can get a bus to Atlanta? Nah. Hey Joss! Nice trailer there.
Portland's sold out? Wait, Portland can't be sold out until I've decided if I want to go yet! What about MY needs? Stupid free economy.
got 2 tix for chicago OMG /dance 7 hour car trip here i come!

Spend all day poking around the boards because of the trailer release, finally decide to stop and do something else, and that's the moment this gets announced and I miss out on Portland tickets.

If I weren't such a lowkey person, I'd be aiming to misbehave.
Let me take a brief break from my wallowing in misery to congratulate you zeitgeist. Have a great time! I find the OMWF soundtrack, played over and over, makes a long car ride zip right by.

BTW, I hear you theonetruebix. I've been on this site all day, and left for 1 hour to meet a couple friends for a late dinner...and I'm now going to open the wine. Wait! There's whiskey in the pantry...

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Austin? Waaaaaah!!!! Houston is a much bigger city, and more importantly- - closer to me! I can't make it to Austin any time soon. Stupid education. Why do I need one of those anyway?
In response to Joss' offer of extreme coolness:

Animal House and mixed mimeos.

Or an "homage" to the wonderous Hugo Weaving;

Agent Smith: "Never send a human to do a machine's job."

I'm probably so very, very wrong (past wrong and in the land of delusional), but this came to mind.

However, just reading your posts makes me feel like maybe, in some life, I might be cool. Thanks Joss.

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now im gonna laugh if theres a minneapolis screening later. don't get me wrong I'm still going to chicago :P

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Yeehaw! I got my tickets for the screening in Austin. I'll sure be tired the next day at work, what with the hour+ drive home after the show, but it's utterly worth it. And that's why they make No-Doz, right?

Thanks a ton for posting the link, Joss. Now if you can just ensure I don't have to sit near Harry Knowles...
Damn the exactly in the middle of nowhere. 10hrs from Austin, TX, 12hrs from Denver, and 9hrs from Chicago. If i beg a whole lot can i get a screening in Kansas City or St Louis. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE
I can't believe it - I go away from my PC to do some stupid work-thingy-type-stuff and Joss doesn't just comment but starts a thread all of his own.

We have also got one of those mmmihmmenineograph machines in the office - sledgehammer, petrol and matches are all you need to rip that beauty into line! Still, it makes good coffee sometimes.

Back to topic - good luck to all with the screenings - I hope you get in. I guess we will only get one in Australia - the one in Sydney that nixygirl is going to tonight but I can't go. Damn - but that trailer really did make up for that!
Joss - you ROCK. Can't wait for the Seattle screenings! Got my tix and spread da word!
I just called my Whedonverse partner in crime and woke her up to shriek into the phone and make sure she could make it that night. I just bought two tickets for the San Francisco screening! I can't believe how insanely, unbelievably lucky I am. I'm going to go pinch myself now - I'm almost going to get to see it close to the original release date after all, unbelievable!
So how's about some Amsterdamn screenings?
Called up my Whedonverse buddy that's currently in country, woke her up, and she has a midterm conflict.
What is that about? ;)
Oh my GOD, I can't believe I just got tickets for San Francisco. Thank you Joss!
A suggestion to Joss and/or Universal: If additional screenings are planned after May 5th consider Syracuse, New York as a possible location. Regal Cinemas at the Carousel Mall (a.k.a. Destiny USA) would be a prime location.

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Just get it to NYC, I'll know what to do :)
Angela, I think I just got tickets in Sacramento so there might still be some left.
fr0g - Ignore that last sentence of the email I just sent you. As I said in it, you are my hero! Thank you for going the extra step of sending my an email. I was avoiding the site the rest of the night to pout, so the only thing that brought me to the computer was the email.

I've got two tickets! So much for going to sleep. Wheeee!

ELECTRICSPACEGIRL (Caps just to get your attention) - Try again. Maybe they are releasing seats little by little. You may still able to get tix in Portland.
I'm thinking Japanese, I'm thinking Japanese...

The movie looks awesome, Joss. 156 days and counting.
Hi Samantha! :)

Yes yes yes, two more for SF!
Heather! You decided to go? Yay! I'm more excited than I was the Christmas that I was expecting Pretty in Pink Barbie. Psshh, Barbie. I'd like to see her try to kill me with her tiny plastic brain.
Do the ticket sales for these screenings figure into Serenity's overall box office take?

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I need a credit card for the screening. Grr. That said, I'm going to do the one adventurous thing I've ever done in my 19 years of life -- pluck down $168 for a roundtrip ticket from Omaha to Chicago to see Serenity four months early.
What a great conclusion to a terrific day! I showed the trailer to the wife and kids and they shed real tears that they wouldn't be able to see the BDM until September 30. Now, we're all going to see it in 8 days! Wow! Thank you Joss for turning the tears to squeals of joy.
Shiny. I'm glad there were more tickets, Angela.
Why can't I live in America?

(Or even better, why can't I have the money for airflights?) ;-)
Here's a vote for southeastern USA screenings...

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oops, Sorry, I somehow posted this to the wrong place.
Joss! F-A-N-T-A-S-T-I-C trailer! And:

Europe prescreenings NOW! (Otherwise I'll have to start an internet petition and you know how successful THOSE are.)

TaraLivesOn! (Sorry for the all the yelling, I'm so excited) Re 1.: I guess Joss wanted to distinguish the movie artistically somewhat from the TV-series, with it being a motion picture and all.
Re 2.: Not to much zooming and shaking of cameras on the big screen please. It get's some people very sick. Kept me from watching "Dancer in the dark" til end. And I wasn't the only one leaving the theatre with headaches and a longing to barf. Good for Mr. von Trier, that he didn't attend the screening. Then again I've never been large with the dogma ...

Serenity NOW!
Oh my god. Some very nice person on Livejournal just bought me two tickets to the Serenity screening in Portland, and told me I didn't even have to pay him back! (I'm not able to purchase online) He said that if it weren't for my post, he wouldn't even know about the screening.

Oh my god, I can't stop squeeing! SQEEE!!! This is amazing! Yes, I'm the same person who said that I'd rather wait until to September so I can see the finished version of Serenity in all it's glory. The hell with it. I can't wait. And now, I don't have to!

Thank you, thank you thank you, my little good luck fairy!

So how's about some Amsterdamn screenings?

Yeah and where's the Belfast love :p.

Congrats to all who got tickets. We'll probably do a thread on May 5th so you can post your reactions.
joss you tease us big time. me wanna see now. me have big cry. me in melbourne, australia. sydney get, why no melbourne. please, please, please, santa joss, i be good... every now and then.
DAMMIT! I'll be stuck in overseas on May 5th. *cries*
Hows about a Newcastle under Lyme screening?

Nah, didn't think so.

Are these still test screenings by Universal, or is the movie just being shown so that handfuls of lucky fans don't have to wait another 5 months, and get to brag to all their friends.

Congrats on the trailer (which is a fountain of joy), and thank you. I'm absolutely amazed and thoroughly thrilled that I get to see your film next week. (And how great is Jack Green, btw? I had the pleasure of working with him on Secondhand Lions.) Anyway, I've already bought four tix to the Austin screening, and now just have to decide who gets to share the bliss. loves you!
thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you.... I think I got the last two tickets for San Francisco--thank god for my obsessive tendencies, checking this site a coupla times a day. Can't wait!
*sniff* It sucks living in germany. No Serenity screening overhere.
It sucks living in germany. No Serenity screening overhere.

Try living in Malaysia. I'm not even sure if we're gonna get Serenity here. I might have to settle for getting the DVD months later. :(
This is your first own post right? Good on you Joss!

I guess there won't be any test screenings in my area anytime soon... Well, that's the way it is I guess. I'm already trying to build up enough mental strength to survive 5 weeks in spoilerland. November 4th is such a long time after September 30th... Come on Joss, what do you say. A test screening in Stockholm. Could be fun. :)

Movie reference? Well, the Fandango part makes me think about the PC game Grim Fandango and... and... OK, I got nothing...
It's gotta be Super Mario Bros. Everyone needs to quote that movie at least once a day.
Despite years of cognitive behaviour therapy I still have no impulse control (ok, maybe it wasn’t so much therapy as my friends telling me to ‘shut the hell up’) and despite me knowing that taking Joss at his word is a fatally flawed plan right from the word go:

Uh, oh, (raises hand excitedly) Sir, Sir

re the mimeo assignment, I am thinking Matrix for some reason I can't put my finger on. Do I get a credit for effort?

Do we get extra credit for knowing what a mimeo is? Will there be a test? Can I sit at the front of the class? Can I have a light sabre?

*Space tumbleweed slowly spiralling past the window. Rest of the class averting their heads in shame.*

Total uncool aside (why stop now): when I was a teenager we used mimeo type machines to copy stuff for school assignments, hand cranking the copies, having typed the text up first on a manual typewriter on the special paper (I am only 40, so it’s not all that long ago). So stop moaning about your slow dial-ups kids, we had it much harder. Built character though. Plus made your bionic arms strong.
Thanks for posting Joss! Now I just would need some money to fly to the US! *sighs*
I second POD, living in Germany sucks!
Nothing in Philadelphia! Again! :-(
Nothing in Jersey. Heck, nothing on the eastern seaboard. Baby Jesus is crying.

In other news - Joss? There is some serious sock-rockage going on regarding Serenity. Just wanted to say that the trailer made my mother squee like a two year old, and she hasn't even seen Firefly yet.

(She'e halfway through Season six of BtVS.)
Joss- you think maybe you could do a screening in Davenport, IA? huh? :-) Or at my house, maybe? Just askin'!
Way cool!! Of course there are no screenings in the DC area, but I didn't expect there would be. All you lucky people have fun!
Congrats to everyone who got tickets, now if only there was a screening in Glasgow...

As stated above, living in Germany sucks. Not only are there no screenings, but the release of Serenity is scheduled for ... November 24 !? I can't believe it.
now if only there was a screening in Glasgow...

I'd consider leaving the house for that ;)
What? The sunshine state is not shiny enough? *pouts*
Manchester, UK screening required! PLEEEEEEEEEEEAASSEE :) Or hell anywhere else in the UK that I can get to.
Why only the USA? Why?
I just bought my ticket!!!!

Anyone in Chicago I can meet at the theatre?

omfg...... I have to be at a meeting at work the next day at 5:30AM!!!!!!!!

I'm totally insane......
Trying to get a screening ticket for Boston, but the link seems to be broken. It just keeps coming up "Unable to process request".
Grrr Arrrgh!
Try calling Fandango re: Boston.
o.k. I'm feeling left behind :( I'm still trying to see the trailer. Can't get the darn quicktime to download. *stupid computer*

Congrats to all who got tickets!
I woke up this morning and found I had e-mail from Joss, how cool is that! And they are doing sneak previews of the BDM on May 5th (how thrilling is that!?!?). AND one is in Chicago! Yay!
Of course I have to drive 4 1/2 hours to get to Chicago, but that is nothing NOTHING compaired to waiting another 4 months to see 'Serenity'! I am so excited, I've got my ticket!
(did I mention that I am excited?)

Angela, are you sure Sacramento is sold out. I got 2 tickets a little while ago and the ticket purchase page is still up.
Thanks Joss - You ARE a God ! Boston - here I come!!!!!
Okay, i have to quit this "having a life away from the internet" thing! Everytime i go away something cool happens!!! I mean, Joss posts his first link (well, kinda, hehe) and seventy odd comments get posted before i even know anything about it. I'm slipping! Dammit! :)

Thanks for the news, Joss, much appreciated!
Drat, closest to me is Vegas, baby. Eight hours in a car = too far for this mommy of little'uns. Why no Phoenix? Well, maybe next batch. And there WILL be a next batch?... Joss? ;)

By the way, how frickin' cool to wake up and turn on the computer and the first thing that pops up is an email from Joss. That's how I want every single day to start from now on! :D
We need some smilies on this blog so we can throw some confetti for Joss.

How cool is it when the mastermind behind a phenomenon actually posts regularly to blogs for the fans?

Joss Whedon Rocks!!!!!!
I get the same "unable to process request" message for ATlanta. Maybe my wife and I could fly to Vegas next week, they seem to still have tickets there...
And actual people don't show up at Fandango until 11.

Damn Pacific time, they should be on MY schedule.
Portland wasn't sold out! It still loves me!

Now to figure out the Big Damn MAX to this place ...
UGH Chicago is sold out already?!?!
Wow, never thought I'd regret living in LA....

Oh! Hey Joss, hubby and I are going to swing by your house for an impromptu screening. I'll bring the reduced fat kettlecorn, 'k?
Okay, I'm glad y'all are exited, but did NO ONE remember Tim Robbins mangling the word "Mimeograph" in "The Husucker Proxy"? Sigh.... The classics are forgotton.
NOTHING IN LOS ANGELES!!?? AARRGH! Come ON! This is LA! Everything happens hereee!! Everybody knows that! You can't do this! I have needs! Special Serenity-watching needs!

Sigh.....the Joss giveth and the Joss taketh away.......

PS: The Hudsucker Proxy! ARRGH! I knew that! It's early! I would've gotten it!
One good thing about living in Olympia, Washington is that it's about halfway between Seattle, which was sold out, and Portland, which was NOT!! Woo hooooo, we're going! Thanks all!
Of course we all are excited. Haven't you read the news? There's a wonderful movie coming in september (well, in the US at least... latter on in france, unfortunately), we just had a trailer AND three messages of its revered author in two days!

Such thrills tend to numb mind, so thinking of other movies (even if they are classics) is not easy after that... ;)
OMG, hubby and I have Joss in a sandwich, of sorts. There's either something so wrong about that or something SO right....

But probably still not as fun as if we could have gone to a screening. No offense to either hubby or Joss....
I'm sorry Joss....

I've never seen the Hudsucker Proxy. (Guess I should now?....)
Wow. I love The Hudsucker Proxy. I know I've seen it at least twice. I don't remember that at all.
UGH Chicago is sold out already?!?!

BlindHawkeyes | April 27, 16:06 CET

Are you serious?! I can't believe I got my ticket by the skin of my teeth! I missed the post last night and only saw it this morning before I left for work!


Go join up with a yahoo group called "Chicago Firefly" and see if anyone there has extra tickets. Looks like your best hope right now.

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Someone did get the reference to the Hudsucker Proxy, they sent in an email because they didn't have an account and I signed them up, but you beat them to it, Joss.
wahhhhhhhh! Chicago sold out, you've gotta be kidding me. This morning as soon as I saw Joss' email I got on the phone, went through all the press 1s and 2s and 5s, and low and behold.....No frickin tickets. ShelaghC, you lucky bastard, I'll try joining Chicago Firefly. Congrats, ESG....I know this meant a lot to you. If only I wouldn't have gotten sloshed last night because of my terrible day, I would have gotten up early. Crying right now. (seriously getting all misty).

Oh, and thanks for posting Joss.
The Seattle showing is sold out??!? Gah!


I got tickets for Portland! Woo! Hey electricspacegirl, want to meet up?? :)

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Something finally comes to Boston, and in the time it took for the site to start working and me to go get my credit card, it's already sold out. Well I guess it's good that there's so much interest in the movie, right? Thanks for posting, Joss, and hope that everyone who attends the screenings enjoys themselves.
These posts are anonymous, right?


Sure, it's anonymous joss, errr, I mean "who ever you are!"

I'm so glad to see so much excitement about this movie! The trailer was VERY slick! I too wish there was a screening in the D.C. area or as someone else suggested, Syracuse-my hometown. I'd make the 7 hour trip for that and pretend to go be visiting relatives! and yes, Joss is a God!
Called up Fandango and at least parts of their site are down, including the Atlanta theater. I don't know whether I should be upset that I have to wait, or happy that this still gives me a chance to buy the tickets.

The Fandango CSR said that it should be up within the hour, if anyone else is in the same boat. I'm going to try the link every few minutes until then.
I love Hudsucker Proxy, but definitely missed the reference. I'm admittedly terrible at movie references, though. Now if it had been something obvious like the Muncie school cheer...
Meanwhile, I'm sad because I just checked this site for the first time this morning, and Chicago is already sold out. And the theater is just 10 minutes away from me! Sad.... Guess I'll have to wait till September.
ACP - I don't know how these advanced screenings work and if they have any additional security, but maybe you could try the old grade school dodge of buying tickets to a different movie and then going to the Serenity room instead. To be fair to the legitimate ticketholders, if I tried that I would stand in the back though.
boston peeps - try again! i just got tickets, at 11:11.

(and AMY LEE - sent you email.)

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Okay, I'm glad y'all are exited, but did NO ONE remember Tim Robbins mangling the word "Mimeograph" in "The Husucker Proxy"?

No but it did remind of this exchange from "Y: The Last Man":

Yorick: "Okay, what's your favorite weird smell?"

355: "I don't know. Maybe those thing's they used at school before photocopies... mimeographs? I liked the way they smelled when warm."

Yorick: "Mimeographs? When were you a student, the 1800s?"

Do I get a prize for the comic book reference? You know, other than another lonely Friday night at home?
Tried Chicago Firefly yahoo group, but one does not exist. waaaaaaah! I keep trying to see if the 10pm ticket becomes yellow, still hoo. Not going in to work today....they can't take the sky from me!!!!
Can't drive 5 hours to Boston on a Thursday even if there are tickets. September for me unless they screen in NYC metro area...fat chance. (sigh)

Thanks for letting us know though, Joss.

Have fun guys. I'll be with you in spirit.
dangit! that's it, I need to watch Hudsucker again :) The Hud-swinger?!
I was gonna complain that Austin was once again chosen over DALLAS TEXAS WHEN EVERYONE KNOWS DALLAS IS A FAR SUPERIOR CITY AND CLOSER TO THE HEARTLAND OF THE COUNTRY SO MORE PEOPLE COULDA GONE BUUUT NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Then I noticed there's people in Amsterdam and Australia complaining too so maybe I should bee-jway.

Sorry Joss. Love ya and all that but if Hudsucker Proxy is any kind of a classic??? HA! Then I'm the Queen of Sheba!

*in a sudden puff of smoke, Zach's clothes turn into a Queen of Sheba outfit*

Ai ya hwah ley! Damn ruttin' god of the Whedonverse... Hey! I think Morena wore this once on the show! Kewl! Besides, these soft satin dresses feel kinda nice. There's the whole, uhm.. air flow.

But seriously, how about cuttin the crap here and just releasing the film WIDE. NOW. George Lucas can go suck on a stick. "The Husucker Proxy"? Sigh.... The classics are forgotton.

Are you kidding? My company learned everything it knows about corporate operations from that movie!

And a friend just called to tell me he got me a ticket for the Seattle showing. I'd have his baby, but (a) I'm male, and the technology just ain't there yet, and (b) he already has one.

Woo. Hoo.

Don't hate me because I'm lucky.
Harmalicious, I believe this was the group ShelaghC was referring to.
Totally bought my tickets already. Woohoo!!! So excited.
Fandango FINALLY started working... and Atlanta is sold out.
(*&*^%&%&$%!!!! Stupid Chicago sold out.
Boston is sold out too. Grrr. Argh.

Actually, I'm quite anxious about the multiple advanced screenings: it usually means the studio has no confidence in the film.

Multiple screenings with feedback also gives the studio a chance to re-edit/re-shoot keys scenes of the film based on audience preference. This happened not too long ago with _The Stepford Wives_.

Joss, if you're listening, please re-read your contract and see who has the final edit. Here's hoping it's you.
anyone got even one extra ticket for denver? I only got one! And now my pal wants to go....please help!
When you can't run you crawl, and when you can't get tickets to the Portland screening, you count on your fellow Browncoats to have thought of you when they got theirs.

And so they did. And so I'm in.
Ok, so hubby and I did the extreme. We bought tix for Las Vegas. So I'm gonna have to rush from my Big Damn HMO job on Thursday to Las Vegas(there's no speed limit between LA and LV is there??) and then we'll drive back right after the movie. Thank Joss I'm able to take all of Friday off for recoop and reflection!
They change the story completely due to test audiences sometimes, last year's Dodgeball (starring Alan Tudyk, as possibly the funniest character in the film) had the ending completely changed, they lose in the original ending.

I hope to God Serenity doesn't get changed, I don't want to get the DVD next year and see scenes that really should have been in the film but weren't because the non-Firefly-fans in the audience didn't get it.
ShelaghC, you lucky bastard, I'll try joining Chicago Firefly.

That'd be lucky bitch, akchally.....

i got my ticket! luckily a friend saw the links day before yesterday when they were put up on the site but didn't work right. a bunch of us are meeting for dinner before the movie (maybe at around 7ish) so if anyone coming to chicago is interested, just email me at laura {at} vampirefan [dot] com.

this invitation, of course, includes you joss-the-diety-at-the-feet-of-who-we-worship if you happen to make chicago one of your cities to visit - you met some of us at the fan table we hosted at wizard world chicago last year

eta: yup, i'm part of the chicagofirefly yahoo group too. if you just want to join up, you can participate in the whole dinner meetup planning discussion!

[ edited by vampirefan on 2005-04-27 18:30 ]
OK, lucky bitch doesn't sound as fun. I've joined this group, thanks for the heads up. Thanks, ghost spike
trolling like a cheap, for an extra Boston ticket

I'll cheerfully drive the five hours, pay your way too, and buy you some mudders milk when I arrive...?
My God... in just before the sell out in Chicago. I had to wait until 9 a.m. CT for access to a credit card (mine is maxed out due to school books), refreshing that link every few minutes to make sure the number didn't suddenly turn a disheartening shade of gray.

And what do I find when I get back from my wonderful girlfriend's house? SOLD OUT.

And "The Hudsucker Proxy"? What the hell is that? If it ain't 2 Fast 2 Furious, you best as not be talkin', boy! :)
Aw, no advance screening for me. I need money. Or a car. Or some friends who have both.
Actually, I'm quite anxious about the multiple advanced screenings: it usually means the studio has no confidence in the film.

Not necessarily, sometimes its a savvy marketing move to help create lots of word of mouth buzz prior to the release of a film.
Dang. SF seems to be sold out. Or at least, the link for 10PM is "not available". And I just thought of someone to go with, too!

Have fun, everyone who is going!
'Someone did get the reference to the Hudsucker Proxy, they sent in an email because they didn't have an account and I signed them up, but you beat them to it, Joss.'

Thanks, Caroline!
May 5th cannot get here soon enough! Any other Seattle peeps want to make an evening of it?
What no NYC? If it can't make it here it can't make it anywhere.

What up Joss.
Bueller? Anyone? Anyone?
There's a meetup scheduled for May 5th in Denver - come if you can and if you have an extra ticket? That would be grand. See the Denver Buffy meetup for more details....
They change the story completely due to test audiences sometimes, last year's Dodgeball (starring Alan Tudyk, as possibly the funniest character in the film) had the ending completely changed, they lose in the original ending.

I thought the guy was being sarcastic when he did the commentary on that alternate ending...

Oh and "You know...for kids!"
I agree with killinj, I don't think JW would agree to change anything this late anyway. I do think Universal has confidence that we are all crazy enough to see the preview now and still go to the BDM many many times when it is finally released on September 30th (and did I mention that Joss totally ROCKS!).
Just got an email from browncoats site; Joss posted there , too, about the screenings. Hope this isn't redundant on this thread, I didn't see anyone else mention it when I was starting to write this.

In his post Joss mentions that "...a couple of us might just creep into one of those major metropolitan multiplexes to see if anyone does show up, so remember: swearing in Chinese ONLY." Grrr Arghhh! I wonder which one???? You lucky guys.

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Who is this "joss" person?
Who is this "joss" person?


There's a photo at the top of the page. =)
Wow, it didn't take long for these screenings to sell-out. I think this is a great campaign to get the word out to the general public what we already know. "Serenity is an awesome movie, you got to see it!"

And for you lucky souls whom are going to these screenings, I'm green with envy :)
I MAY have a ticket...there is a person on the yahoo group who MAY have an extra ticket to Chicago...OMG...only one though so hubby couldn't go with me. embers, you're so freakin' lucky. I'm staying on line all day to try to get tickets!

Yes, who is this joss? uhhh...josh?...sounds a little familiar, bad kitty.
Wow, just checked and all screenings are sold out except Las Vegas; wish I was nearby; so y'all that are planning to go there better get your tickets pronto!

Never mind; even though the link says it isn't sold out, when you go try to buy one it is. Way to go guys!

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btw, if anyone would like to see my photo album from the Browncoat Ball in Chicago last fall, drop by here and enjoy.

Twas a fun night with much shiny goodness!
Oh my god, I've never been so happy that something's NOT coming to New York City, Gunn 2 N's. I have tickets for The Mars Volta the night of May 5th and knowing I was missing a Serenity screening would have ruined my night.

Joss is so good to me!
ShelaghC, love the Kaylee dress. Shiny!
Poor Madhatter. Even I have a better chance of seeing a preview than you do!
Did anyone notice that Joss seems to be posting on the Serenity Board using a pseudonym? At least I think so. 'fess up, Joss!
ShelaghC, love the Kaylee dress. Shiny!

Harmalicious | April 27, 19:24 CET

The lady wearing it did a fantastic job, didn't she? There are several more of her on other pages. There was also a pretty good Mal and a Joss-a-like as I remember.

btw, I'm not in any of those photos. I just took the pictures.


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Every screening is sold out now. I think this was already asked but Joss if you read this, is the money for these tickets going to Serenity's gross?
"Yeah and where's the Belfast love :p."

Wow, I'm from Belfast too. I think we should start some sort of crazed fan protest rampage campigning for Belfast screenings.

*Prepares deranged shouting and banners*

I am so excited about Serenity. The trailer is fantastic, although it doesn't convince me 100% that the film will be everything I hope it is. But it's still looking very good.
Do you think any of the "general public" will get to one of these previews? They sold out so fast that I doubt the general public even found out about them. Is this preaching to the converted? Will local media people have done "block purchases" and then handed them out to focus groups?

Anybody know?
Well redfern. Since the web site let it be known there was several test screenings (which cost money) instead of only handing them out to random Joes/Janes for free in a mall. Nah.
Yeah, since it was announced to fans on the movies official site, I don't think they were specifically targeting the "general public," however in addition to challenging the Browncoats to sell out all the screenings the site does encourage fans to bring along their "uninitiated friends and family" to the screening.
info about opening up more tickets for the screenings..this was postes by ginger at

"The theater manager in Atlanta heard back from
Universal. He was told that there would be discussions
at Universal today about letting theatres show the
screening to more people, but it would be at least 6
EST before there was a decision. The manager said it
did not sound hopeful. He also said that Universal had
specified that the screening be in one of the smaller
theaters (it's a 24-screen theater). "
Serenity trailer kicks ass. Can't wait to see it!
Shoot! I had just decided to do the extreme (like RogueS and EdD) and drive to Vegas from San Diego after work. All sold out!!!

Very impressive how quickly Browncoats jumped to sell out these screenings. I am so curious about how this impacts the perspective of those in charge at Universal regarding BDM2, etc.....Will have to ask my mole who works there to do a little recon...
Having fans sell out screenings within hours of the announcement has to be a good thing.
It's OK, Lioness. I'll be able to muddle through these next 5 months with our fellow Whedonesque members in support. I'll pick up a hobby. Perhaps basket weaving or cold nuclear fusion. Then again, what happens if I get the wood strips mixed up with the plutonium? That could be a major problem with the fruit basket sales ;)

(And again, I wish to thank Caroline for holding such a wonderful room. The people here are the best and wisest..ste..est. Nevermind.)
Is there a group or gathering of dedicated fans for San Francisco? I'm in moderately desperate need of one more ticket -- I think I bought the last two, because I tried to get 2 more like ten minutes after I bought my tixs, and the screening was grayed out. My friend is dying to go, and I should like to spread a little sunshine in his life... though what has been said about the theater size is intriguing. I imagine the studio wants to limit the amount of people getting this early treat, just because the movie's still unfinished and whetting the apetite is not satisfying the entire fanbase -- that can only be done on Sept. 30th.

Also, Joss, San Francisco is not only a short trek away from L.A., but also a gorgeous city in its own right. Not that I am hinting anything, of course.
Wonderful to finally see that purple hue show up on the front page. ;)
milov, you've said it. That purple hue link will always be well respected here. Hope to see many more.
all 10 now sold out according to

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I know this isn't related but Can anyone tell me where I can write Joss Whedon a letter? Do you think there could be a NY location?
I'm glad the screenings are sold out. I am Devastated that I don't get to go. Seattle sold out. Portland sold out. California screenings sold out.

Very disappointed.
Yay, the purple font is so pretty! But what does it mean that it's also the color the mods had discussed using for sarcasm? Hmmm...

At least I don't have to feel bad that I got to this post too late to get tickets for a Philadelphia screening since there is no frickin' Philadlephia screening. Grumble, grumble.
Also, marmoset, just in case you missed the announcement, Joss will not be at the Wizard World convention in Philly. I hope nobody here bought tickets for it based on the mistaken announcement that he would be there.

Philly and NJ get no respect!
How about London? London, England that is? I want to see it!!!
Good suggestion Rkayn (on sneaking into the theater) - unfortunately, though, I've seen people lined up for early screenings at that theater before, and I don't think it'd work. They keep it pretty tight, and only let those people with an actual pass to the screener into that movie. Too bad. If anyone ends up with a chicago ticket they can't use, though, let me know – i'm just a few minutes from the theater!
I did see that Nebula1400. Yes, I'm much relieved that I didn't jump on that news.

And many, many thank yous to Simon for so persistently following up on that! Gold star.
'Who is this "joss" person?


There's a photo at the top of the page. =)


Oh, THAT Joss! Riiiiight.

I was racking my brain.. ("Joss..Ackland? No. Joss..Stone? No..") I knew the name rang a bell. *slaps thigh*

Once again the brainy (yet attractive) folk at Whedonesque come through with the knowledge.
I can't believe we got one in Portland--we NEVER get things like that here! I'm just glad I was up so friggin' late! My computer connection wouldn't allow me to complete the Fandango transaction so I had to haul butt to a Kinko's to get it done, but I'm not complaining!!

May 5th can't get here soon enough...
Man this sold out so fast. And all over the place! This should certainly show the suits that the enthusiasm at the previous screenings was no fluke!

And we're going! Hahaha yezzzzz! I was so bummed this morning. But Vegas is close enough to drive from LA so here we come. Woo-hoo! Hopefully someone cool will be present there too. Come on, they all live in the LA area anyway and Vegas is close. Come on now... Joss, Nathan, the know you wanna come to Vegas. You know you want it....
I figured it couldn't hurt to ask that if anyone who has a ticket for Boston can't attend, pretty pretty please send me an email and maybe we can work something out. I have a puppy I don't want, I'll happily hand him over. Okay that would maybe be a bit horrible of me...
I have a puppy I don't want, I'll happily hand him over. Okay that would maybe be a bit horrible of me..., week comencing May 2nd, Serenity takings, $142,200. And a puppy.

Forget puppies, how many of us would sell our souls?
Forget puppies, how many of us would sell our souls?
At several points in my life I and other people have wondered whether I actually have one, but if I do, hell yes, I'd so trade it for a ticket. It has no apparent use, after all.
Does anyone know what happened to the "Can't stop the signal" banner on the browncoat challenge page?

I know I saw it there earlier but I can't find it now.
When the people who got tickets for the previews see this film, they will be blown away. Saw it last night in Sydney. Sure the music and the SFX are not complete, but WOW!

Have fun.

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Sure the music and the SFX are not complete, but WOW

Hmm...just HOW not complete? NO FX at all? No music at all? I'm curious now if I want to see it or wait until it's in all it's glory...
No Detroit? Curses! (Also, curses for being sold out everywhere I wouldn't be able to go anyway.) Motown shall have its revenge!!!


Best. Lyric. Ever.
I'm going to the Boston screening! Go me!
Most of the SFX are complete, but there are bits and pieces that are obviously missing. Doesn't detract at all. In fact, I found it really interesting. We were told at the beginning that the music score we would hear, was temporary.
Okay, I'm glad y'all are exited, but did NO ONE remember Tim Robbins mangling the word "Mimeograph" in "The Husucker Proxy"? Sigh.... The classics are forgotton.
Never seen The Husucker Proxy before. Must be, y'know, for kids.

Most of the SFX are complete, but there are bits and pieces that are obviously missing. Doesn't detract at all. In fact, I found it really interesting. We were told at the beginning that the music score we would hear, was temporary.

Ok, thanks! I feel better! I didn't know if it would be like: a ship blasts off from the ground and you see wires and a guy on the side making take-off sounds. ;~)
Ok, thanks! I feel better! I didn't know if it would be like: a ship blasts off from the ground and you see wires and a guy on the side making take-off sounds. ;~)

Now THAT I would pay to see. Especially if its Adam Baldwin.
< ADAM >Kkkkkkkkfwoooom!!! AHHH I'M ON FIRE PUT ME OUT PUT ME OUT!!!! < /ADAM >


The Washington Whedonites beseech thee...
Boy, between this and the word that Joss will not be at the Philly Wizard-con, the Mid-Atlantic States are getting slammed with a lack of Jossness. I have to agree with Nebula1400. With what Philly and NJ take in disrespect on a constant basis, you would think someone as sensitive as Joss would take a little pity on us...well maybe not. (sniff, sniff)

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In every good thing, there's always the ungrateful.
Have we broken the record yet for number of posts in a single Whedonesque thread?
Not by a long shot, Zachsmind.
"Most of the SFX are complete, but there are bits and pieces that are obviously missing. Doesn't detract at all. In fact, I found it really interesting. We were told at the beginning that the music score we would hear, was temporary."

Hm would that be the work of the composer they replaced then I wonder? Well as long as it isn't too much of glaring screeching brass work in the action scenes (like in Phantom Menace or Van Helsing) I doubt it'll matter much to me!

"Ok, thanks! I feel better! I didn't know if it would be like: a ship blasts off from the ground and you see wires and a guy on the side making take-off sounds. ;~)"

Or seeing the crew standing in front of a green screen with Joss popping up holding a sign that says "Imagine a space ship blowing up in the background" If that's not entertainment...

"Never seen The Husucker Proxy before. Must be, y'know, for kids."

Hah! Good one. Now get back to work or they'll dock ya!;-)
Joss - best of luck with this, but don't you know this site has rules about posting about your own work? You're in big trouble, man.

(Can't wait to see your movie.)
These screenings sold out so fast, that the email sent by to announce them arrived after they were already sold out for several hours.

For me it didn't matter since the "here in the United States" bit doesn't apply to me being Dutch (when will be that Amsterdam screening, anyway?) but still I think it is amazing that sending the announcement out takes longer than selling all the tickets.
It was Hudsucker Proxy?!?! Dammit, I love that movie... Although, I've only seen it once so that might be the reason for me not remembering it.
Joss posting yay.

After reading this thread I feel a strong need to rewatch 'Shiny Happy People' cause there seems to be strong reasons to suspect that Jasmine not only acts in the movie but also is actively involved in the marketing, or dare I say it, is it a Ben and Glory thing ? Have anyone seen Jasmine and Joss at the same time ?

The first drink after the movie should be for absent friends, those of us that for one reason or another have to suffer months of pain and torment waiting for Serenity.

We just had the premiere of the exciting new show 'Point Pleasant', what do you think of ... crap.

*Sulks in corner thinking that being geographically challenged can really #%&!# and (#%&).*

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Joss, you're a great man. Well, you're a good man. Sorta good. ;)

My husband saw this yesterday and decided that since yesterday was our anniversary (yeah us!) and I introduced him to the Jossness, he'd get me tickets for the screening. Sadly, all showings were sold out. So Joss, if you're going to be in Denver, can I have your seat? Please?
The future is now.

Look, Joss, I REMEMBER. Does that earn me a ticket? I swear I'll be extra geeky.
wait...Ben is Glory?
And Glory is Ben?
Is everyone here very stoned?
See. Now I could go to the Chicago one...but that would require a nice long drive right after finals...

Stupid finals. I think I'll now change schools and get a B.S. in the will be just as useless as my B.A. in theatre, and go really nice with my minor in procrastination. ^.~

Now there so needs to be one closer to Pleasant Michigan. Yep. That sounds close enough.
Not me, Watcher. I'm just full of cookies and coffee and waiting for my now 8 1/2 hours late movers to come move me into my new home. I could have watched the rest of the Firefly season while I was waiting. Grrrrr. Aaargggh.
Pssst. . . Rogue. . . you should minor in cunctation. Sounds dirty, but it's not. It's special. And nobody knows what it is. . . but everybody's doing it.
Why no screening in Ghent, MN? It is the rolley bolle capital of the world.
Now that I am over the overlooking of my hometown. I like the trailer and spent at least a few hours, during my night shift as a truck driver, pondering its effectiveness. Without the influende of anyone else's opinion of the trailer I am certain that this trailer is an excellent step in a triumphant ad campaign and the enlightenment of the masses. I have no fear that this conclusion drawn from ponderance will like the "kerry will win" conclusion similarly drawn.

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