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June 02 2005

(SPOILER) New Serenity images. You'll have seen some of these pics before but there's about 10 new ones. And very nice they are too (there's a bit of speculation in this thread that one particular pic is from a deleted scene).

Shiny pics. Gina looks gorgeous in that dress.
They are all so pretty. How does Joss do it?
Joss can take credit for a great many things, but I'm not so sure that the combined prettiness of the Serenity crew can be one of them. ;)

One interesting thing: for those who've seen the movie, I don't recognize this one at all. Deleted scene, mayhaps?

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Jet Wolf,
I recognize it from the December screening but, don't remember it from the May 26th screening.
I don't remember that image from either screening. Expound, TamaraC
Seems there was a sitting around the table scene in the December screening. Or I am just going crazy, which is entirely possible. it is very difficult for me to pinpoint exactly what was changed in the five months between the time I saw it the first time and then the second but, I "know" there was changes.
Maybe it's just a mix of fond memories and wishful thinking, but that console in the background of #19... does this thing have a definite Star Wars OT look?
I love the new pictures of Book, I find I didn't have enough of Ron Glass. And I really love getting a photo of Gina/Zoe in her 'dress with some slink'. These are really lovely photos. Thanks for the link (I would never find these things on my own).
Who knows, maybe Joss will add some of these scenes back in for the final version! I only saw the May 26th screening, and about 1/3 of those photos are unfamiliar to me, lol... but I was pretty out of it that night ;)
I would love to see that deleted scene added back to the film. I didn't get enough of that character and every moment of him on-screen would be worth it, IMHO.
I have a photo that absolutely wasn't in the May 6th screening - Kaylee holding a child on her lap and Book talking with Mal in the background. And it's not in this set either.

I'd love to know the backstory for that pic and have the scene it's attached to back in the movie.
ShelaghC, the picture you're talking about is the 6th image in the "Gallery" at the official Serenity movie website:

You're right, what was shown in the picture was definitely not in the version of Serenity that I saw on May 26th. The scene depicted looks great - it's not just Kaylee with a child in her lap but there's also Mal eating something and Book is talking with Jayne.

I'd also love to see more Book in the movie. Beggars can't be choosers or anything but I just love the character and would have been so happy to see more of him. The picture linked to in this thread with Book at a table with a, well, book - can anyone tell what the background is? Where is Book in this picture?
I don't recognize that last pic either. Must be a deleted scene. Maybe something fun to see in the DVD.
They all look pretty cool. It's nice to see Gina Torres in a nice dress again rather than combat gear that she usually wears in Firefly. Showing that women can be both tough and sexy.
Yeah I noticed that pic too. Don't remember seeing it at the screening either. I wonder what the odds are at least some deleted scenes will make it onto the DVD. Joss seems to've had enough free reign to make a 'director's cut' unlikely since this is pretty much the movie he wanted to make but I can always do with some deleted scenes. There were some really good ones on the Firefly boxset.
Was this interview with Chiwetel Ejiofor ever referenced at Whedonesque?
That picture/scene of Ron most defitely was not in either of the May screenings here in Portland. For that matter, the solo shot of Gina doesn't accurately reflect the scene it's taken from, either.
Some of these pictures strike me as on set psuedo-publicity shots. That's what I'd call them, anyway. Thus they don't necessarily have to reflect exact scenes, do they? For example, Gina in the dress may be a semi-posed shot taken before or after shooting the scene in question rather than a still of actual scene footage. Am I way off base here?

ShelaghC, I don't remember seeing that Chiwetel Ejiofor interview. Have you done a thorough search in the archives?
I can't recall that interview either. But it is a pretty good one -- only slightly spoilery.
Please, can't we have some kind of Wash Deleted Scenes? Pretty please?
Phleb - No, you're absolutely right. Most productions have a person on set hired only to take photos that will work well in a marketing program. These photos are sent out to magazines and are often used in printed campaigns, and if you look for it you'll notice that many of them are mislabeled in film magazines as frames out of the movie.
Hey, with that hat, Joss looks just like Andy Devine!
TamaraC wrote:
Seems there was a sitting around the table scene in the December screening.

Hey, Tamara. You really are on every board.

They may have cut the Book-photo scene to tighten up the flow. Or, because Book just might be reading a Chinese book upside-down. It's too small for me to say for sure, but some of the large characters in the middle look upside-down (ben3 maybe). That would make it a traditional right-to-left binding with the spine on the RIGHT as you look at the front cover.

Oh, and in general, Yay Univeral! But why have these additional pictures been online since 7 Jan 2005 and the Official Site didn't at least link to them?
I am everywhere, Ying. I couldn't stand to miss something.
Sometimes I do get the feeling that even though the officially released film 'Serenity' might be the way Joss envisioned it there are room for at least two DVD versions, not 'directors' cuts but 'audience' cuts, one for the fans of character development with the table scenes and the character moments that doesnt neccessarily add to the flow but some old flans live for and another version for the Sci-fi action crowd that wants a fastpaced action movie without any slow moments whatsoever.
The two versions could even have different endings, the better to satisfy all audiences :)

I bet the DVD's would sell really well and the studio would get a clear message which kind of film the audience actually wants.

Since I do know that Joss's time is limited maybe this could be even be farmed out ( to fans ? ) ?
I think what you want is called "sequels".

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