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June 07 2005

"Hi. I'm Anthony Head and you've got mail!". Sound files recorded by Tony for your computer. Fantastic!

And I love the Buffy clip he did too.

Hey, that's great. Anything spoken by Tony Head makes me happy. Lately I've been using Buffy/Angel/Firefly .wav files I've gotten off a site for my alert sounds. For a while I was using Kaylee's "Have good sex!" and then I went to River's "Just keep walking, preacher man!" and lately, Wash's "We've gotta go to the crappy town where *I'm* a hero." Lots of fun.

For mac users, quicktime will open .wav files and you can then export them to .aif files. It's the .aif files that you put in your home/library/sounds folder. You can then choose them via system preferences for alerts.
Hee...I wonder if they'd get upset at work if ASH said I had mail there...hmmm.
Talking of great sounds, I got my CD "Civilised Man" through the mail today...I love it! Never having heard James' real speaking voice, or anything by GoTR, I didn't know quite what to expect. The songs "This Town" and "Smile" are two stand-outs on a lovely album. The tracks are pretty varied; bluesy, Elvisy, some Elton-type piano, and definitely a Beatley-feel too in there. What I was unprepared for was James' sweet and tender voice.

(Incidentally, I bought Coldplay's X&Y yesterday, but I love James' more!) I have no higher praise to give.
I've never done anything like this to my computer, but I got it to work. Now if I could get him or James Marsters to say something sexy. Like Smithers having Mr. Burns say, "You turn me on!" on the computer.
I have Dawn saying "Holy crap!" as my critical stop sound and Willows "That's right big boy, come and get it!" as my email sound.

It's so easy to make your own. For Windows users, and lets not start that discussion again, put your Buffy DVD in the drive and use "Sound Recorder" to grab and edit what you want.
Heh, funny. I used to have some Buffy dialogue snippets as windows-sounds. Maybe I should put them up again. Gonna check Tony's stuff out here too.

Willows "That's right big boy, come and get it!" as my email sound.

Good one! I think I used to have Buffy saying "Hello, lover" for incoming mail, heheheh.
Cool I was talking about this with one of my Buffy friends yesterday. We've been working our way through season 2 during our lunch breaks and I can't remember what inspired it but I was telling her how I used to have Buffy soundbites as my Windows sounds. The only ones I could remember were Buffy saying "Ready To Rock" as my startup sound and "Come on, kick my ass" as my error sound. Might have to do this again now though :)
I have 'Grrrr. Arg.' as a general notifier sound and Buffy & Angel -love theme as a cell phone ring tone.
Thanks phleb for the info for mac users, I had no idea what to do :)

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