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July 25 2005

Serenity poster not finalised yet (reg required). Hardly the most exciting news ever, but Universal say the Serenity poster is not yet complete.

That's the sound of those internet experts going wild you hear

Here's betting they just make Nathan's head a bit smaller in it.
Indeed - I'm willing to bet it's similar. Blueish sci-fi'ish actionish with River and Mal centeral, to me, would strike as a marketing theme.
Bollocks, you mean to say I bought this Serenity poster for nothing? Shame on you Universal, shame on you.
Simon, you crack me up!
Simon, That makes me wonder. Do you think the absolute blueness in that poster would seem less appealing to TPTB if it was pointed out that blue is the color that this Serenity also uses?

I guess blue is just a serene color? Peaceful and relaxing.
Newcj --

Couldn't resist clicking on the link....

Wonder if it's not too late for some digital product placement (I see Jayne slipping on a pair before a confrontation, perhaps.)

The cross-promotion possibilities are endless. "See Serenity, and prepare for those unexpected reiver attacks with 'Serenity'".....
bobster, When you put it that way, it certainly seems like it could work.

(hee hee hee)
So, what exactly are we saying here Serenity is a blue movie?

(I am rather counting on the fact that this means the same in American English as it does in UK English .)
It does, miranda, though since I have not heard "blue movie" used in ages, younger folks may think it means "melencholy." Still giggle worthy though...

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