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July 28 2005

Official Serenity Poster. Image first spotted over on the official Serenity site.

Compare this to an earlier draft version. Note that the much-maligned "floating heads" are gone, the look on River's face is much more composed, and the words are a bit more faded out. I like this much better than the earlier draft.

I like it, actually.

Great background...the coloring actually looks, well, serene....until you notice River with the gun along with the words in the background. It's very Joss.

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I agree, I much prefer this version. The floating heads looked like a bad Photoshop job – as much as I'd love to see an ensemble poster, I'd much rather see a good one. I prefer River's expression more on this one as well. I approve. Which is, of course, exactly what the Higher Ups were waiting to hear.
So they changed everything people had problems with. Cool.
Love it. Can't wait to get it. And River still has the gun, doesn't she? And yeah, the mug shots at the bottom didn't do much anyway. Man, I love the lighting on River here.

I do think the basic structure of the logo could have easily been incorporated into this though. Just the word Serenity looks a little cheaper. With the Serenity shirts I made for the comicon I made a blueish version of the logo for on the back and it worked fine. I think the poster would've benefitted from keeping the basic logo idea in there somehow.

By the way I could swear this is the version I saw hanging up at the Serenity booth at the Comicon. Is this the case?

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Is it just me, or does River look more made up in this one?

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Huh, I just realized for the first time that Summer Glau may be left-handed. In this poster anyway, her trigger finger appears to be her left forefinger. Hmmm. People who've been to cons -- does she sign her autographs left-handed? (I know Joss does!)
Nice :) *looks pointedly at chris and bob* :))

[ edited by zeitgeist on 2005-07-28 17:41 ]
Much better.
Note to the wise: check out the named cast list. I can see the latest fan hysteria outbreak now.

[ edited by gossi on 2005-07-28 17:43 ]
Nope, she's right-handed.
Well gossi, it's tough to actually see the named cast list, but zooming in a few times makes it look as if Nathan, Alan, Adam, and Summer are named, and the other five are not. Hmmm.
Thanks, johnsmusicbox. So I imagine they posed her like that for graphic design reasons, so that the gun barrel would point left (from our POV). Okey dokey.
Excellent! Hmm, I wonder if someone was listening to our complaints on the earlier version...
Marketing people do monitor the official Serenity forum.
I am slightly concerned how much Serenity looks like a flying penis. ;)
It is much improved! River's expression is a lot better, I'm glad the floating heads are gone, and I'm glad she still has a gun. It really looks polished!

On the abbreviated cast list: It's understandable, are they really gonna try and put NINE names in there?

Anyway, humorous note, did anyone notice that it looks like it says "ASS" next to her shoulder? (obviously it's assassin, but you can only see the first part...)
You know the planet in the bottom right hand corner, by Serenity? Take a look at it. What does that look like, at a glance?
<Andrew-voice>Silly, silly gossi. Everything looks like a flying penis after you've over-analyzed it for a billion milliseconds.</Andrew-voice> ;-)
*grins at chickenbird's reply to gossi, raises eyebrow at deathstar looking planet* Ha!
Does anyone else see a double image of River's gun? Wonder what that's about.
^ cool factor, methinks.
Hmm. But it's nowhere else on the image. If it's not a mistake, then its a bad design decision.

Regardless, I think this is the best of all the versions I've seen.
Wow River looks ummm different.
Still not loving it, but this is better than before. But still don't like it.
Who are Special Ops Media btw?
Anyone else have a problem with "ass"? It is one of the more visible words on there too. [partial words, anyway]
Oh, and I still think "The Future is Worth Fighting For" is a clumsy, awkward, and finally meaningless slogan.
At least "You can't stop the signal" piques your curiousity about what they could possibly mean by that...
Hmm. But it's nowhere else on the image. If it's not a mistake, then its a bad design decision.

Hm yeah hadn't noticed that. The double gun thing looks like a mistake more than anything else. Like they accidentally left a layer in Phothoshop visible that should've been deleted.

Seriously though, are there any Browncoats here from the Comicon Stand? Isn't this the version you guys had hanging there?

(PS I agree the slogan is not the best I've ever seen...)
It reminds me of that X-Files movie slogan "Fight The Future".
well, I don't like it at all... it doesn't do anything for me.

If I wasn't a fan already, this poster wouldn't make me want to see the movie at all, and isn't that the purpose of a movie poster? to pick your curiosity???
I must be in sync with Universal's marketing. When I orginally saw it, I said get rid of the creppy floating heads and you'll be fine.
The slogan does nothing for me either. I was waiting for "In the future...things still suck." Or something like that....
And a hint of a picture of a Reaver would 'pique' interest, I think. (Sorry Canvilella - I am anal/retentive that way)
Willowy, I noticed the double imaging of the gun as well when I was comparing the differences in the two posters. At first, I thought it was speed of motion. But, as you pointed out, it didn't fit the rest of River's image. Think EdDantes is right, that must be a mistake in the photo lay-out.

And I agree the slogan isn't the best. I also thought 'X-Files'.

However, River's appearance is a huge improvement as are the the more subdued use of text.
I wish I could tell you that I love it. I just don't. But it's better than before.
I am slightly concerned how much Serenity looks like a flying penis. ;)

As if the new enhanced image of River is supposed to make firey penises fly?
This is a big improvement. I'm satisfied. Now, where can I buy one?
The double gun/hand/arm may be a mistaken concept, but I don't think it credible it was an oversight. I suspect the intent of the double image is to connote motion, much as the ship part of the image has been cleaned up to "pop" more, and the overall light/dark contrasts are sharper. The original poster was, IMO, very static.
It's only slightly better than before. It still not does much for me. Like canvilella, if I wasn't a fan already, this poster, wouldn't make me want to see the movie.

The slogan reminds of X-Files, too. Which is a downside in my opinion, because I think, X-Files downfall, began at this movie, that was just an example of how not to bring a tv show to the big screen, which was just a normal tv episode with larger sceneries.

"You can't stop the signal", would be much much better.

[ edited by Numfar PTB on 2005-07-28 19:40 ]
I can't see it. The link is dead.
It's an improvement -- with a little added color in flesh tones, and a stronger contrast between Mal and River. And the floating heads are gone. It's more dramatic. But I'm still ambivalent about it. The double gun/double appendage thing is just odd. It does not really suggest motion, and it really looks like a mistake. (I wouldn't have noticed the "ass" bit without being prompted, but it could have been fixed. Surely someone looks out for such unintended issues in the final form?)

The thing I find very interesting is how many versions we have seen of the same basic formula, including the version for the novelization. Interesting to see the process.
Yup, the link is dead. Can't see it either.
It disappeared of the Universal site, too. Wonder what's up?
can someone repost? anyone know of a mirror? the official site link is empty.
Great. As soon as we get to fiery flying penises, there's nothing to look at. Just my luck.
Did anyone save it?
Maybe they took it down to fix the design flaw. Heh.
The image is no longer there another link to it online?
I saved it. But if they removed it from the Universal site not sure it'd be wise to post again. Maybe they put it up too early.
Maybe they are enlarging the fiery peni--- Serenity, maybe they are egorg-- enlarging Serenity... or removing the double-image stuff. I do wonder what they are up to, though; pretty excited about the prospect of new trailer. Its gossi's fault my post got all pervy.
somewhere on the official site I noticed that the site admin had posted that they had taken it down to fix the "extra gun" glitch. It'll be put back up once that's done, apparently.

Znachki - great minds think alike? or something like that.

[ edited by greeneyes on 2005-07-28 20:22 ]
According to Serenity Leader - the double image of the gun was a "file problem" which is being fixed. They will re-link the poster as soon as it's corrected.

oops - looks like green eyes and I were posting about the same time

[ edited by Znachki on 2005-07-28 20:19 ]
I just missed seeing the new poster, too. I will check around, though, to see if anyone else has it.

I'm SO sorry for derailing the thread. Mods can feel free to yell or delete this, but despite the "How To" page, I don't understand (or have enough courage) to start a new topic.

I was checking my Yahoo! email account and started screaming. Guess what the main banner was at the top of the screen? The one put out by SciFi for FF and the Serenity trailer that we saw on IMDB earlier this week (was it this week?).
What a way to advertise! Can I just say how much I love SciFi? Honestly, so much better than F*X.

And to try to get back on topic (even though I still feel like jumping up and down), I think the poster is okay, but can use some improvement. I'm not too fond of Mal's picture, and the tagline is absolutely wrong for the movie (IMHO).

Edited to add: I'm keeping that Yahoo! page up all day... It makes me happy.

[ edited by obsessed on 2005-07-28 20:25 ]
I put a copy of it up on my web site. It's on the front page.
In the meantime, I've been thinking about the slogan. Though "You can't stop the signal" makes sense to us, I'm concerned what the non-fans would interpret that to mean. Most likely, with the subdue text, they may think this was another radio controlled cyber killer movie. Gosh, that would be so wrong.

Problem is, I can't think of a short, yet impacting statement to better describe 'Serenity'. Well, I did think of a few, but I won't mention them. Really bad, I'd be dodging thrown fruits and various meats for a week.
Thanks hazy. I dunno. THis is my first time seeing either the old poster and this new one and I don't like it. It looks fan made for some reason. I think they should incorporate more of the characters into the poster. THey should just start from scrap.
Been refreshing my Yahoo mail awhile, and still not seen it :(

"Can't stop the signal" ... yeah, actually when I saw the trailer I originally thought it was referring to some kinda catalyst that would set River off. Anyway, at least it would pique their interest a bit. Not that I love it either.
I amended the subject line, someone let me know when it gets rectified. I have to say I'm not greatly enamoured of this situation. The poster goes up and then goes down again, little bit sloppy.
"Been refreshing my Yahoo mail awhile, and still not seen it :("

Sorry about that! After reading your post, AnotherFireflyfan, I decided to try and see if I got the ad again. When I refresh the inbox page, it comes up pretty often. Maybe every six times. I hope you get a chance to see it!
Well, did a good thing saving the poster for their website. I thank them for that. It's still there, if anyone wants to look
I'd like to chip in with a request not to start linking to every banner and advertising you come across. Try to see our frontpage as a place to post the *best* of what's out there.
My interest was piqued; but then, after peeking, it peaked. Guess I was engorged.

So, anyone else bored at work today?
SNT -- right there with you :) Though I have a lot to do, I'm hyper and thus I don't have enough to do to that actually keeps my interest piqued :)
If you could see me now, you'd know I'm blushing a deep shade of red. Sorry about bringing up the ad Caroline.
Sorry, Caroline. Serenity_LEADER on the official board made it sound really official and final and "best", so I posted a link. I'm sorry. I won't do it again.
Some people suggested a couple of reasons why it may have been taken down. Just looking at the one on my web site.
If you look to the left just below her shoulder, it says ASS. The word ASSASSINS is cut off. Then in you look below, you see a shadow and her hand and the gun barrel are duplicated so it looks like she has two hands and two guns. I don't know, maybe it was something else all together but these are some of the theories out there. Don't mean to be spammy but if you want to have a look, it's at
WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY better, but it looks kinda Final Fantasy'ish.
Its kinda interesting to see so many say that nonfans wouldn't be grabbed by this. Have any of you SHOWN IT to nonfans?
Anyway back to Special Ops Media, are they the marketing people for Serenity? This sort of thing interests me.
Thanks for saving it, hazyone101, I'd been periodically clicking on the dead link for a while hoping to get a look.

To me, it's an improvement over the last version. It makes me feel like someone must be checking out the comments on this board, too, because there's definitely been some address of my primary complaint (not enough contrast of orange/yellow with the abundance of blue in the scheme -- now there's more of a balance). River looks more appealing to me here, and she's still got a gun to lure in the action fans.

I miss the other folks, though, and wonder if there might not be a third, even better version (yes, Uni designers, there really is no pleasing us) that includes the other players somehow. I'm just not sure what that would be, other than a variation on the strip running along the bottom like the other version. Maybe their heads could be faded into one another, in softer bubbles rather than following one another sequentially in a hard-edged strip?

I also generally like the slightly softened look of the whole thing; it reads as less a rip-off of the hard-edged sci-fi Terminator style. It's not ideal (I'd like to see the official Serenity logo in there, and abbreviating assassin as 'ass' certainly isn't the most effective subliminal wording they could have used), but at least it's clear they're trying.
I think the poster is back up now at the Serenity movie site.
Simon -- Universal Pictures is on their clients list. Also note this from the site:

This site ("Site") is hosted by FanPimp, LLC ("FanPimp") and maintained by Special Ops Media, LLC ("Special Ops") for your personal entertainment, information, education, and communication.


[ edited by zeitgeist on 2005-07-28 21:44 ]
Well, I like it. I liked the other too. I think I'll like anything that is public and promotes the movie Serenity!
ahh but it actually says EBEL ASS and we all know what that means... we do?!? :)
Willowy, they 'fixed' the gun. Good call, EdDantes.

Wiseblood, in this case, I feel less is better. Just can't think of a way to display all ten characters and maintain a good poster. It felt distracting with the head shots inserted in the draft. Need a bold image. Less is more.

Think you're right, there'll be another version.
I'm distracted by the "ASS." I can't believe nobody noticed that before going public with the poster. What were they thinking? It injects a laughable element into the art. Not good.

As for the rest of the poster, it's a definite improvement over the first one, although truth be told, I'm not crazy about it. But who am I to complain? We have a Serenity movie! I'm still pinching myself about that.
I like it. I liked the first one too. Hard to see River's face though on this one but I think I like the darker look. I kind of miss seeing the other characters though.
I kind of miss seeing the other characters though.

That really only works if your already a fan, or if those other characters were being played by recognizable stars.
I do not at all miss seeing the disembodied heads of the BDHs as I thought it was not the best way to go. Better to focus on a strong statement with fewer elements to confuse. Although the tag is kinda questionable as part of that as it feels a bit weak to me.
On the draft, River struck me as a refugee in appearance. On the latest poster, her look is more appropriate to her role.
Chickenbird, I wasn't talking about this poster. Nothing wrong with your post. I was just talking in general, not to get carried away with posting bits and pieces to the frontpage. Posts scroll off the page before people have had the chance to see them, the rate we're going now and we've been deleting a LOT of extraneous posts.

I'm neither hot nor cold on this poster. Looks ok to me, maybe a bit too much airbrushing on River's face. I kind of thought 'what's Dark Angel doing there?'
Oh, I see -- now it's a smokin' gun.
River looks very different on this poster. The first draft, she was like Ripley for something... this draft she's like the winner of American Idol, armed. Overall, though, I like the poster... don't love it, but I like it.
I'm happy with this poster. Very nice.
That looks great!
No, it still looks like a giant penis.... hahahah

Now the planet part is cleaned a bit or it's just me?
And there's still the ass word beside Summer's shoulder.
I think it's better than the floating heads. It's a shame that the rest of the cast don't feature on the poster, I think they could have been worked in better than they were before, but since that isn't going to happen this is the next best alternative. It's more basic, we have River, Mal, Serenity and the logo, so it's nice and clear. I like it.
I still don't really care for the poster, but I do like seeing the word "firefly" on it. Maybe it was there before, but I didn't notice it.
I see why they went with "Girl, Gun, Hero" on the poster. It's got to be a quick flash that is going to appeal to the lowest common denominator. Hey, knuckle-draggers fill seats too! ;)

Can I get a huzzah (I try very hard to work that word into daily use), for how stunningly handsome Nathan looks, though? Damn!

I would like to see an alternate poster incorporating the rest of the crew. I wonder what the actors feel when they see this one. As even-minded as I'm sure they all are, it must sting a bit.
A huzzah a day keeps the Reavers away!

And speaking of posts scrolling out of sight before we can see them, is there a way to make the Friday night Firefly threads stick around a bit longer?
That would be great! It disappeared off the page that same night!

Willowy, here's a huzzah from me and a hubba hubba too!! Definitely a very handsome shot of Nathan! But he always looks stunningly handsome to me!
And speaking of posts scrolling out of sight before we can see them, is there a way to make the Friday night Firefly threads stick around a bit longer?

I agree. Last Friday after Firefly aired here I came back to post a comment, and that thread was already off the page.
My god, I am glad I am not the only one who sees a penis in this poster. Between the smoking gun, the word "ass" and the phallic ship, I'm starting to think this might be subliminal marketing. :)

I do like this one a lot, except for the tagline (too generic), the penis-Serenity, the "ass", and the over-air-brushing of Summer. Summer is a uniquely beautiful woman. Her image on the poster makes her look less unique. But I have to say, it is a pretty poster, and it makes a statement. Plus our cappy looks like a BDMovie star.
Huzzah! And my knuckles don't drag the ground.....much.

Willowy, I'm thinking there be several posters of 'Serenity' so everyone will find their flavor.

The earlier one looked like an updated Star Trek. This is great, and really captures the human element that Joss brings to everything. I hope it ends up all over the place...
I really like this one. River and Mal look incredible. Plus, the gun's smoke is much more evident, which I think adds to the image of River holding the gun.
Laughing at all the "penis" comments because I seem to remember a similar discussion awhile back regarding this either when the movie was first announced and there was a poster shown or when the DVDs were first announced. I've never been able to look at Serenity the same since!! Does anyone remember that thread way back when?
That vaguely rings a bell, FF. I think it was the Serenity promo poster a long while back.
Thanks, Blwessels. I'm cracking up at my own comment which I completely forgot I wrote!
LOL - just read it!
Much better than the previous version. Not so generic.
I LOVE it. Gorgeous.
Anyone else think that blurry shadow to the right of River's head is a Reaver-figure?
I think they should get this poster up on IMDb and the Apple movie trailers website already. On the latter site, Serenity is one of the 8 featured posters on the front page, but the poster is the Serenity logo against a black background with "In Theaters September 30th" and "This Film Is Not Yet Rated."
Simon, Spec Ops Media run the Serenity site. Fanpimp wrote the software used, which is a generic ‘slot in’ fan pimping system. Universal basically contract these things out for $xxx amount of cash.
Cheers gossi, I'd just like to add that the cover of the official Serenity magazine will be the poster as well.

The slogan does nothing for me either. I was waiting for "In the future...things still suck." Or something like that....
Revello | July 28, 19:13 CET

I REALLY like that tag. Seems more Joss' humorlike!!
I need a copy (ASAP) of that version they took down due to the "file problem". Who has it?


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