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August 12 2005

And it seems The Leaky Cauldron Loves Joss. Veronica Mars, Harry Potter mention on Whedonesque leads to post on site.

For those who don't know, the Leaky Cauldron is one of the most active and most respected Harry Potter websites. This is really good "outreach".

Hmmm, clever man Mr. Whedon is. Come to this site and highly praise another show and a popular book series and before you know it, it is making the rounds on those other sites and people are now talking about Serenity and Firefly!!
Very canny; and kinda neat.
I loved the way they printed the 'article' at the Leaky Cauldron, with the links to the Firefly DVD, the Serenity movie official site, and Veronica Mars website. It really added a lot of information to a nice short article. I had figured that Joss Whedon was a Harry Potter fan, since he went to a book store to buy it the second it went on sale! I would love to read his review of 'The Half Blood Prince'.
I want Joss to direct Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. Yes, I live in my own little world, and I like it there.
OMG! How cool would it be if Joss directed one of the Harry Potter films? That would just rock!
It would not rock at all because then he wouldn't be doing more Original Joss-ness(tm)! Heheh... Over-enthusiasm aside, I would rather see Joss directing Joss-penned stuff, and most of all Joss-created & Joss-penned stuff.
Spoil my fun.
:)) Ok, it WOULD rock, but I would rather see more Serenity :))

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So, In the comments section over at TLC, my suspicions were confirmed. Melissa, the editor, is not only a fan, but is converting folks! WOO HOO!
I don't want to draw him away from his own workings, but I too would love to see a Joss-directed HP flick. I think he would have made a brilliant job of Goblet of Fire, but I'll settle for Half-Blood Prince. Or the grand finale.

And I'm loving the JW/HP interfacing-synergistic thingy here.
We could clone him in Ripleyesque fashion, then he could do both.
Well, I would imagine that Joss would only direct an Harry Potter movie if he could write the script as well. To me the end result could be the best Harry Potter movie to date, with a lot of focus on charactization, something that I feel doesn't always get enough attention in the Harry Potter movies. Plus I imagine that Joss career would get a big boast (if Wonder Woman doesn't already make him a huge well known director) giving him more room to get the budget to make any kind of movie that Joss wants to do.

Also this type of publicity makes me wonder if Joss shouldn't name drop more popular books/tv shows/movies with big internet followings, in order to generate even more publicity for his work and specifically for Serenity. ; )
Did anyone see that comment by the person who's never seen Buffy or Angel but is a huge Firefly fan? I mean... are there really people like that out there?
Having just finished JK's Harry Potter part 4, 5 and 6, I would love to see Joss make a movie on the HBP.
Did anyone see that comment by the person who's never seen Buffy or Angel but is a huge Firefly fan? I mean... are there really people like that out there?

I've seen plenty of people online who are like that as well as people who are Buffy-verse fans but have never seen of Firefly. Generally these people generally connect to the characters and actors and don't really know much about Joss and don't pay too much attention to what he has done outside of the Buffy-verse or Firefly/Serenity world.
We *love* Joss at Leaky. Love him. Every last editor a fan of one or more of his shows, and most of us waiting with really bad breath for the Serenity movie. It's all that waiting, we're forgetting to brush our teeth.

But seriously, this cross-fandom thing makes me happy too. Oh, the plural geekiness. Such a wonder. :))
cross-fandom geekiness... that would be like dream come true.

I owe my nickname wishing for cross-fandom geekiness. "PTB" doesn't stand so much for "Powers That Be", is mostly due to my wish for a lot of cross-fandom things.
Oh Joy! All of my favorite things wrapped in one tidy little package. Christmas has come early.
It's no wonder each of these appeal to our (ahem) discerning tastes as they are all products of excellence. All I can say is "SQEE!"
Plus a chance to reach the HUGE HP fanbase with Serenity info. Bonus.
I love cross-fandom too. I think it's great when people are all giddy and supportive of great stuff that might not fall into their own favorite niche.

That said, since I am appreciative of VM (but not a rabid fan), and lukewarm on HP...I'm absolutely DYING to know what The Man thinks of Deadwood. It's the ONLY show that has inspired the same kind of devotion in me that his own work has. Gaah! I so want to hear what Joss thinks of it.
I just think that the voice in the Jossverse is so singular that fans of either Buffy or Firefly will always think "Who does this voice belong to?" And then, you know, voila.

Also, I don't think Firefly has many casual viewers. There are the people that gave it a shot and decided it wasn't for them and didn't finish the series, OR there are people like us who immediately bow at the catalyzer.
Those who like fanfic may enjoy this little crossover (in a manner of speaking) between the Jossverse and HP:

(Sorry - I don't know how to make this a proper live link)
Yes it's possible. It could be a matter of what show you saw first when flipping channels.

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