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"Vampire cowboy? Vampire fireman? Oh! Vampire ballerina!"
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July 14 2002

Here we go, WHEDONesque is now open to all! The teaser is archived here.
New visitors, sign up now for those low, low user numbers.

Big round of applause for Milo and many thanks to Derek, Low, Tom and Stuart for their indispensable help during development.

And a very kind welcome to anyone who is joining us today.
Congratulations, gang! The place looks great.
Fabulous idea and great looking site!
This place has great potential! Congratulations on the launch, I can't wait for the new seasons to get started already.
"Come on, there've been portents for days. I mean, power surges, online shutdowns... You should see the bones I've been casting. I knew this would happen sooner or later..." There's a Whedon on the Internet. =)

Private Zacher reporting for duty.
w00t~ Congratulations!
hey - i'm goign to link to here. it doesn't make any sense to duplicate these beautiful and wonderful efforts. The site looks and behaves wonderfully.

Congratulations, I'lll reset my home page! or
Hmm, I know which name I like better!
Thanks, goneill!
Consider everything

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