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February 13 2003

(SPOILER) A casting spoiler for the final five episode arc. How many more new people do we need turning up in the show?

Anyone else think this new character bears some slight resemblance to Jesse Custer from 'The Preacher' comic books?

okay, that one's total crap, you guys.

this "caleb" they've described is a character from the passions-like abc soap opera 'port charles'. he's a vampire who had convinced everyone in town (himself included) that he was a kindly priest named michael. turned out, not so much.

actually, port charles takes alot of their cues from buffy. they have vampires, slayers (two. one male, one female), witches, and "angels" (though their angels are the kind from heaven), a few characters have unexplained magical powers, and right now they seem bent on redeeming the character of caleb (not unlike angel).

so i find it really unlikely that this is a true casting spoiler.
and i find it really sad that i know all of this.
Tensai confirmed this at the Cross and Stake last night, for whatever that's worth.

People have also noted similarities to the comic "The Preacher."
Maybe Joss is taking a slight jab at "Port Charles" and their vampire/slayer storylines by naming this guy Caleb? Just beward if you read any spoilers saying that 'The Stephen Clay Experience' is the guest band. ;)

Punkystar, I must be as sad as you...

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