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February 25 2003

It's official: Gellar is Gone and spin-off speculation is more up in the air than ever.

WOW. Rumor mill went from Faith spinoff nearly confirmed to NOTHING to less than two days.

I haven't seen anything like this since... well, I can't think of another incident.
Yeah... Although, anything is possible. The likelyhood of a Spike spinoff is rising, or maybe Dawn. Hopefully not Dawn... Ha, you know what would be funny? An Andrew show. Something like "Andrew the Wussy Wannabe Superhero Trekkie?" I'd tune in every week. :)
I don't see why a spin-off has to have a central focus like Spike (bleh) or Dawn. I think you could make a great show just around the Scoobies, trying to get by without that superhero in the middle. There's plenty to work with, in both the characters and the actors. Maybe Xander could actually get a storyline(!).
How about this for a spin-off:

Clem and Jonathan's ghost team up to help Kit and Carlos with their high school stuggles. Jonathan would be like Ghostwriter, and Clem would be like Mr. Feeny from Boy Meets World.

In one episode, Jonathan would help Carlos cheat on a test by writing all the answers for him. When Kit finds out and tells Clem, Carlos will have to learn a lesson about how cheating is wrong. In the end, they'll all make up and go bowling together.

We should have the nutty adventures of Amy, D'Hoffryn, Sam Finn, Wig Lady and Katrina. It can be called "Just The Five Of Us"

In one episode, Sam discovers that Clem has been suffocating people with his folds. Unfortunately, everyone has been trapped inside Doublemeat Palace on Wig Lady's birthday. D'Hoffryn and Amy are having violent sex inside the meat grinder and Katrina is currently feeling ignored because she has no powers... and she's dead.
Truly Buffy fans are living in interesting times. Well Sarah made the right choice anyhow and good luck to her :).

*waits for the onslaught of SMG articles about how she was an icon etc*
I'm not particularly interested in seeing her in anything other than "Buffy", though. Is anyone? Does anyone await the release of "Scooby Doo 2" with bated breath?
She certainly doesn't seem to have much of an eye for film scripts, that's for sure. This latest thing, "Romantic Comedy", she's supposedly signing on for doesn't exactly sound like a world-beater, either.
The real news I'm waiting for is whether there will be a spin-off/revamp series and what form it will take. The article doesn't specify whether SMG will be completely absent from any future series, or whether she'll do a Giles and appear occasionally. Also notice that the article contains at least one mistake: Nick Brendon certainly doesn't think this season should be the last. He and JM have argued strongly for an eighth and even ninth season.
I'm coming round to the idea of a new show with new leads set in the Buffyverse with BtVS/AtS cast members making the occasional appearance.
Maybe a spin-off will work, but you need a few of the original characters, for familiarity's sake. I can't really picture 'Dawn the Vampire Slayer' though- it just won't be the same. As long as the main writers remain, whatever they do should be good.
Count me as someone who is eagerly awaiting Scooby 2. Also, I liked Cruel Intentions and Harvard Man. I loved Simply Irresistible (I seem to be the only person who says that).

I curl up under my desk and sob when I think of a Buffy-free Tuesday, but if SMG doesn't want to keep doing the show, I'd rather she move on. If she doesn't have the enthusiasm, it'll come through and the show will suffer.
I don't get a lot of the more snide SMG comments. Yeah, her film work to date has by and large been crap (although "Cruel Intentions" was very fun trash), but what do people expect her to do--hang on to "Buffy" forever? She's spent seven years with the character, it makes sense to try to establish a film career now rather than just putting it off for another year or two. I suspect that some of the movies she's done were all that she could get at the time, given her schedule with "Buffy" and her reputation as a "teen star."

As for spin-off speculation--quite frankly, I don't really care. I mean, I'm sure that ME can come up with more worthwhile stories to tell in this universe, but I also don't see any compelling NEED for there to be more vampire slayer shows. I'm far more interested in the stuff that Joss, Marti, et al. do when cut free from "Buffy." First and foremost, I WANT JOSS TO DIRECT A MOVIE! It doesn't need to be a big budget spectacular, and in fact probably shouldn't be so that Joss can maintain his creative freedom; he's often talked about his earlier dreams of being a brilliant indie filmmaker, and certainly early "Buffy" managed to look damn good with almost no money.

Joss taking his medium-stretching, genre-busting sensibilities to the big screen, hopefully without the suits stabbing him in the back mid-process, a la "Firefly" ... now THAT gets me excited.
Must side w/ eixmi. I REALLY don't care what SMG does after this. Didn't watch All My Children before Buffy and I sure as hell am never watching anything as pathetic as Scooby Doo 2. #1 was bad enough...
I'm tempted to say 'goodbye, good riddance', but that's a bit too harsh. The Buffy-character has never appealed to me (neither has the whole female empowerment thing... I watched this show for the Scooby friendships.) and SMG doesn't appeal to me as an actress (won't be tuning in to her next ventures). Anyway, really have seen enough of her, but still like the 'verse and I hope there'll be some continuation, even if it's 'just' Angel.
I think Joss shouldn't bother with another spin off. So BtVS is over, but lets say AtS stays one more season. So Joss gets to toss in a Willow, a Xander, a Spike now and again. Who knows, maybe one of 'em becomes a regular. So that goes on for, say, that one season. Then it gets canned.

So at that point, Joss will still have Ripper (along the lines of buffyverse). I'd say, he'd give the cast a couple of years, meanwhile writing a killer movie. Bring the entire cast back .. ya know.. Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Return To The Hellmouth. He can get away with a lot more on a movie screen, everyone gets to be in a movie, la di da.. mucho dinero.. and possibly the final end.
ah, well---it was a great ride.
What happened to David Duchnovy when he left TXF to make movies? Oh, that's right. Nothing. I've never been a huge fan of SMG, but it pains me to think of losing the Joss-verse every week.. Angel? Don't leave me. (I so need thearpy.:))

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