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November 29 2005

Fox cancels Alexa Davalos' "Reunion". It's unclear if the network will show all the episodes produced. Also featured in the article is the news on CBS' (almost) cancellation of Threshold, which stars Robert Patrick Benedict, who played Jape in Buffy season 4 episode "Superstar".

Despite choppy writing, I was really enjoying "reunion", it's sort of become one of those freaky guilty pleasures.

damn it! They better show the episode with who was the damn killer.

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"Reunion" was definitely a guilty pleasure with laughable writing, inept acting, but an ingenious whodunit concept.

My guess is, now, we'll only know who the killer was if one of the show's producers or writers blogs about it.
Oh well, I'd fallen quite a few episodes behind - guess I won't bother catching up now.
Same here...I saw the first couple, but there was just nothing there to make me come back. Oh well...curious to see who the killer is though. Then again, I never even knew who died. Shows how much I watched.
I heard good things about Threshold, but Reunion was painfully bad, and even the commercials for Hot Properties made my skin crawl. Every time a bad show gets cancelled, an angel gets its wings...
Actually, Threshold was WORSE than Reunion. It had the lovely Carla Gugino to fawn over ... but not much else. "Invasion" is much better.
I was just starting to look forward to new Threshold episodes too... oh well!
I'm just heartbroken about Threshold, it was one of the new shows I actually liked and kept up with. Since I love Surface so much too, I expect cancellation is right around the corner for that too.
Watched the first two and a half eps of Reunion, never really grabbed me so I just ended up deleting the others from TiVo and saying buh-bye.
Tried watching Reunion, but I got up to the third episode and couldn't take it anymore. Really, I just found myself not caring at all about the characters. Maybe it got better, I dunno. Tried watching Threshold, Surface, and Invasion too. They got cut off my TV list real quick also. About the only new shows I've stuck with this season are Prison Break, Bones (yay DB!), and Supernatural. Of course, Prison Break isn't returning till March now (cuz the people at Fox suck as always). And Supernatural--yes, I know I swore never to watch the WB again--but it's totally a guilty pleasure. I lament the addiction, believe me.
So maybe we'll get to see Gwen Raiden again.
Reunion was awful, but for some reason I watched it. Doesn't surprise me that FOX got cancel-happy about these two shows which I thought were fairly popular.

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