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March 04 2003

James Marsters casting rumor Say what?
(scroll halfway down the page)

JM as Grand Moff Tarkin?? (Star Wars, Ep III)

Is this credible? I have no idea. Would it be cool? I think so .

He does have the cheekbones. ;)

I hope it's true! That would be awesome!
It's probably just wishful thinking, but the guy could definitely pull off the role.
This all started because some posters at the Buffy Cross and Stake Spoiler Board on Saturday night suggested that James would be perfect for the role, so sorry it ain't happening.
But...but... There was this lady over at TabRas who had some pretty good supporting evidence that it might be true...


Drat. Deep down I knew it was too cool to be true.
This also was an idea that popped up in an AICN talkback, like, a couple of months ago. Seems really incredibly unlikely, but James does have the cheekbones to do it.
No, it can't happen. I'm afraid that James Marsters is just too good of an actor to appear in a Star Wars film. George Lucas only allows mediocre acting, even from good actors, because good acting might distract from the real stars: the CG explosions!

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