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February 07 2006

Specs/technical details of ship Serenity. A member posted this seemingly official information on some Lightwave [CGI software] Boards, attributed to Emile Edwin Smith (who is indeed a VFX supervisor at Zoic Studios).

He also was CGI supervisor on the film Serenity and won an Emmy for Firefly.

Seven drawings with measurements of Serenity ship plus some other images

And description of Serenity's
- Dimensions and Weights
- Performance and Powerplants
- Handling
- Gravity

Apparently, his boss, Loni Peristere, has "gravitas."

Discovered by OLDFOGEY on Firefly

That is seriously fine.
I'd love to see this when it's finished!! Wish I had the talent and money to do this myself!!
So, so pretty. That high-res shot of Serenity entering atmo is my new desktop. And I kind of wanna get one of those schematics made into a poster.
Ain't she a beauty ?. Good find Ying.

Just started getting bored of my old backdrop too ;).
Wow... those are just insanely awesome. I feel like I should get some paper and print out some "blue" prints.
Fantastic link. Would have never thought I'd ever get sentimental looking at a spaceship...
Wow, is she just the fairest of them all or what? :)

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