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February 12 2006

Wondercon '06: Dark Horse Panel. From Newsarama: "Confirmation came Saturday at Dark Horse's WonderCon panel that Serenity and Buffy will both continue at the publisher, under Joss Whedon's guidance."

"Though little other information was given, Dark Horse’s Dirk Wood confirmed that Whedon will be writing another Serenity comic, set within the continuity of Firefly. Likewise, Whedon will begin the long-rumored to be in the works Buffy continuation, or, in shorthand, “Season 8,” as the television series ended after seven series."

It still hasn't hit me that we'll be getting a Buffy season 8.
NekoDeko: Do you know if will Joss actually write the Serenity comics themselves or will just provide the story as he did for the first comics. If he is just providing the story will Brett Matthews continue writing script.
I liked the Serenity comics. I didn't love them though. I'd like to see Joss write them. As for Buffy...BRING IT ON!! I'm dying for more Buffy. Thats what I live for.
derf: Joss said in the recent Marvel press call for Astonishing X-Men.

I'm getting back involved with "Buffy" comics and in a lesser way with "Serenity" comics.

But I don't know if Brett will be involved as he's writing the Lone Ranger comic book and is scripting a movie for Universal.
Thanks Simon, I only asked because the way it was phrased in the article made it sound as if Joss would be writing the new Serenity comics himself.
I know I might be in the minority, but if it doesn't happen on my screen and it isn't acted out by the cast that I love, I'll never be able to regard it as canon.
I'm glad to see both universes continue, even though comic form is not of course ideal. As long as Joss is involved and approves the stories. Better if he wrote them himself, but I understand he's becoming a big movie director, as well as occasionally needing to sleep and see his family. We should clone him.
From what I understand from previous articles, Joss is writing the script first story arc of Buffy Season 8 himself (4 issues?) and then after that he will only be working on the stories or approving the stories as other writers handle the scripts.
What I wanna know is, it's Angel that didn't come to its natural conclusion--so why's Joss going on with Buffy, when it's the one TV series he did get to conclude when he felt like it. I know he always said a big screen Buffy film would be fun to do if ever possible, so in my mind there was always the possibility of a bit more Buffy some day, though a slim one. This comic book Season 8 thing though kinda threw me when it was announced a while back. I'm too curious to pass it up, though I kinda dread what'll happen to it once Joss is finished with his opening arc.

Maybe it's just that the Buffy comics and franchise as a whole were more popular and better sellers overall, so he's re-launching canonical Buffy comic book stories to garner enough interest again to help a forthcoming canonical Angel sell well.
I'll be happy with whatever I get. Kinda suspicious of those who don't feel the same.

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