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What is a tag?

Tags are like categories, keywords or labels with the difference that you get to decide what that category might be. You can categorise your posts at Whedonesque with any tag you think is relevant. So when, for example, you are linking to a Angel episode review on Aint-it-cool-news, you could add the tags 'angel', 'review', 'aicn'.

If you've used before, you'll know that site allows for pictures to be tagged. Users of the social bookmarking service will be familiar with the concept too.

Why tags?

Tags make it easier to find stuff on For example:

How do I tag?

When you post a story, you'll see there's a new box in the form. That's where you can fill in any words or combination of words you think makes sense and are relevant to your post. Separate tags with a comma. Like so: word1, word2, word word3, word4

You can also go back through the archives and tag any of your old posts

It's tagilicious!

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