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July 19 2002

For consistency and clarity , the game master in this game is called the "Buff Master," and is always referred to as being of female gender...

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Some people like their RPGs pretty darn serious looking. Not me. I love a role playing game so simple you can play it while drinking beer. And let's face it: that's the best way to really enjoy a good role playing game. Drunk. In this Fudgebased game, you either play the Slayer, the Watcher, or a member of the Scoobies. If you're a Scooby, you get a deal. If you're a Slayer, you get a stake and no bubble gum. If you're a Watcher, you uh.. get to nag and fret a lot. Everybody gets to beat up on bad guys and stare blankly at big books. There's good stuff and bad stuff that happens to your character. The only thing the game doesn't provide for you is the witty repartee. And on top of everything else you get to save the world before you pass out. Don't forget to bring chips & salsa. And beer. Lotsa beer. If you invite me to play with you, I require vodka and fruit juice. I'll settle for Smirnoff Ice with grenadine. No Zima though cuz that stuff makes me wanna hurl. Personally I wish someone would cook up a playbymail BtVS RPG based on this Fudge system. That'd be fun.

So anyway. If you were playing a BtVS RPG, which would you be: Slayer, Watcher or Scooby, and why?

Ugh. The Fudge system gives me hives. Mostly because during my tenure working in the marketing department of a games distributor, I did not have an easy time dealing with the Grey Ghost people. They never sent us the product information we requested, yet constantly deluged us with info for games that weren't even scheduled to be released for months and months, and were just overall difficult to deal with. I still have a promo pack of Fudge dice that I never opened; they're the stupidest looking things in the world.

I would much prefer a Buffy game based on GUA's Tri-Stat system or WotC's d20 system than Fudge. And I would play a Scooby, because most of my RPG characters in the past have been of the 'wisecracking sidekick who can actually kick butt when necessary' sort.
The Guardians Of Order smelted everything down to Body/Mind/Soul which is good and simple. I like game systems that are more game and less system. As for WotC's D20 system, I came up with squat. Not familiar with it so I can't comment. Searching the 'Net, I'm seeing computer games and board games about Buffy, but no official RPG. Just fan-based stuff, which is probably for the better since very few corporate designed RPGs turn out well.
Searching the 'Net, I'm seeing computer games and board games about Buffy, but no official RPG.

Well, you know, except for this one, which was discussed here. It's by Eden Studios, who did the hysterical and smart zombie RPG All Flesh Must Be Eaten, so I'm hopeful.
Well. Okay. So. I'm an idiot. =)
Heheh, nah. That post scrolled off the front page pretty quick. And my post in this thread made it sound like there wasn't actually an official Buffy RPG. I apologize for any unintended snark.
No worries, Toddster. I didn't take it bad. =)

So is anyone game for a play-by-email BtVS RPG that's low on the mechanics & high on the fun? Does this already exist somewhere online? I don't have time to be a BuffMaster but I'd love to play. I've tried looking for MUSHs on the topic but most of them seem to take themselves pretty seriously. They get particular about continuity. I think it'd be fun to create a 'virtual playground' out of Sunnydale which existed outside the continuity of the show & allowed players to explore any characters and situations sort of simultaneously. People could play roles from the show or original creations.

I'd either be a Watcher (only if no one else in the group wanted the position) or I'd be a Scooby. Don't think I'd wanna be the Slayer even if ya paid me.
I'd like to play, but have no experience in RPG at all. There are a few RPGs on Yahoogroups.
There's six hundred and sixty-two! I didn't look at all of them, but what I do see I can't seem to make much sense out of them. In some cases, they don't seem to be active anymore. They go headstrong for awhile but then just peter out. Then there's messages several months later from somebody wondering if there's still anyone there, and some people respond saying yes.. and then nothin'. In many cases, one player will portray several characters at once, which confuses the heck outta me. To me that's like having a role playing game where everyone is Buffy. I can't keep track either way.

I wish there was some way to play an RPG online where whoever's interested at the time can just step into whatever shoes are available and be that character until they gotta go. Then they leave & the next person who surfs by someone just grabs them, throws them in a pair of shoes and says: "You're Xander! GO!" But then the guy in Xander's shoes would go, "What's goin' on?" and he'd have no idea & no one has any idea ...I think that'd be crazy fun.
Doing a little testing, trying to figure out what happens to the date when comments are edited.

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