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March 19 2003

(SPOILER) Joss Whedon on life after Buffy. Find out what's next for the Hollywood wunderkind.

"TVGO: Are things looking apocalyptic?
Whedon: Don't they always?"

Joss does give great quotes.

Interesting the way he says he has no idea what spin-off idea he might pursue. Purposely keeping expectations low, or genuinely not sure how to continue the universe? Always love the Joss interviews.
...the two universes are separate enough...

Interpreting the creative world-view in that statement seems a worthwhile exercise for writers -- the Buffyverse is robust but not stupid, Joss is in charge of his characters and environment, it's ok to say "stop" before raising a blister.

More support for Joss the UberBrain.
The problem is, everything's still so up in the air. Until he gets confirmation regarding which principal actors are definitely on board, he can't start structuring any spinoff. Imagine if he'd started fleshing out "Faith" the tv series and then found out Eliza Dushku dumped him for "Heroine"? I mean, all that work for nothing. In fact, behind the scenes, this may have already happened. He couldn't just hire someone else to play Faith. He'd have to start from scratch, so it's far too soon to build anything.

He's got no character foundation from which to build, until some actor looks him straight in the eye and says they're on board whatever it is. He could just build the foundation of a series on the "BuffyVerse" itself, ..and I guess I'll need to start calling it the WhedonVerse or maybe AngelVerse or whatever. Since it's no longer centralized on Buffy. It stands on its own.

The fictional world Whedon's created is vibrant and entertaining. Still lots of stories to explore. I personally could take any principal character from the past seven years of Buffy and build an entire tv show premise around him/her. If I can do that with little effort, Joss could probably do it in a tenth of the time it'd take me or any other fan, and it'll be ten times a better idea.

So it's a matter of patience, and time. Still it's fun to speculate. =) It could be kinda like Outer Limits or Twilight Zone. Each week a story is told that focuses on one or more past characters from Buffy or Angel, or maybe entirely new characters set in the Buffy/Angel Universe. Unfortunately this approach would not attract a mainstream. Too many injokes and references to shows past & present (maybe even obscure Firefly references) which would attract people like you and me but leave the vast majority of tv audiences in the cold. Perhaps it'd be better to start from scratch. Too much baggage is part of what made Star Trek Deep Space Nine sometimes painful to watch.

However, if he starts from scratch, Whedon might as well try to breathe life into Firefly again. I don't envy him. There may not be a successful business model no matter how he slices the BtVS carcass.
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