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April 05 2006

(SPOILER) Marvel hypes Astonishing X-Men #14. We're promised that Joss' next issue "contains a historic X-Men moment, one that readers have literally been waiting years for." Here's a subtle hint, the cover may give the whole thing away.

Those two getting together is a historic moment? I don't read X-Men, but it doesn't seem that should be so big a deal.
What is it with Marvel and having Logan go after whoever Scott's with? /sigh I mean its Joss, so I'll but it, read it, and like it, but not so much with the exciting and new.
I personally think it's a red herring.
Quite possibly, Mack. If it's not and the next Serenity comics have Mal being eaten by Inara, panic. (And laugh).
Yeah, if you read #13, there's definitely some "not everything is as it seems" going on.

Anyway, I think it's gonna be more than that. I mean, Joss himself has hyped some of the upcoming moments:
There's a moment coming up in issue #14 that is something I've been waiting for since before I got the gig. The whole Kitty and Emma dynamic, which is going to get more fun, with her little slap down in issue #2, they're all little personal moments between the peeps, those are the things that always completely get in. In issue #15 I have a Logan moment planned that I think is going to just completely alter the fabric of the actual known universe! (laughs) Not to oversell it, but the world is going to turn the other way and Margot Kidder's going to come out of a ditch. (laughs) [ed: "laughs" are audience's not Joss']

(BTW, happy 10,000th link! Does Simon win a prize?
I saw Mack and immediately thought David Mack and went 'Woohoo!!!' :) gossi - you may want to explain that better :)

ETA - Congrats on link 10,000 to the man responsible for nearly 1/4th of them anyway :D
Wow, 10k. That has to be worth a mini-mars bar or something. Posting link 100,000 as well gets you a toaster and a rousing chorus of 'For He's a Jolly Good Fellow' ;).

Yeah, events in AXM 13 definitely point to something 'more than meets the eye' going on .
(BTW, happy 10,000th link! Does Simon win a prize?

Good call, jam2! I stopped by just to be on thread number 10000 myself. Suit up! ;-)
That's really somethin'! Congrats to all at Whedonesque!

Simon, your new name is officially "Link". :)
Hey, didja notice we're all in bold?

And I fixed it! Super Unpluggedman to the rescue! :-D

And, yeah, I highly doubt Emma and Logan trading saliva is the big historical moment. I just hope that #14 isn't as scarce with the words or story as #13 was, because as much as I enjoy the series, since I'm paying $2.99, I'd prefer to get a bit more bang for my bucks.

And yay for the 10,000 links!
Thanks for the fix, UnpluggedC. I went ahead and fixed it a little upstream also to get rid of all the overpowering whiteness.

I'm still waiting to feel the love for this part of Joss's AXM run, but I'm confident it'll all start moving and shaking. More Kitty is always good. Hint.
HM Everyone loves Cassiday but sometimes it seems like his characters look a little "off-model."

Jean and Scott it seems are a bit more rounded off than most artists portray them, and it's particularly weird with his Phoenix. (His Scott looks find with the visor on though, so maybe it's the awkwardness of seeing him without the thing)

And entirely unrelated, but I really still haven't caught on to comic book release dates. It seems like we hear about something coming out long before it ever does get released and often I just forget that I was going to be into a title until I come across it suddenly.
orangewaxlion, it's even worse for those of us that maintain comic subscriptions. Orders have to be placed 2 months prior to the release date, but then if it's delayed it's not unlike Diamond to cancel the item either. A big pain in the arse. I find the best way to pick up on release dates is to get a previews mag. It'll have dates. Alternatively, My Comic Shop has a nice searchable version of the previews under their subservice (you don't need to be a subscriber to view it).
Eww. I believe I'm a little behind on this comic, but still, I have never understood how someone so short, hairy, and short-tempered could seriously be in competition with Scott so often. Not to mention the HAIR. I mean, honestly, Cyclops usually has the personality of cardboard, but Joss really does give him oomph, but Wolverine is ALWAYS the same. And by that, I mean, unappealing to women. As a superhero and a character, he's just fine, but you dont see like, Beast getting so much action.

Suffice to say, I'm hoping she's got some dirty alterior motives or dream sequences up her sleeves.
And by that, I mean, unappealing to women.

Which is clearly wrong as all the women I know love the character... and the women in the X universe probably don't have the same hang ups about hairy men and mutants... and comparing his action to Beast? Well, I think that may come down to personality - Logan is a strong alpha male.

Also, Beast is blue ;-)
I think it's the attitude that gets 'em, numbereleven
C'mon, Wolverine's like a babe magnet. Just enough bad boy to be intriguing, kind of a shady past (less so now I suppose), motorbike and, if necessary, he could so utterly protect his significant other in a fight, the guy's nigh indestructible (anyone reading Ultimate Wolverine vs Hulk ? I did say nigh indestructible ;). Plus, he can sniff out Truffles which is very lucrative so the money's not a problem.

I'm still waiting to feel the love for this part of Joss's AXM run, but I'm confident it'll all start moving and shaking. More Kitty is always good. Hint.

I thought the bit with Wolverine in the Danger Room was excellent, SNT ('What am I, research guy ?' ;) and though I agree more Kitty is always cool, I think she's quiet at the moment because her and Emma are gonna throw down big style in the near future (or i'm hoping so anyway).
My vote is Wolverine is appealing - strong pig headed alpha males are attractive, besides Cyclops is boring (I like the "has the personality of cardboard" statement!).

For the movies they have Hugh Jackman (who isn't exactly hard to look at) play Wolverine - why? To make him more attractive.
Emma doesn't look like she's enjoying herself on that cover.
Female the last time I checked, and Wolverine has always been my favorite:)
Who here is reading stuff in the X-Universe outside of AXM? I gave it up around the time of Age of Apocalypse and never came back until Joss lured me in with promises of Kitty and, you know, characterization :)
Agreed. Wolverine has my vote too.

Except whenever I think of Hugh Jackman... as singing Oklahoma! with a skintight black costume, overgrown burlyness, and a toughguy look... I giggle (or as close to giggling as I will allow myself.)
Not me zeitgeist. I've never really read X-Men in an ongoing fashion though the last complete story I read (borrowed from a mate at Uni) was X-ecutioner's Song. Didn't like the multi-title cross-over idea even then and I also felt it was a bit soapy so it didn't really grab me. I've read the odd trade here or there since (Origins was the most recent) but I guess i'm more a DC fan if i'm honest (strange in some ways since Marvel are more known for their characterisation, one of the things I enjoy most about Joss' stuff).

I'm really enjoying AXM but I feel i'm maybe missing out on a few things since i'm not an X reader (). The writing and art are so good though that it's still well worth reading.
I'd pretty much given up on all comics until Joss sucked me back in. Now I'm reading X-Men, Uncanny, Wolverine, Deadly Genesis and Son of M (I think that's all the X-titles at any rate) as well as lots of others.
Female here, too and it's always been Wolverine. Scott, on paper, sounds so much nicer and all that, but he's just too bland. He's the Riley of the X-verse. Even before Hugh Jackman played him, Wolverine was tremendously popular among the fandom, male or female. He's been slashed with everyone in fanfic, including Cyclops. OMG! Maybe that's the revelation -- Logan realizes it's Scott he's wanted all along! Or it's the all gay, all naked X-Men we've been waiting for?
For the record that's not what I meant when I said up-thread I hope Kitty and Emma throw down. But, y'know, let's not dismiss it out of hand ;-).
zeitgeist, I just got back into comics regularly a couple weeks ago, and am reading every X-title. :-D
I've never heard of anybody not like Wolverine before. But then, there are people who like Riley... (okay, well, there's Simon) ;)
Personally, I think what's going to happen is Kitty and Piotr, um... consumating. Getting it on. You get the picture. They're back together now, and back in the eighties when they split up, Kitty was still basically a kid, so this would be a first. Definitely something that fits the fans-have-been-waiting-for-years thing.

Also: I recognize the exact scene those preview pages are flashing back to. The Geek is strong in this one, yes it is. :-)

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I think the problem with Wolverine is that he got over-exposed in a lot of comic books and that put some fans off him. I think Marvel at the minute are trying to restrict the character to a handful of series.
Ok - Cyclops has the personality of cardboard and is the Riley of the X-verse. Poor Cyclops - he's lost ;)
I think the problem with Logan is that there exists a culture of anti-fanboys (the comic readers that only read to find something to dislike and then go on every comic forum possible to make as much noise about it as they can) that physically need something to whine about and Wolverine became the target of choice. Those people just cannot abide a successful character.

It didn't matter that in an average month there were many characters (Superman, Spider-Man, Batman) that were making just as many appearances, not to mention having multiple titles of their own. Wolverine was just too damn popular for some peoples tastes and so the "Let's Pile On Logan" campaign began. It's a shame Joe Q actually took any notice at all of the whiney anti-fanboys but it does seem like he is making an effort to limit Logan's appearances somewhat.

If I were the EiC at Marvel I'd have gone the total opposite way and done a Wolverine event month where he guest starred in every book the company published. Hell, I would have had him appear over in all of DC's books too, just too really piss them all off, hehe.

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