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April 05 2006

Tom Lenk and Jenny Mollen join the Weekend with the Stars. July 15-16, 2006 in Las Vegas, NV. Tom and Jenny will be holding an art exhibition, of their work at the event. They will be joined by Andy Hallett, Summer Glau, Clare Kramer, and James Leary.

Is this the first time that anyone will have seen their artwork? I'm curious to know what kind of styles they go for.
I know Jenny brought some of her work to the Booster Bash back in 2005. I didn't get a chance to see it. I don't know about Tom's work.
Let's hope Tom's is better than the fan artwork he decided to display to the audience and take the piss out of during his one man show; people in glass houses and all that...
Jenny auctioned some of her art at last years Starfury Angel convention. I liked it but couldn't afford it.

eta - Modern oils irrc Simon

And Tom was very nice about my fan art when I met him, but I guess it was face to face and he wasn't after any laughs at the time. Being in the same room as Jonathan Woodward had him a little subdued I should imagine.

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Thanks for that The Do That Girl.
Simon, has photos of seven of her paintings. Quite nice.

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