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April 06 2006

(SPOILER) More "Drive" Casting News. Alan Ruck and Melanie Lynskey are the latest to join Tim Minear's drama pilot. (Note: Contains plot spoilers for the pilot episode).

"DRIVE (FOX) - Alan Ruck (Stuart Bondek on "Spin City") and Melanie Lynskey (Rose on "Two and a Half Men") are the latest additions to the drama pilot, about an illegal cross-country road race. Ruck will play John Ashton, who's described in the casting notice as: "40s. A bespectacled, buttoned down sort. He's an MIT grad and rocket scientist whose wife recently left him for a far wealthier man. John has recently grabbed his daughter, Violet, out of school, ostensibly for an impulsive "road trip." In actuality, John is also participating in the mysterious race. When he inadvertently insults his sensitive daughter, she runs away, leaving John frantic to learn her whereabouts."

Lynskey then is set as Wendy Patrakas, who's detailed as: "Late 20s-early 30s. An appealing young suburban housewife. She would be cheerful and outgoing under normal circumstances, but presently, she's under some enormous strain. On the lam from her husband, Wendy has also joined the mysterious race, apparently with her infant in the back seat of her car. However, when she's pulled over by the highway patrol, it's discovered that her baby is actually a plastic doll. Whether Wendy is actually the mother of an infant, or whether she is merely pretending to have a baby for the purposes of this bizarre, deadly contest, remains to be seen." Emily Stone also stars in the 20th Century Fox Television-based hour, which comes from creators Ben Queen and Tim Minear. Greg Yaitanes is directing."

It's probably worth modifing the topic to clarify this contains plot spoilers for the pilot episode.
Edited to reflect Gossi's suggestion.
Hurray! Thanks. It's not a big deal, but I suppose some people might want to go into it fairly blind.

I have to say, so far, none of the cast has grabbed me.
Alan Ruck is great :)
Jackal - if you put a spoiler tag on the topic and then in the extended description put said spoilers what purpose does the spoiler tag serve.
Well, my intrepretation (which often varies from other peoples) is that some people might not want to know any spoilers at all, whilst other people might be okay with minor plot spoilers. Or something.
The general premise of a show doesn't need a tag, detailed news (via casting sides etc) like this probably warrants one.
Whaddya mean Bruce Willis is dead throughout the entire film ?


(normally i'm in the pathologically anti-spoiler camp so I appreciate the heads up)

I second the Ruck love (well, manly regard anyway ;). Liked him since I first saw him in Ferris Bueller's. Then Speed and he was great in the few episodes of Spin City i've seen.
Whether Wendy is actually the mother of an infant, or whether she is merely pretending to have a baby for the purposes of this bizarre, deadly contest, remains to be seen

Good to see the spirit of Aidan continuing ;).
gossi - I meant people will not click the link, so not to read the spoiler tag but they may click the comments section here to see what people are saying regarding the casting news. However, in this case the said spoiler that they might not want to see is in the extended description of the thread. So the soiler tag defeats the purpose, unless most of the extended description is removed and only the new cast members are listed.
Oh, is this the same Melanie Lynsky who was so wonderful as a teenager in Heavenly Creatures? Kate Winslet, her co-star, went onto stardom while her career stalled even though they were both really good in it.
I agree with RavenU. I've always understood the spoiler tag to mean that the linked article contains spoilers. Everything that is on the linked page about the show is also in the extended description. Some people skip the link to avoid the spoilers in the article, but read the comments to see the discussion. There's no way to avoid the spoilers in the article when all of it is viewable on the comments page.
When Cameron was in Egypt's land. Let my Cameron go.

Ruck deserves this.
Just to defend myself - I put a spoiler tag and then included the article in the extended description mainly because I assumed anyone who really didn't want to be spoiled would not read the comments as well as the article. Also I noticed the other day that the Futon Critic deletes some of its oldest articles, so for archiving purposes its all here.

[ edited by Jackal on 2006-04-06 17:02 ]
Yeah, Jackal's right. If spoiler-phobes don't want to know anything, hello? Just SKIP IT if the word "spoiler" is there. Didn't know that "spoiler" meant one thing and "spoiler" meant another! :/

Jackal - Then might I suggest that that is why there is inviso-text. If your going to put the spoiler description in the extended description then mask it with inviso text. Maybe some people don't want to be spoiled by the shows premiss or plot but they might still want to know who is cast in it and talk about that.

Willowy - The spoiler is in reference to the show's plot, which is noted. However, the tag is about casting news and some people may not want to know the shows plot but they may want to see the discussion on the people cast or even make their own comments on the cast.

[ edited by RavenU on 2006-04-06 16:50 ]
People, I assume everyone knows what "spoilers" mean. If you can't help yourself but read the article that's your problem. Leave Jackal alone, it's not that big of a conroversy.
My understanding of spoiler is that it applies to both the article AND the discussion here - otherwise you'd have topics where people can't talk about the article.
No, they can talk about it, it's just we'd have to kill them afterwards ;).

I always thought it applied to the comments too (possibly except for the cases where the actual news isn't spoilery but other stuff on the linked page is). Inviso text is for spoilers in a non-spoiler tagged thread (or off-topic spoilers).

Anyway, I say we take off and nuke the site from orbit. It's the only way to be sure.

edited because I owed karma a 'to'. I'm just trying to be a better person. My name is Saje ;)

[ edited by Saje on 2006-04-06 20:40 ]
I love Aliens references. Off topic.
Good to see the spirit of Aidan continuing ;)

Tell me about it, I just watched that ep of The Inside on Tuesday. Wow... Have several more awaiting the time to view them; can't wait for more Tim on my tv!
I found some more character descriptions in a casting/audition notice. It contains the same character descriptions as above, plus several more. More SPOILERS HERE near the bottom of the page.
Leave Jackal alone

But wouldn't Jackal get lonely? :p

Not blaming anyone, just agreeing with someone else's understanding of what the spoiler tag means. The only opinion that counts is the admin of Whedonesque.
Just as a sidenote, if you edit your own profile, you can have the site not even show you posts that are labeled as spoilers.
Yeah, but then we couldn't moan about it. What fun would that be ? ;-)
Coming to the party late, without much original to say, but I guess I'll add my "votes" to the various discussions here:

Yay Alan Ruck love (in manly way), yay Tim, yay Melanie Lynskey (based on Heavenly Creatures), not so excited by plot descriptions so far, spoilers are best in invisitext, always fun to moan.

Wow, with so much voting done, I feel so democratic! ;-)

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