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April 06 2006

Serenity to Play at Ohio 24-Hour Sci-Fi Marathon. From noon to noon, April 22-23, the Drexel Gateway theater in Columbus will be playing oodles of sci-fi films. Serenity will play alongside Forbidden Planet, Godzilla: Final Wars, and Tim Burton's Batman.

Ah. Will add to CSTS, which is rapidly running short of any forthcoming screenings.
The Riverview in Minneapolis has been running it on some Fridays and Saturdays, if you would like I can check and see if they are still doing it. I know that the local Yahoo Group for FF/Serenity attended the past two weeks.
Yeah last I heard March 24, 25, and 31 were the last I've seen of midnights at Riverview. I've been keeping an eye on the MN-Firefly posts.
Cool :) There's a charity screening or two yet to come, though. In June, I believe, but stay tuned to MN-Firefly for more.
Wow, I actually live in Ohio, but a few hours away from Columbus...don't think I'll be able to make it... :-(
There's a charity screening or two yet to come, though. In June, I believe...

Well, yeah, because I've spent the last two to three months trying to get people to organize them. ;)

That always was the actual reason for launching the Can't Stop The Serenity website in the first place.
Sorry, bix, didn't connect you with that at first. Good on you :)

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