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April 06 2006

James Marsters and Friends tickets to go on sale April 8th. The date, venue, other guest and ticket prices have not yet been announced. However, all information regarding James' only convention appearance this year will be on his site by April 8th. The tickets will be on sale 11 am ET on the 8th. UPDATE>

The newsletter e-mail with the first details:

"Details of the unmissable event extravaganza James Marsters & Friends will be revealed Saturday, April 8, 2006.

Tickets for James' only convention anywhere in 2006 will go on sale at 10am Central USA time and 4pm UK time.

There are only 100 exclusive premium tickets available for the weekend special in Los Angeles. Demand for the premium tickets is expected to be high and they will be sold on a first come first served basis. Payment for these tickets will be through PayPal only.

Gold tickets are also available and can be paid for through PayPal or with US Dollar Travellers checks. The venue is offering first class accommodation, which can be booked after ticket purchase. The venue assures
us that they have full disabled access.

Full details will be released Saturday, April 8 at:

Alaska, USA - 7am
Pacific Time, USA - 8am
Mountain Time, USA - 9am
Central Time, USA - 10am
Eastern Time, USA - 11am
Toronto, Canada - 11am
GMT - 3pm
London, UK - 4pm
Paris, France - 5pm
Sydney, Australia- 1am, Sunday (sorry!)
Scott Base, Antarctica - 3am, Sunday

Be sure to check on Saturday, April 8 for details."

UPDATE from jmnews:

Following a number of enquiries about methods of payment through PayPal, we
have been able to widen the range of credit/bank cards that can be accepted for James Marsters and Friends and we thought you'd appreciate knowing that as soon as possible.

If you are planning to purchase tickets for James Marsters and Friends, you can now do so on PayPal, either through your PayPal account or through the following cards: Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, Eurocard, Visa Delta/Electron, Switch/Maestro and Solo. Card availability is dependant upon country so please make sure you stipulate the correct country when placing your order.

We look forward to seeing many of you at the event and hope that you will be able to join James for a very special weekend indeed.

Ok, so I know what I'm going to be doing Saturday morning.
Yeah, I know what you will be doing to - crashing a few servers.
Scott Base? Too cute for words.
Those pesky Spike fans get everywhere.
Would be nice if they would put up the details *before* the tickets go on sale, so people can decide if it will be worth their money(of if they can even make it!) before all the tickets are sold out.
I think they should give a free ticket to the first fan from Scott Base Antarctica to book!.
I'd like to attend this event with friends, but how am I supposed to consult with them first? This ticketing set-up is ridiculous. At least give people an hour to consider their options!

I feel like I'm being counted on just to feel grateful and buy whatever they put in front of me.
Yeah, would be nice to have some idea in advance, rather than "Ok, GO!" :)
Hm, honestly I fear this will be just as expensive as the last in event in the UK ( or even more), which for me was far too pricy.
You know, I really do love James and I would almost consider myself on the crazier side of his fen.

But he needs new management desperately. This is ridiculous. And, frankly, insulting.
Unless you want to be in the first few tickets, you have plenty of time to take a breath, consult friends and decide if it is for you or not.

Past events by them show it is likely 5-600 dollars for a VIP ticket.

Fans in Antarctica will be up late!
As annoying as the lack of advance info may be, this is grand showmanship. The emphasis on limited ticket sales, high demand, listing the time of sale in various timezones around the world, the big voila! reveal of guests and venue- people will be falling over themselves to buy.
Sansmercy is right. Given that many events just announce, and if you're not online at the right time you miss the start time, I'm not sure what all the "insulted" is about. At least this way, if I were the kind of person who's desperately keen to be in the front row, I'd have a shot at being online at the right time. And I've never seen a Jossverse event where all the tickets went in the first hour or two anyway, so for the rest of us there's plenty of time to consider the issue.

I've worked out the Antarctica thing. James's next role is The Penguin, clearly.

But he needs new management desperately. This is ridiculous. And, frankly, insulting.

It is fairly bad management to announce an event sale time - without any actual detail. I suppose it could count as viral marketing, but you know, I think it'll likely just piss his fans off - and that's the audience they're selling to.
roadrunner -- what's insulting is the assumption that people will buy the tickets without knowing all the pertinent details. It implies that we're sheep who live to slobber and hand over our money without thought. Or at least it does to me *shrug*
It implies nothing of the sort - no other events even give advance notice, they just say 'check the site' and expect fans to warn each other.

No-one is forcing you into a snap decision, it is entirely up to you if you want to decide in seconds and spend hundreds of dollars.

Personally I'll check the site, take a few minutes/hours to check all the details and buy or not, accordingly.
If the tickets sell out so quickly that there's no time for thought, I would think Marster's manager is doing something right:)
Very true, and if he is as terrible as you all seem to think, then you have plenty of time to decide. So no problems at all there ;-)
Well, it doesn't piss me off. I find it all very intriguing. Friends? Romance? I am hoping for a play.

ETA: Ramses, LOL! You make a good point there.

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"what's insulting is the assumption that people will buy the tickets without knowing all the pertinent details"

But they will know all the pertinent details, presumably, at the time they are asked to buy.

Seems to me people are just upset because they're not getting instant gratification NOW - haven't you ever learnt, anticipation can be fun ;-)
I do think that those people desperate enough to see up Mr. Marsters' left nostril the whole weekend ought to take a breath before purchasing to see the terms and conditions as well as other important information.

You shouldn't buy anything online without doing that, it is your own fault then if if doesn't measure up to your expectations. I have done this before for a concert.

I appreciate the advance warning, I had plans for Saturday that will need to be adjusted.
As has been said above, unless you want one of the 100 premium tickets I don't think you need to decide straight away or even for a week or more. As was the case with the JM/DB Halloween event it was announced that it was the two of them and what price it was all in one go. Guest were added later on.

I can say one thing about JMLive, and of course this is only one person's opinion, but they are very well orgnaised. They have already laid out how payment can be made, which I thought was farsighted of them as it prevents any confusion right from the get go on that front.

I think they've played this one quite well, with the hints of what is to come. People pretty much know roughly the range of price for these types of events by now and should know whether or not they could stump up the cash. I think the would they stump up the cash question depends on who exactly the "Friends" will be and whether or not you want to see them enough to pay the asking price.

If you can't fix it, ya gotta stand it. *having a BBM moment, sniffle*
How do I know if I want to buy a premium ticket? Chances are very good that some fans will buy them as soon as they're available, without much care as to what the details are, because they want to be in the 'premium' section of whatever James is doing. And that's fine for them. But there are some of us who might want to buy a premium ticket after we've read what it all entails, and the option might not be there.

I just think it would be good 'customer service', so to speak, to give a slight heads up on the event. At this point, no one who might want to go should plan anything in the month of September. We can make assumptions about dates and prices, but since he's never done anything like this in the US, let alone LA, it's all just guessing.

I'm hoping it's a solo singing gig, but I have no idea. I'd love to get a premium ticket for that, but I'm not buying on spec. For all I know it might be something completely different that I wouldn't be half as interested in. But it might be great. I'd just like to know. I don't need to know NOW, but maybe half an hour before the sale starts would be nice. Give people a little time to make decisions before all the premium tickets are sold out, which I assume they will go fast.
I seriously doubt 100 premium tickets will go in half an hour - for Coventry last year (which I attended) it took four hours to sell 180 tickets at £75 ($130?) each. You have time, especially if they are $500 plus.
For most of the JM fans that will be sitting at their computers Saturday waiting for the starting bell, this will not be their first JM event, or even their second, I'd wager. They have already made the choice to purchase a premium ticket because they don't care who else will be there or what the itinerary will be, it's JM and that's enough for them. This is nothing new. JM's management is well aware of this and takes full advantage of it. But I'm sure there will be a couple of less expensive ticket prices available for the rest of the fans planning to go but are either unwilling or unable to purchase a premium ticket. The thing I'm worried about is since it will be the only event this year, many of the people who were holding out in hopes that he would announce something for later, will now be attending this one, thus limiting the time to purchase what tickets will be available.
RS People will know if they want to buy a ticket when they read what is on offer on Saturday, the same time as everyone else. It's the only fair way. There is no buying on spec aspect. Either you buy or you don't based on what is on offer.

You could try e-mailing JMLive and expressing your concerns. Maybe they will delay the sale for a little while. Don't ask don't get, they can only say no and you've lost nothing.

This event, just like all the others, will not sellout in half an hour, or an hour, or a day, I believe for the simple reason that I think their server would crash if it tried to cope with that many transactions. It's first come first served, luck of the draw as it is with all things in life.

I'd love to see JM this year, but as this event isn't in the UK that wont happen (unless his friends are Jake and Heath in which case I'd sell a kidney to get there!). The people who can get there are lucky and I hope you enjoy yourself if you decide to go. But it's always a case of buyer beware, don't rush in without checking things out properly. If you do and it turns out not how you wanted you only have yourself to blame. When I say you I mean people in general, not anyone specifically.
"the unmissable event extravaganza"??? Barf.
James is probably one of my top three favorite actors ever, but I think I'd rather pay to see him in person when he's in a play (someday). And it's slightly irksome when it gives the appearance that people buying premium tickets must be his biggest and best fans, willing to have a an 'exclusive' experience their guy no matter what the price. I don't mean to insult anyone who has that kind of disposable cash and it's not that I think James isn't 'worth it', I just hope he and his management know people can be fans and support his work without the money=love thing.
bloodflowers I think JM and his management are well aware of that. I think what fans seem to forget about these events, by all the actors etc not just JM , is that it is a business. Supply and demand.
Bloodflowers, I don't think anyone has ever said people who don't go to conventions aren't as good fans. We all decide what is best for us and what we are interested in. Some are interested in paying extra for extra time, others aren't. It is fair enough. I don't care about being up front and personal, so I buy cheaper tickets - that doesn't make me a bad fan, just as it doesn't make you a bad fan for not going.

I don't understand why you think it does in the eyes of others.
But I'm sure there will be a couple of less expensive ticket prices available for the rest of the fans planning to go but are either unwilling or unable to purchase a premium ticket.

But what about the folks who are both willing and able to buy a premium ticket, once they read what the event entails? Maybe I'm overestimating fans, but I have a hard time believing those premium tix won't sell out fast, sight unseen of course.

RS People will know if they want to buy a ticket when they read what is on offer on Saturday, the same time as everyone else. It's the only fair way.

It would be just as fair, and more considerate to fans who want to make plans, to put up the info a day or two ahead. I've never seen any JMLive Event handled like this, or maybe I just haven't checked out enough of them.

You could try e-mailing JMLive and expressing your concerns. Maybe they will delay the sale for a little while.

I've actually considered this, but there is the possibility it's very deliberate. But as you say, nothing ventured nothing gained. I think I will write them, everyone seems to speak very highly of them(so perhaps I'd get some kind of response).

I've waited a long time to hear James sing solo(ever since I saw his first GotR gig and felt he'd do better with just himself and a guitar). So I'm hoping I'm not priced(or 'timed') out of at least a regular ticket. I don't need to see up his nostrils or through the holes in his crotch(actually, let me think on that one...) I'd just like to see him solo live once, and this may be my only chance.
Maybe I'm overestimating fans, but I have a hard time believing those premium tix won't sell out fast, sight unseen of course.

Having been to several JMLive events, they have all been handled exactly like this. I would certainly email them, but I also agree you are overestimating fans if you think it will sell out before you can read the dates, terms and conditions.

[eta:] I have also been to several non JMLive events, which have not been handled like this. We got little to no notice for those.

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Does anybody know what country the event is in?
I believe Los Angeles (as it was announced as being there) is in the US :-P
sansmercy--I don't consider anyone a "bad" (or on the other hand a good, better or best) fan for anything (except for something like grabbing James' ass, for example). The ass grabbing would be bad.:-)
I am king idiot.
You know, never having been moved to see JM live, I'm trying to imagine if I would understand why people are upset by imagining someone else I would really want to spend a weekend developing a relationship with their left nostril. Say if this was JossLive. Same set up. Just Joss and friends, maybe a little romance. No word of any other guests or events until the morning the tickets go on sale. Maybe the Nostril tickets are pretty expensive. Now would I be upset?

Hell no. I wouldn't care if he chose to gargle for 45 minutes, and then did really bad origami of the core four for the next few hours.(I may be exaggerating here) I'm also certain I'm not alone. I'd pay the money because I'd want to see Joss. Now maybe he'd charge more money than I wanted to pay to see his friends and nostril, but if the market would bear the price of the ticket, why should I begrudge him or his management?
bloodfowers said:
And it's slightly irksome when it gives the appearance that people buying premium tickets must be his biggest and best fans, willing to have a an 'exclusive' experience their guy no matter what the price. I don't mean to insult anyone who has that kind of disposable cash and it's not that I think James isn't 'worth it', I just hope he and his management know people can be fans and support his work without the money=love thing.

This event is a source of revenue for James. In exchange for entertaining us, we give him money. It's business, his way of making a living for his family. His management makes their money as JM makes his, so it's to their advantage to use advertising techniques to sell their product, thus ensuring the maximum financial return. I think that may be the reason for the announcement playing up the 'exclusive' angle. In reality, attending events has nothing to do with one's sincerity as a fan, only how much money one is able or willing to spend. And I feel confident that JM and management would agree.
I don't think the premium tickets is necessary to have a good time. I have no desire to make personal contact with him or look up his left nostril. I'd be happy to bask in the back of the room and meet up with friends I've met from the internet.
I saw him last year and paid premium price because I knew it would never happen again. He worked very hard the whole weekend but it was still far too much money. Rogue Slayer, he did 2 - 1 hour long concerts, one on Friday night, one on Saturday. I'd say the chance he will do so again is good.
I am king idiot.

You just remember who said that when it comes up again in conversation, gossi ;)

As for the actual topic: Would imagine they are just doing it as they are to generate hype, and can't imagine that anyone (James, his management, or anyone else) would think you less of a fan for not buying the premium tix or attending the event, but that's the way the marketing/management folks play it cause it gets the desired result.
Ok - so I had to email Marsters management a few questions.

1) Are these the only 2 levels you are offering?

2) Will there be a buy button on your site? Or will people just send you the money directly at the time? Also how capable is your server? Will it handle the increase traffic? (I have seen almost every convention company lose a server when tickets first go on sale and in the process lose sales as well. Just want to make sure you have a heads up on potential problems? Also if you sell out how soon will it be posted - I know you say there is a limit but are you posative the system will stop the sale at 100 and if not what is your backup plan.

3) Will we be given any prior knowledge of the price or are you planning to make people wait for sticker shock.

These are the answers I received ....

1 - Yes, there are only 2 levels of tickets, Premium and Gold
2 - Yes, there is a buy button on the web site. You will be able to choose either the purchase by PayPal or purchase by Travellers Cheques. The Premium tickets will only be available through PayPal because that is the only was to guarantee "first come, first served". Our server should be able to handle any level of demand, but far be it from me to guarantee technology! The site is designed to automatically stop at the 100th sale of the Premium tickets - we will not over sell them.
3 - All the information will be released on 4/8 as mentioned. As for "sticker shock", I think anyone who chooses to attend will walk away saying it was a great weekend and very well worth it.

Very thorough, RavenU! It helps clear things up a little bit. Not being in Los Angeles or planning to be there, the whole race-to-the-website will be a spectator sport for me anyway. Now, that Scott Base thing -- that, I might sign up for! ;-)
Well I read through the original mesage again after reading all the postings and rather than getting insulted, I was also intrigued. I understand the "You expect us to jump when you say so" feeling. I sort of got it the first time I read it, but the second time I realized that it sounded like there could be some interesting stuff happening.

That said, there is no way I could go to this even if the price was lower than I expect and all my favorite people were there. I just have too many commitments with too little time and money.

Go, enjoy, come back and tell us all about it. I will be eagerly waiting for everyone's reports.
Well thanks, RavenU. The 'all information will be released 4/8' answered my question and saved me an email. Deliberate, it is!

But at least now I have it confirmed it's a weekend. I guess that narrows it down some...but now I wonder: If it's a weekend, that means it's not just a concert type thing. And apparently there will be no 'day' passes like a standard con. So now I'm even more confused on what to expect. Except the sticker shock. I totally expect that! :~D
But at least now I have it confirmed it's a weekend.

When it was first announced on JMs website it stated it was a weekend event. We may be generally lacking in information but that it's taking place over a weekend in September in LA has been known all along.
I'm not really understanding the level of outrage and *insult*
here. Most cons I've attended have gone on sale before headliners have been announced, you get dates, a couple of guest announcements a " more to follow" and prices and all of this usually goes up when the tickets go on sale, there's rarely any advance notice! If you aren't online at the time you take your chances. Then follows the waiting to see if anyone you want to see is added and taking the chance that the guest who finally entices you to slap down your ticket money on the virtual counter doesn't end up getting cancelled for " work reasons" ( which often translates as " we didn't sell enough tickets").

Here we know that James is headlining and we can try to be online (or ask someone else to be online if we're working) to find out the details and ticket prices . I'm sure most people have an idea of what their budget is and can have their diary handy to check their availability. But there's nothing to say that people are expected to make a snap decision.

If it was " tickets will be on sale for one hour only" I'd be outraged too. But the reality is that it will almost certainly take at least a few days to sell out the event.

The premium tickets will probably sell fast but people who want to take time to think things over will have the optionof doing so . Also not everyone wants to pay top dollar for the bells and whistles option.

As to it not being fair that those who want to take time to ponder will miss the premium tickets, well that's life. I thought it exceedingly unfair that when tickets for The Red Hot Chilli Peppers went on sale I was at work and by the time I got a break and got to a phone they'd all gone. But hey that's the law of supply and demand for you.
Whatever James' management did, there's going to be very heavy demand for tickets so this seems like the best way. So whoever gets tickets, have a lovely time at the event.

I'm sure we'll be doing some sort of coverage of it at Whedonesque.
but now I wonder: If it's a weekend, that means it's not just a concert type thing. ... So now I'm even more confused on what to expect.

Well, since I've attended, um, several of these things I'm betting its going to have elements of a standard convention: Q&A's, photo ops, and a JM concert. Since this one is advertised as being extra special, I'm hoping there will also be some sort of stage performance like what those who were able to attend the "Words and Music" event in the UK got to see.
Just one thing, I've never experienced a convention that didn't announce the exact date of the event weeks in advance of the tickets going on sale. They may not list the guests or the activities at the event, but folks did have time to "save the date" and arrange time off from work. That does put those who have to clear the date with their boss first at a disadvantage if they want the premium ticket. Something more specific than a weekend in September would have been helpful. Luckily for me, this won't be a problem.
Not to mention people who might have to budget the exspense of the hotel and the airfare getting there, what other arrangements will have to be made. Like is the convention at a hotel or at a different venue and how far is it from the airport, what will the transportation cost be. These are valid concerns that might effect a person going or what level ticket they can afford, at all other conventions these things are known weeks in advance at least. I have bought tickets on blind faith before and been royally burned because of it, I have learned the information I need to make a rational descission and it's not that much to ask for, instead of forcing me to make a snap one. Hindsight may be 20/20 but it can still bite your butt hard. A little foresight for the budget minded amoung us never hurt. Some weekends are cheaper to travel on than others. Plus there are other conventions going on that month people might also want to attend. In Sept., you you have Dragon*Con going on over Labor Day Weekend. It's just why not tell people the date and the venue before tickets go onsale, it might actually help your early ticket sales.
In re-reading my post from yesterday, I'm sorry having a bad day let any grumpy cynicism bubble up. I hope all future ticket holders have a wonderful experience.
When it was first announced on JMs website it stated it was a weekend event. We may be generally lacking in information but that it's taking place over a weekend in September in LA has been known all along.

Right you are, now that I've re-read the site, they did say it was a weekend. I missed that earlier on.

And good point about the DragonCon, though I'm sure James' folks would be respectful and mindful of that. So now it's narrowed down to 3 weekends! :~P But that may limit folks on the money/time off end if they want to go to both.
No-one is being forced to do anything they don't want to or feel uncomfortable with. My advice, and take it or tell me to gentlely shove it sideways if you wish :0), is to wait until tomorrow, read what is said and then make a calm, rational and blanced decision based on all the information.

The choices we make are our own. If we choose to make them with only some information we have only ourselves to hold accountable should things go pear-shaped.

Anyhoo, good luck to those who want to go after reading what it's all about and I hope you have a great time.
As well as Dragoncon mentioned above, I also hope it does not fall on the Labour Day weekend as that is when SFX in Toronto also takes place. This is where James appeared last year.
It would be nice to see him again.

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So there are already two cons on the same weekend?

Mind you, we seem to manage to do that in the UK sometimes and this is a much smaller place than the Americas. Everyone goes for the holiday weekends.
Anyone know anything about the general history of fan events like these? Was it started by Star Trek fans or is there an earlier history? I have mixed feelings about the whole phenomenon.

I adore JM and I saw him about four years ago at DragonCon --where I attended for free because my husband had written some stories for an independent comic and was a guest. JM was great and I enjoyed seeing him, but I really can't justify spending the money just for the chance that I might rub elbows with him. I agree with the comment above --I'd rather see him in a play or even a movie.

No insults intended, just wondering how this fan convention thing picked up so much steam.
DeniseDM - Comic cons were going on long before Star Trek was around and these entertainment type of conventions are an outgrowth of those comic cons. There is an isolation that has come between preformers and their audience, in todays world. Other than the theatre, we do not have an outlet to allow the personal expression of those whom the artist entertained to be seen now a days. It's not all about rubbing elbows with someone it about showing them appreciation for their work in the one of the few avenues left to us, a convention.

Wow kinda getting deja'vuy here ... now I know why. Without repeating myself I will insteads repaste myself from the comments I made a few weeks ago in another thread. My comments are from my perspective only.

Quote Me:
Quote: Elisabeth Rohm from rescent interview.
"One is that you get an opportunity to see the people that have really thought about the work that you’ve done. Where as you know sometimes, we are a little detached from the work that we do. Because we move on, we go someplace else, we get the next job, and what’s left behind is the audience reaction. So, they remind us of the things and the moments that we had, the things we’ve done that meant something to us. They keep it alive, that sense of joy about the experience."

The Entertainment business has always been based on an audience reaction. That is one reason actors become actors in the first place, they heard applause and wanted more. It's what some actors live for, to hear the applause and the reaction of a live audience. However, that has been taken away from them, as Liz said the audience is what is left behind when they move on when it comes to TV and movie preformances. Conventions give the actors an opportunity to get that piece of their job back to see the reaction of the audience to their performance, even if it is years after the fact. To have people care about what they did and bring back their own memories of doing it.

You may not understand it or even like it but for the most part most of the actors I have met that go to conventions enjoy the experience of talking about the work they have done no matter if it was last week or 10 years ago. It gives the actors a sense of connection to the people they are ultimately doing their job for. The fans are no longer numbers they are flesh and they are enterained because the actors are doing their jobs right and well. You may want to just hang out with some of the people but other people go to show their appreciation of something the actor has done. The 4th wall is still in place they just want to give them the props they feel they deserved for a job well done, it's an audience reaction only delayed.

Thanks for the answer, RavenU. I wouldn't say that I "don't like" fan events (and I realize that part of your answer was actually in response to someone else), but I do wonder about the power dynamics of the situation. The issue of money complicates the meaning of everything.

I'm coming at the question as a boring old (well, not so old) academic, and I spend far too much time analyzing the larger cultural meaning of events like this.

At the same time, I'm still a fan girl at heart, and, speaking only for myself, going to an event like that was about trying to see behind the mask of character to get a glimpse of the person underneath. (Underneath his clothes might have been more satisfying, but that's a different thread!)
Well, I'll be checking the site tomorrow morning ready to buy depending on price, date, etc. I understand them wanting to raise the hype by not announcing guests or details, but not giving the date really annoys me.

A lot of people have issues with requesting time off work, especially when it's the summer months.

As soon as they said it was a weekend in September I put in time off requests for all the Mondays & Fridays still available in my department. I am currently down for half of the month of September off! Once I know the date and if I'm going, I'll have to go back to my supervisor to get any dates I don't need removed. If anyone else in my department wants any of those days off, they currently can't get them. I don't feel too guilty because I didn't get any days in June, July or August save for one Tues-Thurs in July, but I would still prefer it if I didn't have to go this route just to ensure enough time off to go since I'll be traveling from Minnesota.

Also, by not giving the date it has already increased my costs for it. I could have exchanged some of my timeshare points for an airline ticket instead of having to purchase one but that promotion ended on March 31st. I tried emailing Himber Ent. to see if I could find out the date, explaining my airfare situation, but I never got any response, not even a "We can't tell you." That was very disappointing since Steve has always responded in the past when I had questions, comments, etc. I would have thought that they would like to help since if I got my airfare a week before the tickets went on sale it would guarantee that I was buying a ticket.

Toronto last year was the one and only time I've seen James in person and we had such a fabulous time that weekend that I'm determined to see him again. Hopefully we'll get ALL the info tomorrow.


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