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April 06 2006

Buffy on Mastermind. Earlier this evening, Buffy the Vampire Slayer received its highest accolade by being a topic on one of Britain's most respected quiz shows. The link goes to a Wikipedia entry about Mastermind and the questions are as follows.

Bear mind in that I was jotting these down quickly so they may be not be 100% word for word accurate (as the contestant only gets 2 minutes to answer as many questions as they can).

1) What was the address Buffy gave when she phoned for an ambulance in 'The Body'.

2) Who was Xander's best man in 'Hells Bells'?

3) Which episode was Dawn introduced in?

4) Who did Anya think was she engaged to in 'Tabula Rasa'?

5) How did Flutie die in 'The Pack'?

6) How did Buffy kill the Judge?

7) How did Buffy prove that Kathy was a demon in 'Living Conditions'?

8) What did Anya think apart from bunnies might be causing the singing in 'Once More With Feeling'?

9) What was Ted's job?

10) What was the name of the oracle that Giles and Anya consulted in 'Showtime'?

11) In which episode did Giles and Joyce kiss, Buffy drive a car and the doctor body surfed.?

12) How many hearts did the Gentleman have to get in 'Hush'?

13) What happened to Amber the cheerleader in 'The Witch'?

14) Who played Joyce?

15) What kind of statue did Brad steal for Harmony in 'Real Me'?

16) What was the name of the character who was Buffy's boyfriend between Angel and Riley?

17) What three word message did Ethan Rayne leave behind in 'Halloween'?

I watched the show, and it's amazing the difference it makes when the questions are being asked in that quickfire style. Reading through these, I think I know the answers to all of them. But when I was watching the show, the speed of the whole thing would have resulted in my getting at least two or three wrong.
i am quite pleased to state that i answered all of those in 46 seconds. I used a stopwatch, as i am crazed. The one that gave me guff was #9, as i remembered what Buffy called it but blanked for a second on what it was actually called. I love BtVS quizzes. So i took about 3 seconds for every question. I swear, this is like a drug. When i take one BtVS quiz i always end up searching for some new quiz site so i can take more, damn you!
I have to say I thought the questions would be harder, but it makes it easy for me to declare myself a Buffy Mastermind genius now...
I only remember the street name for #1. I'm also blanking on 9, 11, and 16. Maybe somebody who's sure about all the answers can post them in invisible text.
Man, I struggled, feel like a bad fan now. I blame FX no longer airing the show at a decent time and the money troubles that forced me to sell my DVDs last year.
I would have gotten 14 out of 16, can't remember Xander's best man or the exact name of the oracle Giles and Anya consulted in Showtime, something's eye?

How did they contestant on the program do?

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I also can't remember the exact street address, nor the answers to 12 and 16. Ah well, frailties of age. The questions aren't important - it's the context of them being read out on the BBC on national TV by John Humphries that would have just thrilled me. Sorry I couldn't see it.

The oracle was , right?

How'd the contestant do, by the way?
Here's all the answers:

I think I got them all, but with the pressure of being on the show I could have been asked my name and passed. And Buffy didn't "kill" The Judge, he's not dead, just in tiny, tiny, pieces.
Great quiz! Not so weird with questions like: "How many leaves were on Buffy's lawn in so and so episode."

I'm proud to say that I got all of them correct except the last one. I couldn't get "I'll be back" out of my head. Heh.
And, lest we forget, big thanks to Simon for jotting these down while watching the show.

Still want to know how many the contestant got right . . .
I'm quite pleased at what I managed to get whilst watching (17 - there were more questions than what Simon managed to get down [although that amount is rather impressive, Simon... :D], the contestant got 15 and got at least two that are there wrong). Sadly, she didn't win in the end - her general knowledge section had some pretty hideous questions - but came second, one point behind the winner.
I failed on the last one too. I'm sure I would've mispronounced 9 as well. Although I guess if I was actually going on I would've done some hardcore studying which would've fixed both of those problems. :)
The contestant got 15 right, blanking, IIRC, on 9. I managed to forget Ted's job, but kept up with all the others in real time. She came second by one mark overall to the guy who equalled her on the first round. (His special topic was a somewhat obscure English Civil War group, the Diggers.) Answering the same general knowledge questions as her I got the same end result - a close second. (OK, I have always tried to compete with contestants in Mastermind. So sue me. ;-)

I was intrigued by the reasons she gave Humphrys for choosing the show as her topic - it was all about the "humanising" of vampires for her - clearly presenting herself as a vampire nut rather than specifically a Whedon nut like the rest of us.
I feel good to have gotten them all. Of course, I've got this sad database for a Buffy triva game I've been designing, so, that probably helps.
Does the BBC put selected videos from the show online? (American here.) Or can someone link it or find it from YouTube?

It's just one of those things that I need to see to get the full enjoyment out of.
I know I am a major Buffy fan, but there are some that got me, for sure.
Heck, I just finished watching season 7 (being a newbie here, still), and I got 8 of them right... (5,6,7,9,10,11,13,15)and was kicking myself for knowing but not remembering the answers to three more (2,3,4).

For what I understand the format of that show to be, that seems like a very reasonable set of Buffy questions. They're also pretty well balanced for seasons, (2x1, 2x2, 1x3, 3x4, 3x5, 3x6, 1x7, 1 general) and hit a variety of episodes.
*G* I only got seven right, being on national television I might not have got any.
I knew all of those questions. They were very easy considering I have an encyclopedic knowledge about Buffy. I need to get a life.
I got 15 of 20 right, only because I haven't watched the show lately (hey, I have to keep up with "24" and "Lost"). But I hope someone will send some clips to "Youtube".
I'm so proud of myself! I got all but one. Oddly enough, the first one, Buffy's address, eluded me. But mostly because I can never remember numbers (still have to look up my own phone number, so you can get that remembering four fake numbers from a TV show wouldn't find space in my brain, even a TV show I've seen a dozen or more times. Sigh.).
Here's my first pass, before reading the rest of the thread.

I got ten out of sixteen. Not all that great for a fan. I knew the next to last one started with a and wanted to say but it's actually . Technically jackass is correct. =)
I love that we all love this so much! What fun!
Yay me, I got all correct on the first pass!

Now I'm not sure whether I should be elated, or just depressed. :)
That's so weird k8cre8, I developed a Buffy trivia game as well (MySQL back end/PHP front end). However, I never released it to the public because real life got in the way and then the show was long over and it was way too late. We all need to get lives. ;-)

Having seen the sedateness that is "Countdown" and the inanity that is Ant & Dec (which is the tall one and which the short? I can never remember), I'm not sure I want to see another British game show. However, Mastermind actually sounds like a cut above the rest, and certainly more intellectual than "Jeopardy". In my opinin, Whedon trivia is way more intellectual than anything on American game shows.

However, as I will soon have it anyway, I suppose I might as well watch it, if only so I can understand the joke in the movie "Beautiful Thing" where the rest of the family made fun of the mom's boyfriend for watching "University Challenge" instead of "Mastermind". I don't think I'll ever understand that one until I've seen both shows. Can some kind Brit explain what "University Challenge" is?
Fun quiz! But it must have been a lot of pressure doing it rapid-fire. Thanks, Simon!
I'm no Brit, but I can tell you "University Challenge" is similar to an old U-S quiz show caled "College Bowl", where four-person teams from various schools battle each other in a general knowledge quiz. There was an annual tournament on CBS and NBC in the '60's. I was part of the revival in 1984, but my team, San Jose State, lost in the first round. I also know "The Young Ones" had a savage spoof on "University Challenge" that included Emma Thompson.
I left out what was Ted's job so I've added that in as a question.
I did it in real time on the tv and missed the first two questions going 'Huh? slow down!'. But then I got the rest all right so 14 out of 16 for me! I like to think I'd have got them all brain worked faster.
All right but the last, but I figure in the hot seat under Humphries scrutiny I would have wilted.

I caught only a bit of the Eleanor of Aquitaine speciliast round so didn't bother with the rest. I prefer University Challenge. Thanks to Simon for posting this :)
15 out of 16, I am quite pleased with me. I only didn't now the adress, which kind of sucked, since it was the first one.
To remember No. 8, I actually had to sing Anyas part, where she freaked out about the bunnys to get to the last bit. Then I remembered...
Thank you for the description of "University Challenge". I do remember about "College Bowl" now.

Do "Never Mind the Buzzcocks" and "QI" count as game shows? Because I forgot to mention those, and they completely rule. I guess that's a whole other breed, though.

So what was Ted's job, then? ??
Wow - I love Buffy and have watched all the episodes countless times;however even taking my time I couldn't get all these right - on TV (and under pressue) I would have done badly...I suck.

A couple people had problems with Buffy's address, I also went blank on that one. I too had to sing Anya's part to get Midgets. This was fun.
Well, sh*t. I would've got 3 or 4 of those wrong. How appalling. I couldn't get "Eye of Botox" out of my head. Couldn't for the life of me remember what it was really called...

Also, Ted's job? No idea. Building psychotic robot clones? Telesales?

Ah, what do I care? I'm waiting for the day David Bowie is someones specialist subject.. THEN will I shine like the luminescent 'Mastermind' genius I truly am! (On my sofa. At home. Alone. Screaming at the TV... as usual.)

I'm really more of a 'University Challenge' person, though. Never has a television program made me feel so smart and so stupid, so fleetingly, so often.
15 out of 16, and no real time lags on coming up with answers. (And no clock pressure, either; it makes a difference!)

Of all the stupid things to blank out on, I couldn't remember who the Judge was! I also thought that Bejoxa's Eye was later in season 7 than "Showtime," but just the bit about Giles and Anya going to see an oracle was enough. I love that scene behind the bar (or whatever) when Anya had to ask a demon former boyfriend to open the portal.
12 (or 13 depending on if ) out of 17. I am practically a non-fan. In fact, Buffy the what now ?

May get a bell and wander around shouting 'Un-Fan, Un-Fan, Keep Away' ;).
I couldn't get "Eye of Botox" out of my head. Couldn't for the life of me remember what it was really called...

That's the beauty of puns, they stick (Jane Espenson would be giggling right about now). It's the same with Taquitos/"Khaki Trousers". Due to Buffy's funny punny mispronunciations (one on purpose), I can't remember what the real name of that guy was (the one who killed Faith's Watcher). He'll always be Taquitos to me.
Kakistos. And He was also called "Kissing Toast"... heh.
All this time I thought it was Takistos. I sit corrected.
I'm pretty sure Ted was in software sales. Part of the not taking no for an answer thingy. Not inclined to go back and watch that episode to verify, though.

Note that Simon's list has been edited to include that question, and certain other posts (e.g. Dhoffryn's) no longer quite match the numbering.
I've just uploaded an MP3 of the Buffy quiz here. Enjoy!

(Perhaps someone could add the link to the top of this thread, or even copy the file to the Whedonesque web site, to give it a more permanent home.)
Kakistos! Right, now I feel so stupid. Still, nothing's funnier than "Kissing Toast" -- you are so right. I can't believe I forgot that one as well.

Here's an apropos quote ...

I've always been amazed with how Buffy fought, but... in a way, I feel like we took her punning for granted.
I wonder whether Joss passes 100%?
chickenbird Mine's actually a collaborative card/board (where the board is made of playing card-sized cards) game. It's in a beta mode now, I'm actually pretty sure that the cost to license it will be prohibitive to getting it produced. So, I'm probably going to create an alternate product on the idea, and try to use any profits to but the licensing. I think.

And, I'll admit, every time my sister and I have taquitos, we have the whole conversation. I say "what do you want for dinner?" "Taquitos," "Kakistos?!"

Yes. We have no lives.
He'll always be Taquitos to me.

Same for Alfalfa, or Al Franken, or whatever that stone demon was called....
eated ... up?
Al Franken is almost a better name than "Acathla," really...
Thanks for the mp3 link, tichtich. Now I'm even more impressed with the contestant: she was awfully quick and good under pressure.
My sister and friends created a Buffy Board game and came very very close to having it developed. Then one of the big toy companies ended up getting the job to create a Buffy game. She's a whiz on Seasons 1-5.
As for this quiz, I kept getting part of the answers. Clearly it is time to get my wandering DVDs home again so I can watch them.
Also thanks for the MP3.

Are the questions always so long? Does the contestant have to wait for the end of the answer, because if not, she could probably have squeezed out a few more questions. She was very good.
The question lengths vary, but the total time is supposed to be adjusted if you get more than your fair share of long questions. Yes, you do have to wait for the question to be finished.

Also, if you attempt to answer and get it wrong, the questioner tells you the correct answer. You can save time by passing, in which case he goes straight on to the next question.

You Tube link...

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