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March 19 2003

(SPOILER) Angel S4x15 "Orpheus" Review AICN's review of tonight's Angel ep.

Crud, no more Angelus!

Yay! No more Angeles!

I was gettin' bored with that guy. It was more fun watching him mess with people's heads when he was incarcerated. After he got out, he quickly wore out his welcome for me.
Fave moments in no particular order:

Faith's suicidal deception. "...kicked his ass..." indeed.

Wes carrying Faith into the hotel reminded me of similar scenes between Giles and Buffy: a Watcher's concern for his charge. Although in Wes' case it's less about love than grim determination to save his brave soldier.

Angelus' helpless rage at Angel's life and moral choices.

Angel/Angelus showdown in mystical dopespace.

Every scene featuring Allyson Hannigan. What a breath of fresh air.

Willow and Fred giggling, the writers' way of "putting a lantern" on the fact that they're such similar characters.

"I'm seeing someone." Hee.

"Maybe it's not about you, jackass."

Willow's presence allowing Wes to express his doubts about where he's been morally and emotionally.

The good old reliable Orb of Thesselah and gypsy curse. All together now: "Quod perditum est, invenietur..." It's just not the same without Oz reciting along. :-)

"We never stop paying."

Finally an explanation for what drove Angel to eat rats between the 1950's hotel incident and the 1996 encounter with Whistler. Manilow drove him to it. :-)

A satisfying end to the uneven "We need Angelus" arc.

Not-so-fave moments:

Evil Cordy just doesn't do it for me. I've seen enough of what Charisma Carpenter can do to know that she's an excellent actress, but somehow Evil Cordy feels false. It's as if Carpenter hates the part and refuses to dive into it the way that Boreanaz dives into Angelus. Which is very disappointing because Cordy has been such an interesting character in the past.

The three-ep Faith arc started out with a bang, but it never managed to surpass or even maintain the excitement of "Salvage". I hope Faith fares better on Buffy.

Connor is being manipulated mercilessly, and it's painful to watch because it's so predictable. On second viewing I've been fast-forwarding through all the Connor/Cordy scenes, not because they're "icky" but because they're "annoying."

It's so weird to have Angel back. W&H are dead, the Beast is dead, the sun is shining again, what are they go- oh wait, here comes evil-pregnant-saloon-hostess Cordy.

Oh well, I should know better than to judge a season before it's over. I still have complete confidence in the ME crew, I'm staying spoiler-free, and I look forward to being surprised and delighted (and every once in a while annoyed :-)) s'more.
Let's all say a big thanks to George "Dubya" Bush for starting a war and delaying Angel tonight! (sarcasm noted)
I LOVED seeing Faith kick the crap out of Connor! LOVED it!
Another solid episode--Flashbacks to Angel with a soul, and bangs... At the very least for me, the end of the Angelus and Faith story line means he won't call her "Faithy" any more. That wasn't evil or sinister--it was just annoying.
Interesting how for Angelus, Buffy becomes "Buff" and Faith becomes "Faithy." Think he does that on purpose? Yeah, me too.
He's belittling them, cause he's really scared.
About Dubya.. Angel wasn't postponed where I am, but 45 minutes into the show, the news people broke in and claimed something real big was happening, but by the time they interrupted the show, whatever they thought was going on was already over. I was standing there dumbfounded. The big ending of the show wasn't gonna get broadcast, cuz these two stupid anchorpeople were sitting there looking at the camera thinking they were reporting something big and they didn't have anything to show cuz all the LIVE footage was just nothing. Fortunately they got off the air and I think I only missed a couple minutes but I was really ticked off. Unfortunately this is probably going to happen more often in the coming weeks. Hopefully the war will be over by April. If that happens during the Buffy finale, I might actually start marching in those peace protests with a picket sign that says "The War Pre-empted Buffy - NOT COOL!"

About Evil Cordelia.. I got two running theories about her. Either it's not really Cordy, or Cordy got corrupted with absolute power when she was a higher being. I prefer the first theory, because the second one doesn't hold water to me. I think right now Charisma Carpenter is trying to telegraph to the audience now that she's NOT Cordy. She's someone else pretending to be Cordy. Some changeling or demon with shape shifting powers or whatever. We know from "Spin the Bottle" that she CAN still be old Cordy. It's not that Charisma can't act - she CAN. Charisma knows Cordy inside and out of course. But what she's trying to do now is perhaps one of the hardest roles ever attempted by any actor. She's Carpenter pretending to be someone else pretending to be Cordelia. An actress pretending to be an actress pretending to be a character is a tall order for any writer or director to ask of an actor. Also, the actress is really pregnant, and according to recent interviews, she's not taking maternity leave. She's working through her pregnancy. That's gotta suck. I mean it's possible. Women are resilient. Generations ago the matriarch of a homestead would be working out in the fields up to the day of her delivery of babies. I don't mean to sound chauvinisitic here. I know women CAN work through their pregnancy, but objectively speaking it is going to adversely affect her performance. I'm amazed they're incorporating her character in as much as they are.

About the Fred/Willow thing.. Finally I get confirmation on my theory that Fred was made using Willow as a template. When you see them standing next to each other giggling and talking geek, it's blatant. I know there'll be F/W shippers out there now, but I don't see Fred joining the other side. It made perfect sense to me when it happened to Willow cuz when you look back at the first season before Oz, Willow just kicked in the gaydar even back then. I mean those weird shirts with the cutesy designs on them.. the attraction to earth tones.. it just seemed inevitable. Fred dresses kinda earthy too, but I've taken it to be cuz she's trying to fit in with the guys. She wants to belong but she also likes both Gunn & Wesley's romantic interests in her. She's a bit confused sexually, but not in that way. Of course if next year they move Willow to Angel indefinitely, I might get proven wrong. She sure brings a power and a sensibility to the hotel that's desperately needed. I'd prefer to see Willow head the spinoff, but moving her to Angel would allow Hannigan and her hubby to spend more time together. That'd be nice for everyone, I think. Fans and stars alike. Everybody wins.

"Next time you think about conjuring Angelus and desouling Angel? Gimme a call first, okay?" That rang to me of set up for at least one more return of Willow to Angel Investigations. The door's still open there...
"Next time you think about conjuring Angelus and desouling Angel? Gimme a call first, okay?" That rang to me of set up for at least one more return of Willow to Angel Investigations. The door's still open there...

Oh yeah, ITA! Aly has a job if she wishes...and working with her fiance'/hubby? Bonus! :D

I think Cordy is in some alter-dimension OR that the 'baby' is actually in control.

A lot of folks were unimpressed with the ending of the episode, like 'big whoop, scary pregnant woman', but did anyone in the fang gang realize that she was preggers? And was she THAT big or has it suddenly grown? (remember she said something along the lines of wishing it were a few weeks later when she was battling Willow?) I realize CC is far along, but I didn't realize that 'Cordy' was that far along (heheheh, just realized that the actress and the character have the same initials)

At any rate, I'm really looking forward to future Angel and BtVS episodes---just hope they aren't preempted into July!

And have I mentioned how much I LOVED seeing Faith knock the pissandvinegar out of Connor? ;)
I just started watching Angel this season at 'Habeus Corpses'—very pissed that I missed 'Apocalypse, Nowish.' Could anyone guestimate how much time has passed between the rain of fire and Cordy coming downstairs pregnant? My husband was like, 'wow, it's only been a couple of months!' but I think it's been barely two weeks in their timeline.
I believe there have been statements that the pregnancy is going quicker than the normal gestation time. I think you're right Wren and it has been a week or two since the boinking occurred. I sure as hell hope the evil of Cordy was already in effect when she did that particular deed. As Fred said last night, "icky."
Dude, you rescued a puppy.
Scott: LOL! yeah, that was a GREAT moment.

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