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"And now, I'm just a *big* fluffy puppy with bad teeth. No! Not the hair! Never the hair."
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April 06 2006

Mal Mini! I found a pewter mini of Our Dear Captain over at Heresy Miniatures...wasn't even looking, just stumbled through on my occasional visit to the site. The above should be a direct link, but if it's not, click on Sci-Fi Ranges, then Captain Nathan, and there it is in all of it's shiny glory.

Hmm. What's with the Moe hair? He is in Mal's outfit, though.
The hair is a bit off it's true, but that is what emory boards and green stuff is for.
Why is it called "Captain Nathan?"
Not wanting to get sued, probably.
Oh... wow... I'm glad our captain doesn't look that scary in real life.
I love my captain but is that supposed to be MY captain
Hee! I thought it said "Hershey's Miniatures"! I was all excited to get a chocolate eatable Mal! LOL
It's mirror-world Mal Reynolds! Instead of the goatee (which seems to be all the fashion in mirror-world) he's gone with the big Moe hair! :)

Cut the hair back a bit, the figure looks more like Bruce Campbell playing Mal, rather than Nathan Fillion.
Oh my goodness, he looks a bit scary.
Well I'm glad somebody else (everybody else?) said so first, but that figurine is kind of ... icky. Not to hurt their feelings, though, it was a good try. I'd like to see the chocolate Nathan mentioned above :P
Chocolate would sure be more pleasant than turnip. ;-)

Props to these guys for being fans, but it looks to me like a statue of previously mentioned Moe out for an afternoon of ice skating. With a weapon. ;-)
Captain MoeMal!PlayedByBruceCampbell.
LOL! When I first skimmed the text here on Whedonesque I got so excited because I thought it said Hershey Miniatures ... I was expecting a little chocolate Mal. What gal wouldn't want chocolate covered Capt'n?
Mal is made of chocolate?
MMMMM Choclate Mal..........

I think a lot of the look of the model is sort of dictated by the paint job, which is not a problem because it comes unpainted. The hair does look a bit goofish, but like I said, it should be fixable. A nail file, emory board, or a very tiny rasp should do the trick.

The chin might be a bit worrisome, but if it turns out to be it can either be filed down a bit, or perhaps made less obvious in the paint.

The stubble on that paint job was a baaaaaaaaad choice, but as was pointed out earlier, he was probably trying change the look up to not get sued.

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