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April 07 2006

Booster Blows Out and Scares up some verse guest for upcoming events. Aug. 18-20 is the BE Blow Out 1, which includes former verse guest Elisabeth Rohm and Mark Sheppard. Then Oct. 13-15, BE Scared reunites Darla and Dru as Julie Benz joins the line-up, with Juliet Landau and Dennis Christopher.

Both events will be held at the Burbank Hilton in Burbank, California.

Note: BE Blow Out 1 was formerly Love Letter which was rescheduled from May.

James Leary will be the MC for the Blow Out.

John Kassir (Julie's Hubby) will be MC for BE Scared and who more appropriate to have MC than the cryptkeeper, himself, for a horror based con.

That's pretty cool about John Kassir.

If Blow Out is the Love Letter to Itty event rescheduled, does anyone know if it's still for charity like that was?
Blow Out is still for charity - the title was changed because some people found it confusing.
Who's "Itty"?
Itty is Sandra Itty Fisher, she is the daughter of one of the promoters of Booster. She was killed in early 2005, she was 17 years old. Booster setup a sholarship fund in her memory. The con profits from Love Letter were to go toward her scholarship as well as Equality Now and the Angel Food Drive, now it's the Blow Out. You can goto to find out more info about Itty and the other charities Booster supports.
Thank you, RavenU.

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