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April 07 2006

Iyari Limon Update: New Film, New Girlfriend. The weekly gossip columnist at met Iyari Limon at last weekend's Dinah Shore Weekend, where she met Iyari's new girlfriend and heard about a new film and other plans. A bit of tease, but a full interview will be posted next week.

Fun fact from the blog world: somebody ripped and put the DVDs of Buffy season 7 online. However, they manually edited out Willow and Kennedy's 'sex' scene near the end of the series.

Monsters? Check. Straight sex? Check. Attempted rape? Check. Lesbians? Oh no.
Fun fact from the blog world: somebody ripped and put the DVDs of Buffy season 7 online. However, they manually edited out Willow and Kennedy's 'sex' scene near the end of the series.

Is that definite that they did that manually because there was a fault on the R2 boxset that made most DVD players skip over that sequence

I don't know if it would affect ripping software but it seems like too much of a coincidence that a ripper had the same sequence missing
Gossi, were they ripping from the UK DVDs because I remember when they were first released someone said that..and someone just posted what I was about to post :)
Hee. I've no idea, quite possibly. So the UK DVDs had that scene missing? I wonder if it got censored out.
No,it wasn't censored.

It was some sort of authoring fault on the DVD that cheaper players (from tesco etc) for some reason ignored and played the episode in full
The Willow-Kennedy sex scene from Touched, which I assume is the scene being referred to here, is not missing from the UK DVD, so if this has been ripped with the scene omitted it would seem to have been deliberately removed. I must admit, I was not aware of any faults on the DVD - certainly, I have had no problems, and no one I know has mentioned anything like this. Maybe it was one specific batch that contained a fault.

Bucking the trend somewhat, I rather like the Kennedy character and have grown to appreciate her importance to S7 more and more over time. In the few interviews I've read, Iyari Limon has always come across as a genuinely sincere and nice person. Good luck to her in all she does in the future.
I liked the Kennedy character as well - and Iyari Limon was a nice person when I met her at a convention - good luck to her.
I'll quote Joss here; "Somebody who likes Kennedy!".

I actually liked her, also.
I didn't like her until "Chosen", lots of characters redeemed themselves in my eyes during that episode.
I didn't love Kennedy, but I thought she was okay. I didn't have any real strong feelings for her but I thought she was definitely what Willow needed at that time, and perhaps if Buffy had continued (or if it continues in the future) we would have seen Kennedy become a more interesting and perhaps likeable character.

Personally I just feel that fans are always very reluctant to accept a favourite character's new relationship, especially when they really liked their previous partner. Especially with Willow. People didn't like Oz at first because they were hoping that Willow and Xander would get together. Then they started to warm up to Oz and were upset when he left. Same again with Tara, a lot of people found her kind of boring and irritating, but by the time she was killed, most people were devastated.

The only difference with Kennedy was that Tara was actually killed which made people very angry that Willow would move on "so quickly". Also the fact that Willow and Tara were one of the only realistic, likeable lesbian couple of TV, which made even more people take a dislike to Kennedy. She was also quite different to Oz and Tara, bold and confident where they were always more reserved. And I do feel that she was deliberately written to antagonize people to start off, certainly her constant criticism of Buffy kind of annoyed me. But I did warm slightly to her because you could see that her criticisms were always in the interest of trying to protect everyone, and she was nowhere near as annoying as Rhona.

I wish Iyari the best of luck in the future and I do hope we will see her appear in any possible Buffy projects.
Kennedy was specifically written to be the anti-Tara, and that was just more salt in the wound.

But as for Iyari, she is a lovely person, and I appreciate that she trained for and ran a marathon, and used if for fundraising as well- I have kids who are talented distance runners (2.35 marathon) and I know how hard that is. As for her love life- I wish her much happiness.

(And now the mind reels when thinking of those pictures of her and Amber Benson meeting about a year ago. :-))
Why, what were the pictures like?
Thye were just pics of her and Iyari talking to one another at a convention- point being you now have a lesbian icon and a lesbian talking to one another- the mind reels! :-)

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