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March 19 2003

(SPOILER) Spoilers for BTVS 7x21 available from Wendy's Spoilerzone.

What I don't like: that's it's seemingly all about Buffy Spike Buffy Spike Buffy Spike Buffy Angel.

What I like: that despite the sappy Spuffy talk it ends with the possibility of betrayal and heartbreak, i.e. the really interesting motifs in storytelling. That, at least, is satisfying. Now please break Xander, Willow and Giles's hearts too to generate some emotion from this viewer.

I found the description of the whole Xander-Dawn bit rather confusing and totally stale. It sounds right, but there must be a whole lot of emotion and confrontation that was left out of the spoilers.

And I thought Angel would be showing up for a reason - you know, besides "Buffy's in trouble." Not that flimsy excuse again!

Spike's had "tragic end" stamped on his forehead all season; at last, potential fulfilled. Hurrah for tragedy!

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Xander/Dawn thing. This goes back to Joyce's warning to Dawn in "Conversations with Dead People." Dawn knows Buffy will not choose her. She's prepared for it. Obviously bringing a stun gun to a chloroform party. Actually I expect more of a fight against all this from Xander, after his relating conversation with Dawnie not too long ago, but Xander's always been a deer in headlights when it comes to Buffy. Or perhaps more like a Homer in donutlights.

"Mmmm. Slayer boobies." *drooldrooldrool*

Dawn will either show up in the last episode and do something really "saviory" or she'll show up and once again prove WHY Buffy doesn't choose Dawn by screwing everything up. I love the green glowing orb disguised as a kid either way.

Angel/Spike/Buffy thang. The writers will milk this conflict for all it's worth but ultimately we can't have Buffy & Angel together cuz that'd mean Buffy's going to the WB as a regular supporting role on Angel and SMG won't go for that. We can't have Spike & Buffy live happily ever after cuz James Marsters may wanna come back for the AfterBuffy spinoff thing. So no matter how it ends up, Buffy's walking off into the sunset alone. Being a Slayer means bein' alone. Shipperism be hanged. This ain't Sleeping Beauty, dag nabit!
yeah, Slayer will no doubt walk off into the sunset alone, but perhaps it will be a bright and shiny world??? "Slayer boobies" made me spew coffe, btw. :D

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