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April 08 2006

Positive review of 'Slither'. An interesting and positive review of 'Slither' in The International Herald Tribune (The New York Times in Europe) mentioning Nathan Fillion and 'Serenity.'

"...the very fine Nathan Fillion" oh yes.

That was a nice read. Thanks anima!
Great review and right on the money. I saw Slither last night at the drive-in and it was easily the most fun I've had at the movies in a long time.
I saw it tonight and actually liked it a lot. I wasn't expecting to - just wanted to spend my birthday with Nathan Fillion. :)
I'm glad to see it's getting such positive reactions from others. It's too bad good reviews don't seem to have any affect on the box office.
Happy birthday, obsessed!
Thank you, billz! :) It's been a good one.
We saw it yesterday over the lunch hour. The popcorn was fresh and the laughs were a-plenty. Unfortunately, we were 2 of only FOUR people in the theater. I believe I shed a tear over that. . . but it was a rollicking good time if you ask me. And Nathan. Well, everytime I see him on screen now, all I can think is "You could park a Buick in those nostrils." He's so dreamy.
I still haven't seen the film, but I guess I'll have to soon. Has everyone here seen this interview clip of Joss done at the 'Slither' premier?
Unfortunately, we were 2 of only FOUR people in the theater.

Oh dear. It finished 13th for this weekend, with a 60% drop the 2nd week. Which is entirely as you'd expect - I think The Dark Shapes' predictions for the total will be right on the ball.

Or, in other words, it didn't do well. Tis a shame.

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