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April 08 2006

Slayerverse Interview with Scott Allie. In this interview from last December, Scott Allie discusses the Buffy season 8 comics and the future of the Serenity comics.

Buffy vs Predator? Well... Something aint right with this world. After all, if Danny Glover did beat it...
I am excited that we will finally learn what officially happened to Buffy after the season 7 finale.
Is this the next chapter of "Buffy vs. Batman" and "Buffy vs. Superman"? ;-)
Joss has been wanting to do a Buffy vs. Batman for years. I bet that's the crossover the article refers to. Hasn't Dark Horse licensed Batman from DC for a crossover before?
Crossovers with other comic book companies are a legal minefield. If it was going to happen I reckon it would be with another Dark Horse title. I'm thinking Hellboy.
Agreed, Simon, although I bet a Buffy/Batman crossover would have enough dollar potential to get consideration.

Hellboy would be more appropriate, though. I'd certainly check that out.
Buffy likes pamcakes, right?
Legal minefield, perhaps--but they happen all the time. Predator and Alien have crossed over with anything that moves, including Batman and Superman. Since Dark Horse doesn't hold the copyright to Hellboy (Mike Mignola does), legally the crossover would have to be arranged in the exact same way.

Of course, Joss and Mike having the same editor at Dark Horse would no doubt help, but we're talking legal issues. ;-)

All it really takes is a reasonable relationship between publishers/licensees/copyright holders and the promise of decent sales.
There was either a Joss interview or a Joss post here a few months ago where he said he'd love to do a Buffy crossover, but it would require all the legal bunk doing. I believe. I could be wrong, but I recall something along those lines.

And yes, half the first comic written? Sounds like Jay Wee had a spark of inspiration one day to me.
Joss commented in a post from last month that he's had a Batman/Buffy in mind for years.

I don't see why it couldn't happen if the will was there. As folk here have said before, Batman's crossed over loads. If Batman/Judge Dredd can happen (multiple times) and Superman can be raised a communist (oh, the humanity ;) then why not Batman/Buffy ?

(good to hear that they're going to try to get the comics out this year, or at least were last December. Hopefully it's still the case)
Am I the only one reluctant about seeing a crossover between Buffy and anything other than Angel? Personally I just think the Buffyverse wouldn't feel right if it was meshed with Batman's universe. Haven't the characters of Buffy and Angel actually referenced Batman, Spiderman and such? In my opinion, it would just feel way too unrealistic. I do think that the Buffyverse does occupy a sort of parallel world to ours in the same way that Batman's universe does, but I just don't see them being the same one.

I am excited to hear about Buffy comics and the possibility of more Firefly ones though. Although ideally I'd prefer to see both series continued in television of film form, a comic is a fine alternative.
Well Razor, it wouldn't be a 'real' cross-over, it'd be an 'Elseworlds' type of thing, a sort-of comics what-if story that takes place out of either the Batman or Buffy continuities. Which is to say it'd be non-canonical and any future canonical Buffy or Batman stories would carry on as if it had never happened.

It'd be understandable though if you felt them meeting at all was just too implausible to let you suspend disbelief since that would constantly pull you out of the story and make it difficult to enjoy.

(unless Joss has come up with some brilliant and utterly convincing way for them to meet in continuity which seems far-fetched but, given his record, at least possible)
A Buffy versus Hellboy would be cool, especially since Hellboy is a demon, who's supposed to bring about the Apocalypse. A destiny that he refuses since he's a good guy, but a good setup to bring Hellboy and Buffy together.

While a Batman and Buffy crossover would be cool, I think a Buffy and X-men cross over would be more interesting, just to see Buffy and Kitty to meet up and work together. However, a Dark Horse & DC crossover is a lot more likely to happen since they have done so many in the past rather than a Dark Horse & Marvel cross over, which I'm not sure has happened before (at least not that I know of).
I'll take Buffy/Blade.
Buffy and Kitty would work together?

Serenity comics are definitely happening. Apparently it's set in the time frame of Firefly. Or Fireflyesque.

How Joss finds the time for doing Buffy comics, Xmen comics, Firefly comics and two motion pictures I don't know. Do you ever sleep, JW?
By the by--

In my opinion, DC would jump at the chance to have Batman/Buffy happen if Joss wrote it. Joss is big, and doing one project with them might lead to more projects. Plus, stealing someone from the opposition (Marvel) seems is really publishers' favorite thing these days, tied with megacrossovers.

See Planetary/Batman for a story that works around a crossover between different fictional worlds perfectly. Hell, we didn't just get Batman crossing over with Planetary, we got sixties TV Batman, Dark Knight Returns Batman, Dick Giordano Batman and more, and it all made sense!
Wouldn't Joss be writing the DC comic book movie adaptation for Wonder Woman anyhow? Well I assumed he would be.
No clue, Simon. I think he's got enough on his plate for at least the next two years at any rate - I doubt he wants 4 comics to write. Or maybe he does.
Usually one of the writers on the title that was made into a movie will do the adaptation (Denny O'Neill did the Batman adaptation, Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa did Spider-Man 2) but, obviously, usually the screenwriter isn't also a comics writer so it's possible Joss could do it.

I would've thought time-wise it wouldn't take as long as a normal script (since he'd already have written the screenplay and storyboarded the movie) and because it wouldn't need any on-going input he might be able to fit it in. Of course, whether he'd want to is another matter. Maybe he'd be a bit burnt out on Wonder Woman by that stage.
Joss isn't writing the Serenifly comics, is he? He's creating the plot but not doing the writing, I thought.
Yeah Lioness, I think it's the same deal with Brett Matthews actually doing the writing which, I have to admit, i'm not completely overjoyed about since I wasn't hugely impressed with the original Serenity comics. Maybe another shot at it will improve things though (and i'm still gonna get it anyway, crazed fan-boy that I am).
So Joss is going to write the first story of the season 8 comics and it will be a mini-series. Then Buffy comics will continue I guess as either a regular comic or a series of mini-series with Joss supervising. Is that the plan? And I suppose all of it is going to be canon, right?

Do you guys get the impression any forthcoming SERENITY comics will be canon?

I'd love to see Batman/Buffy. Since it's a story Joss wants to do, I want to see what he came up with. Batman is DC's crossover whore but has he ever crossed over with a Dark Horse character?
Yeah, there's been a Batman/Hellboy cross-over as well as multiple Batman/Aliens and Batman/Predator comics (obviously not actually Dark Horse characters in the last two cases but they own the comic licences).

(and the Buffy comics Joss is writing are definitely canon so i'd assume the ones he's just overseeing are too - presumably including the Serenity title since the original one was)
Serenity is Brett and Joss. So, canon. Buffy, as far as I know, only has Joss' name attached to it at the moment. I know the sales pitch is canon, anyway. Looking forward to both of these a lot -- and I'm not normally a comic book kinda guy. Although I do have a beard now, which clearly makes me a terrorist (if anybody here happens to see me, 10 if you _don't_ make a terrorist joke. Everybody does it).

This post has been bought to you by Kevin, and his beard.
Seriously?! A LOT of terrorist jokes? That's too bad.

You're hinting at something (at least I think you are) I'm wondering which is will the stories in the new Buffy comic which come after the one Joss writes be canon? I would think they would be. How can it be a season 8 if they aren't all canon?

The pre-Serenity mini-series is canon. So I'm assuming subsequent Serenity comics will be as well. I just wish The Boss would tell us in no uncertain terms what the case is.

I don't have a beard. Except for October and November.

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