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April 09 2006

Red is a wise colour choice for Sarah Michelle Gellar according to a Feng Sui expert in this Chicago Sun-Times article.

Course if the article actually had the picture of her in the dress then we judge for ourselves. But that might be asking too much. Instead it might be this one from some DKNY Jeans event.

What a bizarre article--and thanks for the link of the actual dress, Simon. I kept thinking "am I missing something here?"
I thought Feng Sui was about where you put your furniture or something like that ? Clearly, I know nothing of the ancient ways.

Also, I love the way this

Any time we feel too 'airy,' this color would be great to counteract that feeling.

is the more everyday explanation since I pick all my clothes by asking myself how 'airy' I feel on a particular day ;).

(in fairness, I think the Feng Sui-ist does know why SMG bought it since "The color looks good on her, complimenting her coloring and skin tone" seems a slightly better reason to buy a dress than 'earthing' oneself ;)
Saje, I think I love you. That's exactly what I thought.
Wesley: Feng shui.
Gunn: Right. What's that mean again?
Wesley: That people will believe anything.

Thanks for that link with the pictures Simon - I also was wondering where was the dress they were talking about. Lovely pictures of both SMG and MT! SMG looks very nice with her hair darker and Michelle is as beautiful as ever.
It's all about the energy flow. All about the energy.
... and the money flow. As in the money you get when people pay you to make a bunch of stuff up :) See also the Feng Shui episode of Penn & Teller's Bullsh*t. Lots of modern decorators BSing their way through Feng Shui by just making it up as they go in order to charge more.
Penn & Teller rock.
Yes, SMG looks nice in red, but why does the Chicago Sun-Times care? And how is that supposed to improve her life, apart from being something pretty to wear? Add me to the "This sounds like BS" list.

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