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April 09 2006

Moviefone wonders "Who'll Play Wonder Woman?" Moviefone looks at some of the actresses possibly up for Wonder Woman (as well as a few names outta left field), and has a poll up for readers to vote.

The feature was also the main entertainment story on today.

I voted for the obvious choice -- Morena.

Jessica Alba with 24% of the vote? *stiffling giggles*
My top two are Morena and Erica Durance.
Shannon Elizabeth

Oh my. If I was sitting down, I'd be falling off my chair.
I voted for Morena but I'm curious if Katherine Heigl would be good in that role. But I know Joss said he wanted somebody ethnic.

Btw, why is anyone even entertaining the idea that Britney Spears would be cast in this role? The idea is just absurd.

I know a few people here have kicked around the idea of Evangeline Lily but she hasn't proven to me that she's even much of an actress. Morena's my favorite choice. She has the looks, the chops, and the charisma. I think she'd be an awesome WW.
Where's the love for Jennifer Connelly? Man, you can't have a Wonder Woman poll without her in it.
SpikeBad, even the cheezy websites know she really isn't in the running for this role.
I was looking up Michelle Monaghan b/c I'd never heard of her. On IMDB I found a picture of her posing with Jeremy Renner (who played Penn in Somnambulist, and more recently--a complete bastard in North Country) and I thought to myself, maybe this girl could pull it off.
Michelle Monaghan would be a good choice.
Since AOL refuses to allow Opera as a browser, can someone tell me what names they had in the poll?
Lioness, the names listed are:

Jessica Alba; Angelina Jolie; Jennifer Garner; Jessica Biel; Kate Beckinsale; Charisma Carpenter; Morena Baccarin; Erica Durance; Scarlett Johansson; Michelle Monaghan; Shannon Elisabeth; Katherine Heigl; "Someone not on the is list"
Umm, okay... what's with the Alba dissing? I voted for Morena, naturally, but I think Jessica Alba would do it well also. And really, why isn't Rachel Bilson on the list? :)
Obviously I'd love for Morena to get the role but there's an actress that used to be on Everwood who I think looks the part. She used to play Ephram's older girlfriend. I've seen her in promos for some new "What about Brian" that's written by the creators of Lost. She now has dark hair and looks stunning.
LAUREN GRAHAM. I've said it before and I'll say it again. Shes got the look, an amazing actress, and I remember Joss saying he was looking for someone a little bit older. She may be too old but she could pass for younger. And i think everyone is going strictly on look. Acting ability is a major quality in my book.
Who I like:
~ Eliza Dushku (who I'm surprised doesn't show up on many lists)
~ Katherine Heigl
~ Morena Baccarin
~ Jennifer Morrison of House MD
~ or myself (:
Charisma Carpenter is Wonder Woman (maybe I'll get quoted on all the entertainment news sites).
Nathon Fillion!
How does Charisma only have 4%? WTF? I'm with Calledon - CC *IS* WW.
The sad part is that Kate Beckinsale is currently beating Morena and Charisma... combined. :-S
Ahhh, Nathan Fillion. Now he'd look good with a lasso.

For me: Morena, Heigl, maybe Monaghan.

I actually liken Jessica Alba's acting to eating dry wall, so I'd have to disagree with that particular assessment. Dushku, I think, is too short and tiny.
No, you're right. Eating drywall is pretty close. I confess, I succumbed to a purely physical attraction with that one. Okay, Jessica's out. But Morena still gets my vote all the way.

And as for CC, she's great and I love me some Cordelia, but I'm not convinced that she would make a good fit for WW. Unless you're making the same mistake I made and voting based solely on physical appearances. *shrug*
This is all nonsense. Joss has said he wants someone unknown, so that's who it's gonna be -- someone we've never heard of, someone who gets a break with the role.
chikenbird, I hope Joss gets the final say over casting, but I'm not sure that will be the case with a major property like WW. I think WB and Joel Silver will have quite a bit of input. That is what makes me nervous. I hope I am wrong or that my worry is misplaced.
Still not changing.

Anne Hathaway.
I can see why people enjoy it but I'm really not into the speculation game. However, I find I am excited about the day (whenever it may be) we finally found out.

And then it'll be "She's great!" vs. "What were they thinking?!"

I wish entertainment writers would quit saying things like "filling Lynda Carter's shoes". It makes it sound as though Joss is doing a big screen adaptation of T.V. show's take on Wonder Woman.
As long as it's not Kate Beckensale... An unknown would be preferable. I'd still put people like Morena and Jewel Staite in that category. My first choice, though, would be Gina Torres.
Evangeline Lilly. Wonder Woman should be Canadian.
Wonder Woman should be Canadian.

I thought she had to be Themyscirian? Don't tell me DC rebooted the character again :p.
Am I the only one who actually wants it to be Kate Beckinsale? I don't understand why people have hated on her on these boards so much? I think she is very much one of the most beautiful women on the planet and I certainly think she is a good actress. Someone saying that Kate Beckinsale is a bad actress..basing it on...oh say...Van like saying Hugh Jackman is a bad actor because he was in Van Helsing. They were both awkward and bad in it because it was a bad movie. The Underworld's are medicore but they are nothing but action. And the parts where she did act were spot on for the universe. And I still remember the first time I saw her as Hero in Branuagh's Much Ado...which she was great in. She was also great in the Alice Through the Looking Glass (which I think is the best version of the story ever recorded). As for lately she was cute in was a typical John Cusack love story....and Pearl Harbor...she was fine in Pearl Harbor....the movie sucked but she was not responsible for its downfall. Aviator was also great.

If people disagree with her as a political thing as far as Hollywood stars, I dont think that is a good way to judge someone for the part. Superman can cast an unknown because it is will clean up at the Box Office no matter what they do. Wonder Woman has never been done on the big screen and it has never been done in a venue that people took as an actual super hero movie. I've seen Kate Beckinsale kick ass and she has done it memorably.

I feel like the media has given Kate Beckinsale a negative response from a community where she doesn't entire deserve such negativity simply because they are discussing and playing around with a topic of our interest. It is also very personal for us because it is Joss. Remember that Joss lines sound great coming out of most people's mouths. I personally trust anyone in the hands of Joss. My pick for Wonder Woman is Kate Beckinsale....meaning this Joss fan says that he would like her in that role. It just feels right to me.

And for some reason I feel like I am going to get negative responses towards not only Kate Beckinsale but possibly also towards my fandom for this support of her. Oh well.

Remember...Joss does magic no matter what. If somebody told me to judge Sarah Michelle Gellar of her film career I would tell them that I believe her one of the most terrible actresses that I had ever seen....however, I live breathe Buffy and that is all that matters to me.

Go Kate.
Dophin Tamer, everything Kate has done has proven her to be a pretty face that can recite lines. Nothing she has done proves her to be a good actress. She never embodies the character and brings something extra to a role. She is always Kate Beckinsale reciting lines. I agree she is extremely beautiful, but IMHO that is not enough for this role. She just lacks presence and power.
I saw Fantastic Four in the theatre and thought Alba was fine.
Then I was shopping at Suncoast and they had the movie running. I'm telling you if you are not distracted by watching how gorgeous she is her acting is absolutely run out of the store horrible!
Yikes, I'm kinda scared someone would see FF and the theatre and think anything about that movie was fine :-p.

Anyway, I don't think Kate Beckinsale is that bad either. Joss' very obvious dislike of Underworld was the first (and only) time I was puzzled by his opinion. Sure, it wasn't shakespeare, it wasn't even very good, but I certainly did like the movie and miss Beckinsale was a big part of the reason for that.

Now, yes, we haven't seen her do much in the way of strong dramatic performances, but if Joss directs her, it should be fine, I'm thinking.

Still, she'd not be my first choice. After all is said and done though, I'm not sure an unknown is the way to go with this. Yes, Joss would probably surprise us with a new great find. But we all want Wonder Woman to be a succes and having a well-known actress as the lead will go a very long way to accomplishing that and it's not like there's only talentless actresses who've made it to the 'big time'. In all honesty, I think most of the big name actresses should be able to do a good job (although there are a few I'd have my doubts about, miss Alba being one of them), as long as they have a director who's willing to get the best out of 'em.

Like Dolphin Tamer said, if I would've had to judge SMG on her movie career, I wouldn't be all that positive, to be honest. Yet, from Buffy, I know she's one of the finest actresses working right now.
Personally, (and this is only my opinion, so take that as you will), the only movies I've seen her in, she's been particularly bad. Granted, I've only seen Serendipity, Van Helsing and the 2 Underworld movies, but that's all the frame of reference I have, so that's how I'm judging her ability.
Yikes, I'm kinda scared someone would see FF and the theatre and think anything about that movie was fine :-p.

(sigh) All you people! Young'ns these days, you're spoiled by GOOD Marvel super hero movies. Why, back when I was having to suffer through Captain America or The Punisher, I would have given my eye teeth to see anything half as good as Fantastic Four!

In all seriousness, both Spider Man and X-Men movies have been so good, they've really set the expectations high for super hero movies. Please don't forget the bad old days. Mind you, Jessica Alba wasn't anyone I would have imagined playing Susan Storm--I was thinking more like Reese Witherspoon--but I think what really hampered the movie was the age of the premise. Spider Man's organic web spinners and genetically altered spider may have offended purists (That is, the "LoTR is nothing without Tom Bombadil" crowd), but they made for a much more coherent and current movie. If FF benefitted from anything updated like that, I missed it.
Way I see it Joss may have his own ideas on who he wants to play the lead but you can be damn sure that Warner Bros and Joel Silver also have their own ideas. It might be a case of "never the twain will meet".

I just hope that the actress isn't decided by committee.
Granted, I've only seen Serendipity, Van Helsing and the 2 Underworld movies, but that's all the frame of reference I have, so that's how I'm judging her ability.

And that's a whole lot of pictures, NickSeng! I've seen Ms. Beckinsale in a few other independent films that play on cable, and I think she's terribly bland and unconvincing in all of them, although I do think she's very beautiful.

But, seriously, we all know the role can only go to Morgan Freeman. ;-)

I love Charisma. I love Morena. I love Katherine Heigl.

I want one of these three actresses - any one of them - to play the role. Any one of these three would make me incredibly happy.

Sadly, if it ends up being Kate Beckinsale/Jessica Alba/Jessica Biel, I won't be watching the movie, no matter how much I love Joss, and no matter how much I love Wondy.

(Yeah. Right. Empty threat.)

I would also add Gina Torres to the list, but after what happened with Catwoman, where we had an African-American woman play a character that was iconically shown as being white (never mind that the character she played wasn't truly Catwoman), I don't think Gina would even end up being offered that role. Still, I would like to see Gina show up in the movie in the role of Philippus, if anything.
I just hope that the actress isn't decided by committee.

It won't be, Simon. It will probably be done by collabration (even spelt right) between the director and the studio. At the end of the day, if they want a 'leading name', they'll cast a leading name. But many of the leading names actually don't suck at acting - they suck at getting a decent script. The studio wouldn't assign an actor Whedon really doesn't like to the project, as that'd be the first way to write the film off - the deal will be a name both the director and the studio can agree with.
Yikes, I'm kinda scared someone would see FF and the theatre and think anything about that movie was fine :-p.

Well, erm, it was fairly short GVH ;).

I don't particularly dislike Kate Beckinsale (in interviews she's always seemed down to Earth and ready to banter, plus, she's Godber's daughter so leeway must be granted ;) and she's certainly lovely but she's totally wrong for the part (IMO). I've never been impressed with her acting in anything i've seen her in and I just don't see how you can have an actress that's lauded as being an 'English rose' playing a part which would seem to require a somewhat ethnic look (whatever that means). Not to mention that, despite playing several action roles, she still just seems delicate and not at all super-heroic.

On the poll I voted for Morena then 'Someone not on the list' since my new second choice (after someone on here suggested her the other day) is Rosario Dawson.
I don't have any strong opinions about this, largely because I am not a comic reader, know very little about 'Wonder Woman' and, quite simply, none of the females actors I particularly like (DuVall, Gayheart, Gellar, Watts, Witherspoon, etc) would be suitable for the role. However, I do have a name to offer up for consideration, one I don't recall seeing mentioned before (apart from by me at

Jennifer Carpenter.

I'm not saying she would be a better choice than Morena Baccarin or any other realistic possibilty so far mentioned in these various discussions, but I've come across less convincing suggestions.
Saje, after seeing Sin City, I am totally against Jessica Alba in anything but commercials and magazines (in other words, you are hot, Ms. Alba, but please step away from acting before you hurt yourself or others...IMO), but I think I'm seeing your wisdom in nominating Rosario Dawson. She *rocked*! ;-)
I voted for Morena, but think Michelle Monaghan would be a good choice too.
I will thrown out an interesting option- I would like to see Amber Benson get the nod, with dyed hair. She has an Amazonian build, has the chops and I think would be an interesting if not completely well known person to do the job.
I LOVE Amber, but I wouldn't describe her as having an Amazonian build - the gal is tiny at 5'4" and thin as a rail. She only looks big in comparison to waifs like SMG and AH.
Dana--I love Amber too but I disagree with her as a viable WW option. IMO, she does not have an Amazonian build.

When I picture a real life Wonder Woman (in the way they did a real-life Batman recently--I don't count earlier incarnations), I picture a beautiful six-foot-four stunner (thats right, 6'4). You look at her and after getting past the rippling muscles, you can see she is hot enough to be on the cover of Cosmo. (Amber has the Cosmo but is missing the rippling.)
"Saje, after seeing Sin City, I am totally against Jessica Alba in anything but commercials and magazines (in other words, you are hot, Ms. Alba, but please step away from acting before you hurt yourself or others"


Everyone has their favorites. And their favorites to gripe about. My favorite actress to gripe about is Scarlett Johansen. I can't for the life of me figure out why so many think she's great. She did so much damage to Lost in Translation it wasn't funny. I'd rate other performances as "okay" but for the life of me I can't figure out why her name is everywhere. If there's a film where she's a convincing actress, please tell me. I'm missing something.

While I'd like to see someone younger, I can't help but agree Lauren Graham would kick serious butt in the role.

The idea of Amber Benson in the role intrigues me. Let me chew on that one for awhile.
Scarlett Johansen was great in Lost in Translation :o)
I'd have to agree that Scarlett Johansson was excellent in 'Lost in Translation'. I'm not particularly fond of her, to be honest, but I can't think of a bad acting performance. I thought she was especially good in 'Ghost World' and 'The Man Who Wasn't There'.
Thanks all. I know Amber is not terribly tall, but I still think she has enough physical presence to handle the bill (and is playing a warrior princess in an upcoming Sci Fi channel movie). In actuality, when I think of someone to do the role, two names come to mind, both easily rejected but in terms of looking the part quite good- Catherine Zeta Jones and Lucy Lawless. That is how I would picture WW. I like Amber Benson a lot, and I think this would be an excellent role for her, but if she is not the one, then Morena is the woman for me.

But hey, let's try the "draft Amber" movement. :-)
Everyone has their favorites. And their favorites to gripe about

Absolutely. I love Scarlett J, and I think she's been outstanding in everything she's been in (Caveat: that I've seen. I haven't seen The Island . . .) On the other hand, I have never liked Meryl Streep - she's a powerful actress, to be sure, but with her I never see the character, only the acting. Kate Beckinsale is fine, but IMO she's never transcended the mostly poor material she's worked with.
Charisma has the build. Please NO SUPER SKINNY wonderwoman. That just defeats the purpose IMHO. Scarlett would be a very interesting choice - a super sultry ww? I think that would rock.
You can elimate Katie Holmes - she's too young looking. Although I must say - she rocked in Pieces of April. Too bad about her current arranged marriage. (that was MEAN)
What about Sara Ramirez? She currently guests on Grey's Anatomy (as 'OrthoChick' Dr. Callie Torres) and she just won a Tony as the Lady of the Lake in Spamalot.
I voted for the "none of the above" option, mostly because I'd like to see someone I've never heard of in the role.

I know this is sacrilege to some, but Morena just doesn't work for me as Wonder Woman. She just seems too slight in build. Of course, that's going to be a problem with a lot of Hollywood actresses - which is a reason I'd like to see an unknown.

Of the names mentioned in that poll, I actually thought Michelle Monaghan might make a good choice: she was very good in Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang, even though she was a good 10 years too young for the character. At 5'8" (according to IMdB), she's got the height, just about (though actually that's only 1/4" taller than what IMDb has for Morena). But she looks a little Hollywood skinny to me, too.

I think someone who isn't well known would come with less baggage, and may be more easy to identify with the role, so that's another reason.
Morena, Charisma or Biel.
I like more actresses of that list, but just these three are perfect, specially Morena and Charisma. I really want one of them for the role.
You know what? I'm not remotely bothered about the person. I want somebody who can act under proper direction.
re: Kate Beckinsale

Her acting is so underwhelming that I have fallen asleep during every movie I've ever seen her in. She merely utters words and looks pretty. She doesn't become the character. None of her roles are memorable - and that has to be, at least in part, due to her mediocre acting. With all the great, beautiful actresses to choose from out there who are dying to get a good role and pay their bills at the same time, why settle for her? Wonder Woman needs to be interesting, not merely decorative.
I would not like Charisma or Morena to play Wonder Woman. It would feel too Jasmine for me. Not Caleb...I loved me Jasmine was just's some work for Gina. Gina as Jasmine reminded me of her Cleopatra 2525 days...not that I don't love those days I just don't buy the character. I've seen Charisma as Cordy and as Kendall Casablancas on Veronica Mars...Charisma is a great character actress but I have never really been on board with her when she does serious Cordy Buffy sometimes...on Angel pretty much never. I don't think Morena fits Wonder Woman I would like to see what Joss can do with new faces.

This is a very personal opinion of mine but I love seeing what Joss does in unfamiliar contexts. That is what excites me about Wonder Woman. It is his directorial debut OUT of any verse that he created.

And does anyone not trust this man? No matter who Wonder Woman is, the movie will be like nothing we've seen. Wonder Woman was created as the feminist icon for the superhero age. She isn't a battling crusader but a strong entity who believes in peace. This has never ever been represented well at all by anything that they have ever done with Wonder Woman. That is why I am so excited for the world to see what JOSS WHEDON, THE MASTER OF FEMINIST GENRE DRAMA (As well as the master of most things) does with this figure.

As for the berating of Kate Beckinsale because of her acting in MEDIOCRE FILMS (poor writing and poor directing is what makes her films unremarkable...Did NOBODY see her in the AVIATOR or ALICE? No one? And I might be the only one with a soft spot for Serendipity.)

Not that anyone will take the time...but look at Kate Beckinsale as a human. I have seen her interviewed on various talk shows and she is absolutely one of my favorite celebrity personalities in this resepct. Her interview with Conan O'Brien was WONDEROUS. There is also a post Van Helsing interview where she calmly makes assurances that her breasts in the movie were pushed up so the top looks like just the top when it is the whole breast. It was her humbly stating...the movie makes me out to be much bustier than I actually am. I find that humble. I like humble. She isn't a bad actress...she has been in BAD FILMS and was not directed well at all. Underworld is a visually exciting concept but a terrible genre script. Van Helsing was mucky, mucky shit. Stephen Sommers, I am not your fan but that is beside the point. And HER HUSBAND directed the Underworld movies. Why not work with her Fan Boy husband in something he likes to do even if it is kinda shabby.

Let's take a moment to judge some actors on their film careers:

Sarah Michelle Gellar: Scream 2, I Know What You Did Last Summer, Scooby Doo, Scooby Doo 2: Monster Madness, The Grudge (as well as a cameo in the eagerly anticipated Grudge 2!)....and yes of course how could we forget CRUEL INTENTIONS (in my opinion the worst acted film I have ever viewed despite the marquee of credible actors)

David Boreanez: Valentine.......I think that might be it. There are still some friends of mine that I cannot convince to even give Angel the slightest bit of a chance because they saw the movie Valentine.

Julie Benz: George of the Jungle 2 (Straight to DVD) and Jawbreaker. could you?

Aly Hannigan: The American Pie Trilogy (which some might consider a success...I love her in them but there is a vast amount of human who refuse to see our beauty Aly as anything but the "one time at band camp" girl). Date Movie.....DATE MOVIE........ahem....DATE MOVIE (Tom Lenk had a under one minute cameo as a Frodo Baggins look alike)

James Marsters: Camera Man 3 in House on Haunted Hill.

Christian Kane: Taxi with Queen Latifah and Jimmy Fallon, Just Married with Ashton Kutcher and Brittany Murphy.

Adam Baldwin: I saw him as a dad in some movie on Sci-Fi channel once about this lizard monster that his son finds. That is basically what I remember him from.

Emma Caulfield: I worship this woman on all grounds and I loved Darkness Falls...well I loved HER in Darkness Falls. The movie was more or less awkward. I think that SHE should be Wonder Woman. Well...maybe not Wonder Woman but she should be in more things.

Eliza Dushku: Bring it On. Whenever someone out of the Buffyverse notices Eliza, in my experience, they say...hey, that's the girl from Bring It On.

I still find it hard to accept Michelle T. sometimes as Dawn. I hate that I can't look past Harriet the Spy or Pete and Pete but I just can't. Dawn has always been a hard entity for me to accept. Also Euro Trip happened.

This is show business. The actors that we LOVE in the worlds of Joss and the actors we KNOW to be true and beautiful dramatists are victims in the world of Hollywood. Scripts don't get written because there is soul behind them...the writer doesn't want to say anything...they want money. This is why Benchwarmers was made. This is why anything in Hollywood has been made for a long time. Movie business is crumbling because (with OBVIOUSLY many exceptions to these extravagant claims I am making) Movies have been absolutely soulless and terrible for a long, long time. You want a good flick? You must seek it out. Go to an alternative theater or just bathe in shit like She's the Man.

Dramatic Form, structure, character and story has been shelved for politics. It is down to WHAT SELLS. This pains me. This is why we don't have a SLEW of Serenity films (where cast and crew involved are family as are in a sense, the fans...excuse me...flans). Producers run Hollywood...some are great....some are assholes. But they don't care how good your script is...they want to know if it will speak to the mass of people who they think are generally stupid (yes, I am overstating, more or less). This is why CRASH won best original screenplay and best picture (he shudders and weeps). One of the more poorly written contrived pieces of political bullshit was masked with GREAT actors and a tricky score of epic sounding singy voices to make us think the movie is deep. I think that movie was more racist itself that the combat against racism which some people seemed to think it was. This 2004 forgettable movie won Best Picture at the 2006 Oscars. What kind of political shit is that...dragging a movie to an oscar show that it already missed the cut for?

Oh, and on the idea of Gina for Wonder Woman. A comic fan getting upset that Wonder Woman was cast as black actress would be the same as a fan getting mad if Mary Jane's hair wasn't red (as there was some worry when Kirsten Dunst was cast as Mary were all...what do you mean a blonde Mary Jane? And they released interviews where Kirsten stated that she would be dying her hair red just so some worried fans were appeased). Some people think that Beast is too blue or too Beast like. People are picky about their super heroes. Right down to costume on occassion.

And I digress and point is.

Our actors of Joss are great and we know they are great. But they have made shitty ass films because of how show business works and I don't think it is fair for us to judge some of these women considered for the role of Wonder Woman based or two or three movies that we have seen them in. I don't like it when people say shit about my Jossverse actors and I say we just see who gets cast and SUPPORT JOSS no matter what (I saw someone write that if an actress they didn't like got cast that they would boycott the movie even though it was Joss and this person was a Wonder Woman fan....I don't get that at all) He is afterall the reason that we are all registered on this website.

Hold judgements, people. Let's see where this goes and let it be the phenomenon that it deserves to be. Joss seems giddy about it, so I will be too.

After all... can't Joss fire someone if they suck and recast?

Support Joss. Support Wonder Woman. Support the Planet Earth. No matter what.

We hold.
Whew, that was a lot of readin'. :)
Who I like:
~ Eliza Dushku (who I'm surprised doesn't show up on many lists)

She's my top choice- I don't know why no one ever mentions her as a candidate.
Dolphin Tamer, gotta love your passion, but I'd suggest that your seemingly intense investment in Kate B. is going to cause you heartache here . . . I have absolutely nothing against her, but she hasn't shown me anything to distinguish her. Not saying she couldn't, but she hasn't. The Whedonverse actors, for the most part, have shown me the goods.

And I'm really not seeing the lack of support for Joss, or whatever choice he/the studio makes, here. People have opinions about the names that are thrown up. Once an actual casting decision is made (heaven forfend), we can proceed to discuss that. The endless and circular speculation is somewhat tiresome, truth be told.

BTW, I love Cruel Intentions - it's ridiculous, but it has style and vim. And Harvard Man is SMG's most interestingly different role to date (although Southland Tales will presumably change that). I also enjoyed American Pie (the first) and Eurotrip. And Bring It On is a classic, seriously.
There are some humans I have mega soft spot for, Kate Beckinsale being one of them. First time I saw her I was just floored and I continue just to be floored by her presence. I agree with gossi about just making sure the actress can function under good direction. I'm bias to Kate cuz I just think she is the vision of a grecian goddess in my head. Or in this case I can settle for Amazon.
Padma Lakshmi? Aishwarya Rai? Holy moly- good looking women, a bit ethnic perhaps, but WW? Could be good.
I'd never heard of Padma Lakshmi until I saw her on Conan O'Brien the other night. I'm pretty sure that's where it was. Anyway as I was looking at her, I did think "Hmmm. Maybe she'd work as Wonder Woman."

Personally though, I hope it's an unknown who blows our socks off and makes us say "Wow! Where did Joss find her?!"
Padma is marries to Salman Rushdie and she is drop-dead gorgeous.,%20Padma
Many people think Aishwarya Rai, of Bollywood fame, is the most beautiful woman in the world. Neither are well known in the West.

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I am all about Lauren Graham, although that could be my own bias, because I am insanly obsessed with her lately. I also think Carisma could do it. But, unfortunatly, I think it will be an unknown, because that seems to be the trend for "superhero" movies. I have had multiple Joss fans agree with me on the Lauren Graham thing. The only arguments I have really heard against her is that she is too old for the part, and that it should be someone unknown.

Also, I think that I would smile for days if she did get the part. Lauren in a Joss movie? I would be so happy I would cry.
Those were all horrible choices!

Jessica Alba?! Kate Beckinsale?! Erica Durance?! Everyone else mentioned?! Dear God, save us all.
Padma Lakshmi could be intense.

The end.

Coming late to the party, but there's really only one choice for me. If you saw "Sky High" and "Final Destination 3" you know exactly who I'm talking about...Mary Elizabeth Winstead. Three points in her favor:

1. She is still an unknown, which is what I think Joss wants.
2. She has a versatile acting range, as exhibited in her films (a trend that should continue when she plays next to Michelle Trachtenberg in the "Black Christmas" remake.
3. She's statuesque, at 5'8", and can play more mature than her age...a must, since she's only 21!

As far as I'm concerned, she's the clear choice. Anyone who can bring gravitas to "Final Destination 3" is someone to be reckoned with.

[ETA: I forgot! She appeared in "Sky High" with Lynda Carter! Talk about a potential passing of the mantle. Besides, take a look at this photo and tell me this isn't, far and away, the freshest face you've seen for the role.]

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