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"Blondie Bear?"
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April 10 2006

A podcast interview with 'The Master' Mark Metcalf. has some other Buffyverse podcast interviews. There's an interesting discussion with Jeff Marriotte about Joss Whedon, Angel and the IDW comic books. And if you have some spare change, you can find out how good Buffy the Animated Series really was in the premium version of this Jeph Loeb interview.

I don't care what anyone says. To me, he'll always be "The Maestro" :P
Can anyone summarise what Jeph said about the Animated Series?
I second that. I listened to almost the whole interview and must have missed the reference to Buffy the Animated Series? On a related note does anyone know if the 4 minute presentation or any scripts have become available anywhere on the net?
A brief summary - basically the first season was ready to go if someone has said yes. Joss and Jeph wrote the pilot, the other episodes were done by Buffy writers. It sounded like a heck of a lot was done for it before the plug was pulled and if people saw the stuff, they would be bewildered why it wasn't happening.
Thanks Simon, how many minutes into the mp3 interview did he start talking about BtAS?
In the version you have to pay for, starts around 48 minutes in.

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