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April 10 2006

Celebrity Jedi Master Chefs include Firefly, Angel and Buffy alumni. An Archive of images from various conventions of actors dressed up as jedi masters (light sabre and/or jedi costume), each wearing a chef's hat. Various actors like Alan Tudyk, Jewel Staite, Adam Busch, Julie Benz, Christian Kane etc. Hilarious indeed, who knew the Jedi are so numerous.

Oh and even more fun, there is a sword duel between certain lawyers of Wolfram & Hart, go to the bottom of this page.

Just wanted to add, that I did an archive search and a google search, and did not see this posted before. I don't know how recent these images are.
Oh man those are priceless.
I love Alan's picture, he looks so stunned.
Wow, that's a lot of Whedonverse people!

Um, I'm confused about exactly what this all means, though...
Well, think the point is this guy(and a few others) bring the chefs hat and light sabres to conventions to have the actors pose with those things. Its just good natured fun, I'd imagine. Hell look at Ron Glass! But certain other actors seem a bit freaked out Andy's picture being an example. hehe.
The one I laughed outloud at was Armin Shimmerman. You would not want to meet that man with a light saber in his hand.
ROTFL, yeah he seems quite eagre, too eagre... Oh and even better look at Jonathan Woodward. What is he doing with that light sabre????
:) For some reason, the Sean Maher one cracks me up the most. I guess because Simon is so tight-laced usually...

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Wow, some great pictures. I haven't gotten through all of them yet, but Ron Glass and Sean Maher both seemed to be in the spirit of it.
guess ya had to be there to GET the jedi chef--but love our BDHs
This is one of the best things I have ever seen. Everyone seems so excited, except for Alan, he looks kinda scared. Then again I would be excited too if I was made a Jedi Apprentice.
Odd :) Corrected typo in link title.
These are great! JM played with a light saber at the Toronto expo, but he wasn't wearing a chef's hat. I remember seeing a photo somewhere - maybe RavenU took it.
Mad yet fantastic photos. Worth it just to see Jack Bristow waving a lightsabre around.

Some of the, err, victims are just kind of holding it but a lot of them are really going all out, emoting pure Jedi ;).

(and how hard does Ron Glass look ? Those would definitely not be the droids you were looking for if he had that expression when you questioned him)
Oh, dear. That will have me laughing for hours. Here's to those with a warped sense of humour--and photos to prove it!
awww, look at summer's. She's so into it. It's adorkable.
Yeah don't forget Nathan Fillion too. It would be sooo sweet if Joss Whedon would join the highly regarded order of Jedi Chefs. Seriously, imagine him with the light sabre, chefs hat and a "Joss Whedon is my master" tshirt. How cool would that be?

On a related note, in case you haven't noticed, on the top left corner of the celbirty page there is a wee photo, you can go to the home page of the site and explore the rest. Its soo ludicrous that I love it. Don't forget to check out the allies page here. They have a few photos showing spike(not the real one, a fan dressed up , and my god that is impressive...).

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Are these really real or Photoshopped?
Look in Nathan's eyes. Oh, it's real.

I also love Summer (adorable) and Alan (hilarious, cause he's not reacting, he's acting).
It is real, I think, and I did some browsing, apparently the guy with the eyepatch is Neil Davidson(again I think), he has a home page. Click on this link for a page of all the conventions he went to, and you can see he has been to a few serenity ones. If you look at the Starfury: Serenity Squared, you will see alot of the BDH's in the photo with Neil in it. So for the celebrity gallery, he snipped himself out in those photos.

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Oh, they're certainly all real. Neil's been attending conventions for years getting the pictures done, I've been in the room many a time when they've had them taken. Con veterans like Nathan, Morena, Jewel, Summer, Andy Hallett, etc, all know what to expect now, they've done so many events! It's nothing out of the ordinary for them any more!
Iyari Limon looks very serious. You wouldn't mess with her either.
Much love for our 'Verse warriors, but the BSG crew rocked, too. Check out Jamie Bamber -- I definitely would not cross him any time soon! And Tahmoh Penikett certainly seems to know how to enjoy a lovely beverage while fighting the Sith. ;-)

I loved this site and the photos, but IMO, the Jedi Master Chefs need entirely more cookery. I want to read rousing tales of brave JMCs of the past who have taken on entire armies with only a light saber, a Japanese eggplant and a pint of leftover bechemel sauce. ;-)
Are these really real or Photoshopped?

They're real, as RachVG said. These guys go to every Starfury UK convention and do the Jedi Chef thing. I stopped and asked them why Jedi Chefs last year - they gave me a big long explaination, but I was drunk and completely forgot what they said. As you can probably tell from said pictures, Starfury conventions involve much alcohol.
Starfury conventions involve much alcohol.

Oh, then that explains this great description on the JMC website:

Most decent folks know that the Jedi Chefs are on their side, fighting for them and helping them to reduce bothersome stocks of alcoholic beverages.

Hilarious! I shall have to look at them again at home when I can give free rein to the howls of laughter I had to swallow since I'm at work at the minute.
Like Gossi says, very real and if you spot the Jedi's at one of the parties in the evening they will even let you join their ranks as an apprentice, with your photo taken the etc.

The funniest Jedi thing I ever saw at a Starfury con was a mock light sabre duel between Danny Strong and a very very tall man, sort of Yoda v Darth but Danny is way cuter.
I was in the room when the Victor Garber one was taken and he said no to wearing a hat. But he was a really nice guy.
It was great to see Robia LaMorte again. Loved her immensely, even with the whole, you know, "betraying her friends and lover"-thing :P
Thanks for that, curlywurly. I wondered.I first saw Garber many many years ago before he was famous and he had a sense of humour then. I was afraid he'd lost it.
Near the start of Alias season 4 in the UK, there was a behind the scenes special about the Ricky Gervais episode (called something like 'Alias Ricky Gervais'). Dunno if you guys got it in the US but Victor Garber came across as a drily funny, down to Earth guy and he, Gervais, Greg Grunberg and Kevin Weisman seemed like they really hit it off (though nobody had a bad word to say about Jennifer Garner and it seemed a pretty happy set in general).

(seeing the guy who played Sloane doing a quick bit from 'Fiddler on the Roof' was also entertaining in a weird juxtapositiony way)

ETA: Or was it 'Cabaret' ? Anyway, weird but cool. Note to self re: early onset senility: Try not to be as, hmm, what was it ...

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I always thought a lightsaver would be handy for cooking purposes.

These are seriously some awesome pictures. Summer is indeed adorable. Jewel is no slouch in the adorable department either though.
Those were great!

I loved Alan's.

And did anyone see the picture where the Ghostbusters were cornerning Spike? That almost gave me a geekgasm...two fandoms crossing over into one...oh, the dork-ish wonder!
That is one hilarious website. I love the variation between the pictures- from Alan Tudyk's complete look of fear with Nathan Fillion, who would look like he was in Star Wars if someone photoshopped in a 'real' lightsabre. I think Stephanie Romanov is also extremely convincing.

Really funny, cool site, though, and its great to see so many actors willing to have a joke and poke fun at themselves. I can't imagine someone like Tom Cruise being so down to earth, like when someone squirted him with a water pistol at a film premiere.
Well, Razor, not that I'm defending Tom Cruise (he scares me), but to tell you the truth, if a stranger squirted me with a water pistol in any scenario, I would get mightily pissed.
I don't think it was a complete soaking, though. Just a little squirt. I can't imagine someone like Nathan Fillion taking that anything other than good naturedly, because he doesn't have an over inflated celebrity ego.
Reverting to being the evil twin, UnpluggedCrazy, I'd have to say that just a little squirt like Mr. Cruise (who scares me, too!) got wouldn't be the worst. I mean, what did he gain by going off and acting all righteous with the guy? Tom just made himself look like a humorless, control freak, a**hole. Which, of course, Tom Cruise is not! And everything he believes in is great! Really! ;-)

In that situation, I would definitely be surprised, sure, but the *rockin'* way to handle the situation would be to make a really great snarky quip about it. Then you would totally make the squirt gun-shooter look like the a**hole, and you would look like a really funny, good-natured, hi-larious person. Or at least you could try to get the squirt gun (not with a fist fight or struggle, of course, just ask them to hand it over nicely, maybe tell them it's the least they owe you) and try to shoot the person right back -- that would be hi-larious, too!
billz...sad as it is, I think I'd be the Russell Crowe type celebrity. I mean, I would totally be down with the fans and joke around with them and be good-humored...but someone squirting water on me? I sort of get pissed when people do that to me now.

Hm. I need to work on that.

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