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April 10 2006

Out on Wednesday - Astonishing X-Men Vol 1 HC. A must have item for X-Fans, a collection of the first 12 issues in a shiny hardcover format. Also available is the Joss Whedon variant HC which has his name in really big yellow letters. Elsewhere in the X-Verse: John Byrne, comic book industry legend, volunteers to work with Joss and provides a Buffy sketch.

No wonder you are a moderator! What an elegant pairing of links here. Although it's 3. Can one pair 3 things or just 2? Then what is 3 called?

And my, Joss' name almost caused blindness there. Thanks for the warning.
Those are some really big yellow letters.

That looks like one of us made it.
It's like how M. Night Shyamalan's movies always have his name bigger than the title.

Just saw this was comic out this week, and I'm giddy! The first issue of the Dutch X-Mannen featuring Joss-work (Astonishing #1-2) just came out too, for those interested. It's #285.

If Buffy meets Batman, that would mean that Giles could meet Alfred. Wouldn't it be cool if they knew each other? Alfred's [eyes] widen, and he says, "Ripper?!?"


Not sure how I'd feel about a Byrne-drawn Buffyverse, but hey, an image of Willow as always worth linking to:
Ah, thanks for the tip, Telltale. I might just get that one to see how they translate Joss' stuff (probably badly ;-)).

I'm still on the fence as far as the HC edition of Astonishing goes, by the way. I already own the seperate issues, but this is prettier and easier to re-read, obviously. Hmmm.
I've got all the single issues and intentionally did not get the two TPBs as I really really wanted the hardcover book. I hope it has a lot of extras in it.
Is there definitely exclusive content in the hardcover edition Simon ? Got the trades already so I don't think I can justify it if not (especially the one with the eye murdering 'JOSS WHEDON!!' cover, though at least you could read it from orbit if that was ever a requirement ;). Something like the original scripts might entice me though.

A Byrne/Whedon Batman/Buffy cross-over has me salivating although i'd also really like to see Cassaday do it or maybe Jim Lee. Still if John Byrne is offering his services, i'd say you think twice before turning him down.
When they did the Runaways (Whedon loves that series and her and the creator are actually big mutual fans) it was pretty impressive since they crammed in 18 issues AND some bonus material (the initial pitch of the series, sketches, an intro, and I'm pretty sure some other thingies including a letter from Joss). They'd probably do the same now considering they have a version with Joss' name so big. That's utterly ridiculous... (What does the real cover look like though?) I didn't really think he'd be a big draw to the series in most cases all that much, and people would presumably already be aware of it.
Well I only own one proper Marvel HC and that's Neil Gaiman's 1602 and it has a script and stuff like that in it.

And less we forget, John Byrne did draw an Angel and Spike cover for Angel: The Curse #2.
Love the Buffy sketch John B. presented in the linked thread (despite his protestations that he can't do likenesses) but I adore the thumbnail of Willow! Here's hoping the JW/JB project finds wings.

And yes, Simon is the moderator's moderator. I believe there's an award attached and everything. :)

Sycophant SNT.
JB is one of my heroes in comics :) An incredible talent.
Verily, zg. JB is what (who) really got me into comics with the UXM 94 through 143, which then led to further discovery of the Golden Age, Silver Age, alt comics, indies, and everything . . .
So Simon is "the moderator that rules them all?"
("and in the darkness binds them...")

FWIW, there is a script excerpt (the script excerpt, ) in Marvel Spotlight's Joss issue (which managed to feature Joss' name without blinding innocent children). If there are that kind of extras in the HC, I might get it (already have the issues and the trades).

Since this is a 3-headed comics-related thread, I'll mention here that Superman beat the Emperor in the UGO poll (and here I thought Evil will always win, because Good is dumb).

Edited to hide spoilers in case anyone hasn't read AXM yet.

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One of the first comics i got hooked on was West Coast Avengers (later Avengers West Coast) during the John Byrne era. Still a classic run of Marvel action, not to mention the early seeds of what was later to happen to the Scarlet Witch.

And need i mention that we all have John to thank for the naked She Hulk skipping rope issue? A truly great moment in comic history, right up there with the death of the Phoenix, hehe.
I'm confused - is the comic called Joss Whedon written by the X-Men? Snark snark - I jest.
This isn't the only book where Marvel released a variant giant-yellow text cover. They also did one for Orson Scott Card's Ultimate Iron-Man. I think it's more for bookstores that don't normally carry graphic novels or comic books.

Oh, and I have 20 or so of the Marvel oversized hardcovers (it's an addiction) and, I think, only one of them didn't have any extras. And that one was a Daredevil/Elektra book collecting the Miller/Sienkiewicz comics from the 80s. So I think it's safe to assume there will be some sort of bonus material in this one.
Speaking of Joss Whedon and X-Men, the new SFX magazine (May edition) has this to offer .

Two of the most talented men in SF discuss their contributions to the X-Men canon. How would the new movie be different if Joss was making the decisions?

ETA: This feature should be going online according to Mark Millar.

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