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April 10 2006

Alexis Denisof on "How I Met Your Mother". Hey West-Coasters! Alexis Denisof makes his first guest appearance on Aly's show How I Met Your Mother tonight!

It was hilarious and I was totally surprised, so don't miss it if you have a chance.

I know he's going to be in the season finale (along with Amy Acker), but is he going to be in more besides those two appearances? And when is the season finale anyways?
Thanks for the heads-up, Arabchick. I thought tonight was a repeat for some reason and didn't have the Ti-Faux programmed. Now I'm set.
According to tvrage...

1x18 10/Apr/2006 Nothing Good Happens After 2 A.M.
1x19 01/May/2006 Mary the Paralegal
1x20 08/May/2006 Best Prom Ever
1x21 15/May/2006 Milk
1x22 22/May/2006 Come On

I don't have a clue how many episodes Alexis is going to be in. If the setup for his character in today's episode is for what I think it was I wouldn't doubt it'd be more than just the 2.
Very brief. Same reaction I had when I first saw James Marsters in a non-Spike role- strange to hear the voice without the accent!
Was even a worse reaction for me. I didn't even recognize him or the voice. Wasn't until I got the "he looks familiar" feeling that I connected hey he's suppose to be on the finale maybe he's on this one. I actually had to go look it up to make sure.
I think Alexis deserves better than that role in that show. True, they have positioned him in what might be a recurring role, but his character is a bloody cliche! I loved seeing him, and it was interesting to hear his not-English accent, but what a slimy role.
That's not his real accent either. He's playing a pervy cornball anchorman, and he's using a voice to match. That helmet hairspayed-into-oblivion hair was a trip too.
Incidentally, for any night owls out there, tonight's "Carson Daly Show" is a rerun featuring Alyson Hannigan's interview from 2/28/06. (And for those who missed David Boreanaz's most recent appearance, originally airing on 3/7/06, it will be rebroadcast on 4/17.)
I won't be up much longer so I won't be watching Carson (ahh, flashback to Johnny) but can I just say that Whedonesquers, and this - my ultra cool homesite - rock beyond the telling of it.

Thank all of you for the heads ups. I feel so much more clued-in to the fandom thanks to all of you. And this happens all the time! :D
Totally didn't recognize him either till my girlfriend said, "Hey, isn't that Wesley?" Quite the chameleon, Alexis, and damn funny!
Include me in the "hey, why's Wesley talking American?" club. He looked like they gave him a fake tan to match the helmet hair. This should definitely be a recurring role -- there's potential for hi-larity there! :-)
I thought he was brilliant. The perfect slime. Go Alexis!
That he seemed to fit that slimy character so well was a bit disturbing, but I guess that just proves what a good actor he is :). That's the first episode I've seen all the way through, although I did catch part of a previous one. It had some good moments and Alyson certainly looks great.
Does anyone know if How I Met Your Mother has been picked up here in the UK? As any show that has Alexis Denisof guesting is worth watching.
Nobody has picked it up in the UK yet, Simon. As far as I know anyway. Channel 5 are probably still suffering from picking up Joey.
My DVR crapped out and didn't record it. After last week's surprisingly affective cliffhanger, I've been so patient for the resolution. Now I'm PIST.

Just wanted to share. TECHNOLOGY! URG!
I'd never advocate downloading it via BitTorrent from t'internet, TheZeppo, because the would be morally wrong.
gossi, I completely agree. Morality is top of the list.


To avoid going down the wrong path, you should tell me very specifically how one might go about doing that. Just so I know to avoid it.
If you're going to talk about BitTorrent files, do it via email.
Bittorrent, Tivo, DVR, whatever. I'm reminded of what the farmer said to the driver of a broken-down Model T Ford--

--"Get a horse!"--

I use a VCR.
Thought Alexis was quite good, doesn't really seem like a character with loads of potential for story, but could be a funny recurring character that we just see reporting with Robin every now and then.

Great show this, rather annoying that after a 3 week wait it's another 3 weeks till the next one though.

Simon said:
"Does anyone know if How I Met Your Mother has been picked up here in the UK? As any show that has Alexis Denisof guesting is worth watching."

The BBC picked it up ages ago, still no news on when they'll air it though.
Thanks Ghost Spike. Hope they show it a decent time. I seem to remember they showed Medium at some ridiculous time like 11pm on BBC 1.
Curses! My cable was out yesterday and I just knew I was missing something, but couldn't remember what it was.
killinj we should start a support group.

I LOVE HIMYM. I think it's the closest to an American "Coupling" as we're going to get.
TheZeppo check your email for instructions on how to avoid this moral pitfall :) Mmmm, Coupling :D Steve Moffat's eps of Doctor Who are two of my faves of all time.
!!! I have to see them!

And many email thanks.
I thought Alexis's hair look liked a hair helmet. His character was a total tool and it was strange to see. Yet I loved it. I missed seeing Alexis on TV and this will do. I know he is in at least one more the finale and I believe at Paley Festival in Hollywood they said he was in 3 all together, so there must be one more before the season finale.
That anchorman helmet-hair gave me quite a fright! I thought he was perfectly smarmy in the few minutes he had onscreen and I didn't think "Wesley" for a second (which was both good and sad). I think he needs his own series so I can get used to the American accent. An hour every week.
As for the episode itself, I found it relatively painless to watch.
Ignore this post - I talk poop. I'm just downloading borrowing the episode to watch now.

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