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April 11 2006

(SPOILER) Acker, Hannigan & Denisof Reunite. AICN posts a press release announcing the plot and guest stars of How I Met Your Mother season finale.

I'm looking forward to this when it airs on BBC3 later this year.

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This almost makes me want to cry.
The posters at AICN are so infuriatingly rude and hypocritical at times. They cant respect each others opinions or be nice about each other. Grrrrrrrr!

Whilst I understand where you're coming from, remember we don't comment on posters at other sites.
Good point, I'll edit my comment.
I won't say too much about the finale, except Alexis' role was what I expected. It should be interesting how this will lead to next season, even though the plot is a bit predictable as season finales go.
I've never tuned in for this show... can anyone decode through the character names and let me know the chances of everyone's screen time together?
Aly amd Amy may have some screen time together, but it is doubtful that either of the ladies will have screen time with Alexis.
I loved Alexis's character on this week's HIMYM. Also, best part of the article:

"Willow Rosenberg only met Winifred Burkle once, on a fourth-season episode of “Angel,” but Wesley Wyndam-Pryce was there to witness that singular meeting of the Hot Girl Nerds Club."
I know I'm overanalyzing, but I find it curious that they list Alexis' main credit as 'Buffy' though he spent much longer in the 'verse on its hubby, 'Angel'.
numbereleven...from what the creators were saying at the Paley Festival back in March I think seeing all 3 on screen together is very likey. At least that is what I got from the talk, I could be way off.
Just to blow your minds further...

And yes, Nathan is suited to the awesomeness.

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Hey, nice international businessmen, gossi! ;-)
No tie. I don't know if that's an official "Suit Up" or not. But if it is, it's legendary.

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