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March 20 2003

The last five minutes of Angel. Transcript of the final scene from 'Orpheus' which was not aired on several WB stations due to war coverage.

FRED: I have to say, someday I'd love to bend your ear about the pergamum codex. I -I think some of the really obscure passages are actually latin translated from a demonic tongue, and they're kind of a hoot. [Laughs] All this stuff about bacchanals and spells, and - actually I think it's probably funnier in Latin. You know how that is sometimes. [Laughs]
WILLOW: I'm seeing someone.

Man that was precious, hilarious, endearing, cringy... pick one. It was all that and more. I think if Willow & Fred were to face the world as a team against any menace, there'd be no stopping them. I don't think I'd wanna see Fred join the other side, but I do hope to see those two characters on screen at the same time again someday. Although Willow doesn't really need Fred, cuz she does her own research when it comes to magicks, Fred's got a unique perspective on interdimensional powers and could probably help Willow learn and understand just how magic works and how to accomplish things that Willow couldn't fathom on her own. Admittedly, a spinoff series featuring those two as the lead characters would get pretty cerebral and probably bore most people, but I'd watch.

As for the interruption, here in Dallas, the local UPN affiliate interrupted with a couple anchorpeople about fifteen minutes before the show was over. I was yelling at the screen as if it were a football game. "Get off the air!" LOL! The news media had been alerted to a single bomb blast in Bagdhad. They thought it meant the start of the war, but as soon as the newsbreak kicked, the two anchorpeople looked pained and embarrassed because it was obviously not the start of the war, so they kinda backpedalled and got off the air after a few minutes. So I think I missed the bulk of the fight between Angel & Angelus, but by the time it got to the point where Cordy was manipulating Connor into killing Angie, the newsbreak was over. Fortunate for us here in Texas, but unfortunate for other parts of the country where the news people were more, uhm... stupid.
FWIW, "Orpheus" will be rerun on Sunday at 9:00 PM due to the preemptive war coverage...
...unless they cut to it again...!

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