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April 12 2006

"Mr. Universe" upcoming movie roles. David Krumholtz just joined the cast for the upcoming not yet named Woody Allen movie, and is part of Emilio Estevez's essemble cast on "Bobby". He is still featured weekly in CBS' "Numb3rs".

I really like this actor! I saw Numb3rs one night (I liked his performance) and he was excellent as Mr. Universe. Each time I watch Serenity I think "this man is such a good actor". Glad to hear he is getting lots of work.
I totally agree, Passion. He's excellent. So happy to hear he has several other projects. He was perfect as "Mr. Universe".
He also made an appearance in the show "Undeclared." This isn't exactly news, but I found it funny as I am watching this show thanks to netflix. Great show btw. If you liked Freaks and Geeks, you'll like undeclared.
He was also on Freaks and Geeks for one episode.
Yep, and as Neal's older college-attending brother, he got to make out with Lindsay (/insane jealousy) . . .
So full of love for Freaks and Geeks/Undeclared! Glad to hear other Whedonesquers are, too. :-)

I also really like Mr. Krumholtz, and he is in a lot of things, usually bringing the funny big time to little supporting roles. I remember him as the really organized elf in The Santa Clause (hey, I was a kid when it came out, ok?). Also in Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle, which also has a hi-larious NPH appearance (he suited up)! Best of all, IMDB says David also has something coming up with Tenacious D. And Jason Segel (Marshall in HIMYM, and in both F&G and Undeclared) is in it, too. Tenacious D, dude! This so *rocks'*! :-)

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