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April 12 2006

Anthony Stewart Head's new ABC pilot mentioned in the Hollywood Reporter's rundown of fall pilots.

Apparently he'll be starring alongside Kim Cattrall. The site also lists Alan Tudyk's "Untitled Carol Mendelsohn" pilot, but doesn't mention Alan by name.

I wish ASH all the best and hope the show gets pickd up (if only so he has steady employment).
Would love to see ASH on my TV every week :) *crossing fingers that it is worthy of him*
It also lists Day Break, Adam Baldwin's new cop drama, but doesn't list him by name either. Looking forward to seeing some Whedonverse actors on my TV!
Brothers & Sisters Touchstone TV Jon Robin Baitz, Ken Olin, Marti Noxon Family soap revolving around adult siblings; Calista Flockhart, Rachel Griffiths co-star

Day Break Touchstone TV Paul Zbyszewski, Matt Gross, Jeffrey Bell, Rob Bowman Action-thriller about a cop (Taye Diggs) on the run trying to find out who framed him for murder

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Great link! It also takes you to other network pilots, some of which sound, er, a little familiar (or at least like they once heard of such a thing as "science fiction"):

CBS: No direct 'Verse people, as far as I could figure out, but they do have a pilot about a "single city-girl superhero [who] balances the demands of greatness with her social life," (plagiarism! plagiarism!) and one about a Mob family that "uses witchcraft to further its business enterprises and conquer enemies" (Wolfram and Hart much?).

NBC: "Heroes," about a "group of seemingly everyday people [who] discover that they have superpowers; Greg Grunberg, Milo Ventimiglia co-star" (shout out to GG and J.J. Abrams fans), and they have a series commitment to Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, which co-stars Carlos Jacott (yay Carlos!).

Fox: Who cares? If it's any good, it will be cancelled anyway. ;-) OK, snark aside, they do list Tim Minear's pilot Drive.

CW: Unless they pick up VM (and GG, for all GG fans), who cares? Oh, yeah, they also list the Aquaman pilot. (Isn't Vince Chase in that? And his brother, Johnny Drama? ;-))

Congratulations and good luck, 'Verse people! :-)
Big Greg Grunberg fan here, awesome that he has a new pilot. And with Jess! So awesome. ABC has a TON of pilots. Interesting. CW BETTER pick up GG and VM. I will be absolutely crushed if they don't. Many wishes to ASH on his pilot. Looking forward to it!

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