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April 12 2006

Shadow Puppets exclusive behind the scenes at James Marsters and Friends event. Joining James for the weekend will be film favourite Tony Todd and director Michael Winnick.


All the backstage secrets of new movie Shadow Puppets will be revealed at James Marsters & Friends.

Joining James for the weekend will be film favourite Tony Todd and director Michael Winnick. They worked with James on new movie Shadow Puppets and will be talking for the first time about the movie and what happened behind-the-scenes.

Tony Todd is best known for his chilling performance as the Candyman and has also appeared in movie classics like The Rock, The Crow, Night Of The Living Dead, Final Destination and the multiple Academy Award winning Oliver Stone film Platoon.

Like James, Tony has appeared on Angel, Andromeda and Smallville. A sought after actor in the sci-fi and fantasy genre, Tony has appeared in episodes of cult favorites The X-Files, Stargate SG-1, 24, Hercules, Babylon 5, Charmed, Xena - Warrior Princess, CSI: Miami and MacGyver.

The 6ft 5in tall movie star also has the distinction of playing characters on all three of the sequel Star Trek TV series Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Star Trek: Voyager.

Michael Winnick wrote and directed Shadow Puppets. The thriller tells the story of eight strangers who find themselves trapped, with no memories, fighting for survival against the unknown.

Gold tickets for James Marsters & Friends are selling fast and are allocated on a first come, first served basis. For ticket sales go to

Gold ticket holders are entitled to entry to all the weekend talks, screenings and Q&As. They also receive a photograph with and autograph from James, entry to the Saturday night acoustic concert with James, seated dinner on Saturday night, a chance to win spot prizes and purchase autographs and photographs with guests over the weekend ... plus lots more.


I Love Tony Todd, and finally met him in Toronto at SFX last year. He is a very big man, with a great voice, and very nice to fans.
Who was Tony on Angel? Did I miss that one?

ETA: Shroud of Rahmon...I don't remember that one.

[ edited by Rogue Slayer on 2006-04-12 21:41 ]
Yeah, Rogue Slayer, was mentioned in previous Shadow Puppets thread, I believe.
Ah, must have missed that. The ADD kicking in...old war injury...
Piece o' shrapnel tore up that nerve cluster on your first tour? :)
Shroud of Rahmon? Oh yes. Angel dressed up as the tacky Las Vegas guy. Ah good times.
Six foot five Tony Todd and the little dude, on the same stage together?

Worth the price of admission alone.
and more guests to come...
Might we hope to see a screening of Shadow Puppets,if it isn't already in theaters by then??!! That would be a treat.

Doesn't cost anything to dream I guess I will. :)
whahoo - I got two Gold tix for me and my BF. Thank goodness they added Tony - my BF is a huge fan.

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