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April 12 2006

Happy Birthday to Nicholas Brendon and Kelly Donovan! The twins turn 35 today. Click for adorable photo of them.

Actually it's Nick Brendon and Kelly Donovan. They go by their first and middle names. I think their real last name is Schwartz or something like that.

Oh and Kelly is the older one.

ETA : Their last name is Shultz.

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But which is which on the picture? Who's the evil one? :P
Left is Kelly and right is Nicky.
I think their real last name is Schwartz or something like that.

Ah. Then Happy Passover as well.
Yes, that's it. I knew it was somebody's birthday just before mine. Happy Birthday, twins. And I really, really want Nick back on the (tv, movie) screen.
Happy Birthday, boys! Thanks for the heads up Allyson :)
Happy birthday guys, hope you both have a cracking night.

(kind of weird/cool to think that two entirely separate people with their own hopes, dreams and aspirations can grow from the same tiny cell)
Happy Birthday, guys!

[ edited by fortunateizzi on 2006-04-13 00:19 ]

Left is Kelly and right is Nicky.

Seriously? I was convinced it was the other way around. If there were emoticons here, I'd be using a shock one RIGHT NOW.
I agree with gossi -- it's not Nick on the right? And here I was thinking that they did not look exactly alike! Whoa! (also imitating shock emoticon)
It is Nick on the right. It's from a con in 2004.

This pictures up top are what Nick's looking like now.
To be redundant: whoa! Thanks for confirming, J.Monique. Well, happy birthday, Really, Really Identical Ones! ;-)
Happy birthday, fellas!
Yay! Happy Birthday to them.

It's my birthday as well. I didn't even realize we had the same day o' birth, even though I've most likely visited Nick's profile on IMDB about a dozen times.
Happy Birthday, Guys!! You too, Pastor Of Muppets!! My baby boy turned 2 on Sunday...he's not really a baby anymore.
Happy Birthday, Pastor of Muppets! And son of Harmalicious!
Son of Harmalicious! Sounds like a movie! Maybe a better one than that one about Gossi's pants....
Happy birthday twins, Pastor of Muppets, and son of Harmalicious!

I remember reading somewhere that Nick never got recognised and avoided fan attention because whenever he wasn't working as Xander he would sprout hair, and Kelly would get all the recognition. Not sure how much on purpose that is, or whether it's more to do with distancing himself from Xander.
HAPPY B-DAY NICKY!!!!! (this is late but i just registered)

hope you had an amazing day!!!!

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