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April 12 2006

Beware the Subliminal Fruity Oaty Bar Messages. KFJC 89.7fm is currently playing the theme song for our favorite futuristic snack bar.

If you tune in now you can still catch fruity oaty goodness. (playing until 2:00pm PST.)

That tune seriously messes with my head.
I wonder how many people are randomly tuning in to it, and are thinking 'wtf?'? It is an exciting use of the national air waves.
Hmmm. Maybe if a lot people call in, they'll keep doing it. Then it could maybe spread to other stations. Then people could start sending the commercial around on line and, with some giant-sized luck, could be a phenom-type thing that will have people wondering about the source of the song/commercial.

Now THAT would be viral marketing.

[ edited by bobster on 2006-04-12 21:32 ]
Plus, teenage girls would inexplicably start ass-kicking everywhere.

Which would also be funny.

(As long as I'm at a safe distance.)
I heard Fruity Oaty Bars and Mr. Pibb go well together.
I love the fruity oaty bar song! After the DVD came out I used to sing it all the time! *g*
delirium_haze - true dat, double true. Also Mr. Pibb + Red Vines = crazy delicious.

That tune seriously messes with my head.

That means soon another of the Alliance's military experiments will be activated in... Serenity II: Kill Gossi. No?
I finally got a way for the Fruity Oaty Bar song to be my cellphone ringtone! I love the song! I've listening to this for about an hour now and I'm still not sick of it.
Serenity 3: The Search for Gossi is a bit pants, trust me.
Yeah, but it has that cool Genesis Device thingy... ;P
Huh. I just killed every single person in a small spaceport bar.

Thanks a hell of a lot, Eujean.
Arielle, how? I'd love that!

(Have a Fruity Oaty Bar T-shirt)
HudsonVC, Eto kuram na smekh!

Was I too late ?

Serenity 3: The Search for Gossi is a bit pants, trust me.

Yeah but i've got high hopes for Serenity 6: The Undiscovered Gossi.
Saje - wisely, you skipped over the oft-maligned Serenity V:, whose subtitle I dare not speak aloud (or type, loudly or quietly).

Chris inVirginia - its actually not too hard if your phone has net capability.
Chris inVirginia, I got the mp3 from the local group's files section, and used tonethis to load it, and a SF Browncoats logo wallpaper, onto my phone. It makes me doubly happy whenever I get a call!

[ edited by zeitgeist to fix link on 2006-04-12 23:19 ]
Wait, Serenity 3 is about searching Gossi's pants?

Sorry, Joss et al, but I may have to skip that one.
Saje: it has been continuing non-stop for four hours, it is supposed to stop any second now (I'm listening to see if there will be any explanation when it stops).
It's been playing in an endless loop all day long??? This can't be good for business.
Any idea of how to get the fruity oaty goodness into a verizon phone?
bobster - it's a college radio station, I doubt they do much business.
Caitlyn1701 - Unfortunately, Verizon blocks their phones from getting content that you don't pay them for. You can hack most of the phones, but you need to search the net for that info.
Joys of verizon...

::raises fist in air:: Curse you!
it's a college radio station

Omigod! College radio? Do you have any idea how many teenage girls are being set to kickass mode right now?!? Or, are being made to bust out of their blouse -- er, wait -- have I discovered the secret to this experiment in mind control? ;-)
Unfortunately, Verizon blocks their phones from getting content that you don't pay them for. You can hack most of the phones, but you need to search the net for that info.

Um, I send audio files to my Verizon phone (emailing them as attachments to my address) all the time and make them my ringtones.
Oh dude, maybe that's why I couldn't get ahold of my ex today. She has been acting pretty mentally imbalanced...damn college radio, turning my friend into a hot kick-ass killing machine!


Or should I be thanking them?
theonetruebix-how exactly do you do that? (I know you had a short explination, but like, model, and a few details you might not have put in?) :-D

Plus ive never heard of that email address ending.
Ahh my college radio days. Once my station did nothing but play the cheesey 80's song "Turning Japanese" the entire weekend long for the hell of it.
Oh. College radio. That explains a lot. And why do I suddenly crave potato chips?

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